How did you discover Fallout ?

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    Listen up kiddo's while grandpa tells you a story....

    I was a student back in 97/98 and was in a local games shop and was looking at the Fallout 1 box (back when PC games came in large cardboard boxs). I just looked at the pictures of this isometric game with guns and wrongfully assumed the game was going to be like the old crusader no remorse games (that's where my avatar is from BTW). I of course didn't read anything and got sucked in by the pretty pictures and bought the game. Later that day I was like WTF? This is a turn-based RPG not an isometric shooter, luckily I liked RPGs and back then turn-based games were still somewhat common. It didn't take long to realise this game was a total gem.

    I still remember holding that box in my hands looking at it, I was either 18 or 19 at the time and I'm 42 now. Damn, I got old.

    I can still feel the sense of awe at the fallout vibe, when looking at this old computer with tape spools and the description saying it was a highly advanced computer lol

    I remember feeding Dogmeat for the first time and him following me afterward, I blew so many stimpacs keeping him alive in those forcefields at the army base. No one was gonna kill him on my watch!

    I remember the fear in the fallout community when bethsadia took over the IP and the memes of 'it's just gonna be Morrowind with guns'

    I spent years working on mods (Mutants Rising rules!), this game somehow impacted my life. I meet some incredible people in this very community (SNorth springs to mind. )

    Damn, this game, this community left a mark on my life. Far more than I would have ever imagined possible.

    I'm still waiting for Mutants Rising to be released, get to to it guys.

    Fun fact, the original plot for Mutants Rising had to radically change after it was stolen by a certain development house. The story was nearly identical to an official story. We never found the leak, but suspected a plant on the team. No I don't have any proof, those original design documents will be long gone. I'll just say that originally you started in a prison and escaped after it was attacked. We shifted the location to a town but kept an attack as a starting off the main plot.
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    I think that my first contact with the fallout series was about... 2000, or 2001 (maybe 2002). So I was about 7-8 years old. My older brother had a colleague, who borrowed him an English version of Fallout 1. The problem was, that back then I completely did not know English (I've started to learn it in school in 2003/2004). Most of my previous experience in video games was rather in various platform games or generally speaking, games that did not require knowledge of this language to understand them "intuitively", even if they were in English.

    As a result, my first attempts in Fallout were utterly pointless. After extremely boring fighting through rats and getting out of the first location, I only wandered around the map, in most cases being killed by Super Mutants patrols. Yup, I hated those weird green guys.
    Sometime later, I've found on the disk added to one of the polish magazines about PC games a complete walkthrough for Fallout 1. Using it and my extremely lame knowledge of some basics in English, I was finally able to play Fallout 1. Back then I didn't think that I'm spoiling the fun with the walkthrough, but rather that I'm finally able to play it and even understand something from the dialogues. Thanks to the walkthrough and being stubborn, I've finally beaten first Fallout and I was so eager to play in Fallout 2... Which I didn't know back then where I could get it.

    Disclaimer - back then, for young me, the only "achievable" source of the full version of games were PC games magazines (due to their availability in newsstands and low price). As a result, I had to wait until 2005, when Click magazine has added both Fallout 1 and 2... in the Polish version! Yes! I can't say how happy I was since it was still the beginning of my education in English (in school). So at the moment, having finally the chance to understand everything (in both games), it was something extremely great for me. I could finally understand the game world, all dialogues and other stuff.

    I remember I was a bit reluctant about obtaining Fallout Tactics - it seemed so different (but not in terms of graphic quality, but rather a graphic style - you know, completely differently looking Death Claws, Super Mutants etc). Finally, I've decided to give it a try (this time I've bought it in one of the cheap game series, named Extra Klasyka (Extra Classic). I was positively surprised. This time it was entirely in the Polish language (not only subtitles, but also dialogues), so it was for me quite a unique experience, not only to "read" Fallout world in my language, but also "hear it" in Polish. I was back then an (early) teenager, but I remember that going through an entire campaign in Fallout Tactics was for me an extremely satisfactory experience. I've considered it as quite long. Some years later, when we had the possibility to connect two PCs in our home into LAN, I could also try for the first time multiplayer in Fallout Tactics (which seemed for me extremely fun back then).

    I'm still having this pleasant sensation, when I'm getting back to those memories, of my first contact with Fallout 1,2 and Tactics games. Although a bit later, when I was re-playing those titles, I felt that while Fallout 1 and Fallout Tactics are still holding well, surprisingly it turned out that I've lost some of my "liking" for Fallout 2.

    But that is the story for the other topic :)
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    I was told about Fallout by a friend, a very long time ago, got addicted instantly, don't really have an idea how many times I lost myself in the game
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    What is Mutant Rising? And are you saying they based Van Buren of that?

    Edit: i installed The junktown demo when i was like 8. And several years later when i was like 11 or 12 a friend in The uk i knew from a star wars galactic battlegrounds site burned f1 and 2 and mailed them to me. Ive been in total love with the series ever since, fallout 1 for Its aesthetic and General feel as well as Its accesibily and fallout 2 for Its difficulty and freedom.
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