How NPCs respond to "tell me about"

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    Posted by TriangleCity on his discord:

    Digging into the Tell About System in F1 some more. The NPCs in the Boneyard were intended to have 3 levels of information likely depending on their status in a given faction, "People who know nothing", "People who know something" and "People who know more than something but less than everything."

    For example when asking about the Followers,
    A level 1 NPC would reply "They live north of here."
    A level 2 character would say "The Followers live in an old library just to the north. They preach tolerance and peace."
    A level 3 "The Followers are a learned and peaceful people. They live in an old library north of here."

    Or using the Boneyard as a keyword
    L1: This is the Boneyard.
    L2:This place is the Angel's Boneyard, the remnants of the old city of Los Angeles.
    L3: This is the heart of the Angel's Boneyard, named for the old city of Los Angeles, and for the skeletons of the dead that littered the place after the Bomb

    These are set up for all of the major factions in LA, but it seems that all characters regardless of status only have level 1 knowledge.
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