I want to hear ideas for new factions/organizations

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  1. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello all,

    I have been stuck for a while now on coming up with new ideas for various projects including Fallout stuff, especially when it comes to coming up with new factions and organizations.

    Van Buren and Fallout New Vegas really added some new 'flavors' to the wasteland and I would like to continue that tradition, but perhaps its my lack of knowledge on Americana that limits my idea pool.

    I would like to ask the people here to post some of their ideas for new groups, organizations cults etc, but please don't do all kinds of armies, tech groups, or factions/organizations with really ridiculous motivations.
  2. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010

    I have a idea thats partially based off Genghis Khan, but not obviously Mongol influenced. A tribal is born in Georgia, and along the course of his life, he unites other tribes through deception and warfare. Its not being done for any particular reason, just his own ambition. This tribal leader would respect women, children and defeated enemies, would allow people to come and go within his lands, but anybody who attacks or resists his coalition of tribes would be destroyed, and this leader will have caused thousands of deaths in the area. There isn't any better option it seems, and despite all the death and destruction he has caused, this leader presents an oppurtunity for unification of the tribes in Georgia and any surrounding settlements. His tribes would use a variety of weapons, from knives and bows, to guns and explosives. The leader would be intelligent and a good tactician, but can't read very well, and is religiously intolerant, enforcing his tribe's Deity as the one true religion. Overall, a capable but flawed and short-sighted leader who really just wants to conquer. His people are nomadic, and he has trouble dealing with the idea of settling and mantaining an empire, which is especially bad in this case, as his empire would encompass most of georgia. This faction would probably work well in a time before or around the first Fallout game.
  3. BOS_Warlord

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    Apr 11, 2012
    The Mexican union seems like a good idea, their from my fan fiction. Basically, Mexico city was largely unaffected from the nuclear war, leaving many survivors including the son of the president . Over the years they formed a semi-functioning government and spread across Mexico restoring order under a strict right wing monarchy. Mass executions, labor camps. Mexico experienced a lot of fallout from the states as well, it's the deathclaw capital of the world. As the years went byOne day the Mexican special task force broke into a comm station, and learned of the fate of the united states, they saw its devastation as a chance to expand and decided to move forth, crushing Texas and all of its resistance, including the Brotherhood of steel. The MU then moved into Arizona, where they met a more formidable enemy in the form of Legate Lanius and the Legion, now without caesar, fought valiantly, pushing them to the limit of their military threshold, a war that took 4 years long, ended with Lanius abandoning his men after the MU brought tanks into the mix. The tanks devastated the foot soldiers. Rumor says that Lanius can still be found, wandering the entire united states, challenging the strongest warriors he can find,
    The union attempted to take the Hoover dam, clearing out the remains of the leigon that occupied it.the legion remnants regrouped in Colorado, and have gained a new leader and a new legate, romulus and Remus they have decided to expand away from the NCR, and they plan to capture the former legate but that's another story.

    The MU took, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and new Mexico. However the NCR and their new found allies the Mojave brotherhood fought them out of the state, just barely and now they have their eyes set on a state that is rightfully there's, California
  4. Mistrz

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    Apr 28, 2009
    Well, as wasteland is big (and wasted) I`d like to see some kind of nomadic tribe, without their den. They hit small communities take what they can and drift away. They are equiped with various melee weapons supported by simple fire arms and are dressed in khaki coats and masks to fitt the surrounding better.
  5. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I have a few ideas I think. Here are a couple of factions I came up with:

    Church of the ARK: This group of vault dwellers was made up of fundamentalist Christians along with 2 of each base species on Earth (possibly DNA or in a cryo chamber maybe?). They would be very xenophobic of course, very intolerant of other wastelanders (unless they convert), and armed to the teeth with a massive survival cache. Maybe they worship some kind of sentient AI that claims to be God.

    I have thought of using the Circle Junction tribe from Van Buren (or something similar) in Motor City, but I assume you already know about them right? If not I can explain, or come up with a link somewhere. I think a similar idea could work for Mutants maybe. Hell, if one can worship an antler...

    I think we should see another underground faction of some sort. Some kind of mole people/mutants maybe? Tunnelers are close, but they aren't too bright. Kinda like the Skrags I guess.

    I will post more as I come up with them.
  6. Ben

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    Oct 6, 2011
    My idea from another topic-

    I always thought it would be cool if some tribals stumbled on a Civil War museum. Then, their ultimate goal is to fight slavery and save the union.

    what would it be called?
    "The Army of the Potomac"

    what would be it's goal?
    They would fight to end Slavery, like the NCR Rangers. They would probably ally/assimilate into the NCR eventually cause they'd hate the Legion.

    how would it treat it's citizens?
    I see them more as roving mercenaries. Protecting places in exchange for services.

    what weapons and armor would it use?
    The armor would be Civil War uniforms, the Kepi & suit. They would wear blue, gray and butternut colors. The best would be rocking zouave uniforms. The weapons would be conventional small guns like the NCR; using pistols, revolvers, hunting rifles. Also, bayonets and bowie knives for melee.

    what would it do with raiders?
    They would fight any raiders they came across, seeing them as an affront to their envisioned nation.

    if it took down a powerful faction such as ceaser's legion (doesn't has to be ceaser's legion) what would you do?
    I think they'd be too small to take out the Legion (though they would hate them). I see them more like the boomers, who can be assmiliated into the NCR.

    what other factions would it try to be allied/neutral/enemies with?
    Followers of the Apocalypse
    Enclave Remnants

    Brotherhood of Steel

    Slaver's Guild
    Powder Gangers

    what would it's symbol be?
    Old world flag like Ulysses

    Also, if Ulysses met this group, he would be their commander. Named NPCs would model themselves and their looks after the greats from the Civil War, Grant, Lee, Johnston, Sherman, Sheridan, ect.
  7. Vault Maker

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    Jun 27, 2006
    How about a fundamentalist creationist ark theme park?

    And when you ask the inhabitants how all those mutated things have evolved, clearly not being present from the time of Creation, as can be seen in the Biblical History Museum right there in the park...their heads pop like happened in The Master's lair.

    "Cognitive dissonance hits Creationist for 377 points of damage"
    "Creationist had his mind opened for an instant"

    More generally, any real-world group that could maintain a semblance of cohesion after the war might be interesting. In the area just east of the core region, Mormons (Utah) and Basques (Nevada) come to mind.
  8. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005

    That sounds awesome! It would be something unique that's for sure.
  9. The_Noob

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    May 28, 2012
    I have a little pet idea:


    A horrid band of tribals that worships pain, cars, and sex; who operate out of any car dealership they can find and love running things over. Being one of the worst tribes in the Lower Midwest and Texas; they are noticeable for being the only tribe in the area not yet assimilated by Caesar's Legion.

    Their rites of initiation include:
    -Driving nails into the top of one's skull
    -Laying on the ground and letting a speeding car come within feet of one's head
    -Ripping open one's skin to get a full-body tattoo
    -Forcing one's genitals onto a running engine
    -Being forced to nearly overdose on Psycho

    They began as an offshoot of the expedition to the East that spawned the Capital and Midwest chapters of the BoS, and eventually mixed with violent, junkyard-dwelling tribals that loved to concoct extremely psychoactive drugs and raid villages. A troop of BoS, lost in a rather vicious storm, found themselves swimming in drugs, tech to fix, and a willing army to lead.

    The rest is history. Among the tribe's vile gods, the strangest of all is a red Chryslus covered in carbonized shadows. Said car (according to legend) once fucked one of their most beautiful virgins so hard that (according to legend) her brains and guts spewed everywhere and became the horrid brutes now known as the Crashers. Some NCR historians believe the legend is a metaphor for the blessing the Brotherhood brought to them, along with their fetishes for brains and dismemberment.

    "You hit the Crasher with a Sledgehammer for 70 damage."
    "He looks particularly thrilled to see the contents of his crushed head."
  10. Vault Maker

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    Jun 27, 2006
    That Ark Encounter website even has some helpful level-design concept art for you!

    Follow up on the Ark idea, but a little less cheeky.

    If you go back about 200 years, when the idea that species could develop over time was still very controversial, it was also hard for anyone to imagine that species could become extinct. When Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark west, he instructed them to pay special attention to finding evidence of known "megafauna", like mammoths and giant sloths. These were known from bones or fossils only, having become extinct only in the past few millennia due to hunting by the Indians.

    I seem to recall a quote from Jefferson about how disturbed he was by the thought of extinction..."If true, it means that all of Creation could be extinguished piecemeal".

    Now if the DNA-Ark was damaged and some of the species' DNA was lost, rather than just staying home and guarding their treasure, the...maybe we can call them "Arkists"...send people out searching for living specimens of pre-war species. With varying degrees of success.

    Some of them also start to doubt that the species they seek are there to find at all, and have actually gone extinct. Now you have a sub-faction.

    In a way, they could be repeating the work of 19th-century explorers who went out trying to catalogue the natural world. In this case, they'd be just trying to re-discover what was lost...fruitlessly.

    This is making me think of the movie "The Hunter" with Willem Dafoe.
  11. Evil Banana

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    May 1, 2012
    new factions in fallout?

    Doctors without borders(lets pretend humans have some decency) this one would be well do i need to explain..it doesent have to be anmed that btw since there are no borders left..

    more distinctive tribes i mean cmon..i want more tribes than just Arroyo

    Trappers as an actual faction that you can become part of

    The abillity to create your own faction, for example you somehow manage to build a city or whatever and now you need to name it, stock it and all the rest and then you get to pick your NPC guards and arm them to your liking(and finance) abillity,
  12. The_Noob

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    May 28, 2012
    Westboro Baptist Church.

    Think about it, theyre like monstrous cockroaches; theyd definitely survive nuclear war. In all likeliness, they'd become religiously charged raiders, seeking and destroying 'faggots' and 'dykes', while slaughtering such heathens as tribals and Mormons.
  13. lostromantic

    lostromantic First time out of the vault

    Apr 11, 2012
    The Shi? If I recall, they essentially owned San Francisco after the canon ending of Fallout 2.

    I think a lot could be written about them coming to grips with living in the "enemy country", and a sort of reconciliation/peace plotline.


    Could also write about a post-apocalyptic megacorp, hell-bent on pushing NCR expansion for its own ulterior purposes (such as finding unopened vaults to loot).
  14. SealyStar

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    Mar 23, 2012
    I like the above two ideas for the Shi and WBC clone.

    I also liked the ark ones, and the Basques-in-Nevada concept. They would be led, of course, by Uruzuastegui. Best Basque name ever.
  15. Moonrabbit

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Maybe a break away faction from the followers. Same general idea, independence, helping others to help themselves. But not as passive.
    Social anarchists fighting to ensure no form of government ever takes hold in the wastes again. If this is in the future of NV, then maybe they were associated with/started by Cooke from the powder gangers.
    They wouldn't be as organized. Very scattered pockets of them would exist around the wasteland. Using guerrilla warfare against raiders and NCR.

    I'd also like to see some secluded native tribes who would, for the most part have been out of the way of the fighting during the war take back the land.
  16. Ddrenai

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    Apr 28, 2011
    This would be a great addition for a Fallout game, but the problem is that it's very complex to realise.
  17. Moonrabbit

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    Apr 20, 2012
    It's not too much to ask in this day and age of video games.
    We need to demand more content in games, otherwise it's just going to remain a race for better graphics.
  18. Makenshi

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    Jul 28, 2006
    The Reavers from Fallout Tactics were a good idea that couldn't be in-depth (is this word correct?) explored: techno-cult. Too bad they were absorbed by the Chicago-Kansas Brotherhood... better than anihilated, tho.

  19. QuantumFrost

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Something along the lines of the Atomic Workers Union from Fallout 1. That arms dealer in the Hub mentioned working for them, and that they possessed a decent stockpile rivaling the Brotherhood. I always liked tech-oriented factions. The Commonwealth is likely gonna take hold of that title, though. I really hope F4 takes place in the Commonwealth. Working for the remnants of the MIT would be pretty cool, and logic forbid Bethesda makes the Lyon's Brotherhood detachment arrive to screw things up.

    Here would be my bucket list for factions if we don't get to see the Commonwealth:

    - Reavers (Assuming they weren't absorbed or hunted down by the Midwestern BOS)

    - Midwestern BOS (I'll be honest, seeing what became of their empire would be interesting to explore)

    - Chicago Enclave Holdouts (Due to Obsidian and Beth's joint blunder in writing, I'd like to see what kind of philosophy they have adopted since the defeat of the East coast contingent. Hopefully the remain anti-mutant, and with some proper writing, give you the opportunity to join them. *Anti-mutant, which I define as Super Mutants, Irradiated creatures, ghouls, etc...*)

    - Detroit factions

    - Chicago factions (Dependent on power of Midwestern BOS)

    - National Guard remnants (Not the BOS, not the Enclave, but legitimate hold-out platoons and possibly brigades of N.G. It'd open up a whole new can of worms with the plot, particularly on their reactions to the NCR, Legion, BOS, and Enclave. It'd be a divisive issue internally, as well as show the clash of Pre-War and Post-War loyalties.
  20. NCR Trooper

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    Jul 6, 2012
    I have some.
    The Dark Brotherhood. Bunch of pre-war ghouls, that have alot of pre-war tech. The reason they're called The Dark Brotherhood is because their scouts and elders go around in a black scribe armour, where the rest of them goes around with pre-war combat armours and use pre-war weapons. They're extremely isolated to the outside. The Enclave and BoS have special interest in them because of their technology and NCR because they want their territory. The Dark Brotherhood holds up in Area 51.They have a leader who is an old pre-war general. But The Dark Brotherhood are the least fear of the Mojave with The United States of Texas. The United States of Texas (Or UST) is a government made by six families with roots in the military going all the way back before the great war. The six families each represent a ''state'' in Texas making Texas a new country. They are almost completely like NCR except for one thing: They enslave ghouls, super mutants and nightkins and not giving them any human rights. They have a giant army going in to the Mojave.
    They all (Except for BoS who just want tech and The Dark Brotherhood who only wants to have their Area 51 for themselves) want The Strip, Hover Dam, Nellis Air force base and Area 51.

    The factions:

    -NCR who's goal is to restore law and order to the post-apocalyptic America
    -A new colony of BoS which is as big as in FO3 who's goal is to retrieve tech that holds the risk of destroying America once more.
    -A new colony of Enclave that is as big as in FO3 who's goal is to destroy all mutant life and restore the pre-war America
    -The Dark Brotherhood who's goal is to be left alone and to protect the secrets of Area 51.
    -The United States of Texas who's goal is to restore law and order and to take advantage of the mutants and use them for hard labour.