I want to hear ideas for new factions/organizations

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    Yes, you have a point, but notice that the most benefited by that society are the pure-strains humans. Mutans can likely survive without making new mutants (I mean the individuals, not the race, I don't find a reason for they to want to perpetuate the race in itself), so they don't need to work to maintain a constant flow of pure strain humans to get more mutants. Humans might be motivated for that because it's biologically more difficult for them to survive in the wasteland (they'd really need society), so having a constant flow of mutants working with them might be an advantage, and since they DO reproduce, they might want to form a family and give sustain to them. Mutants can't, so they would probably just want to watch for their own individual survival and freedom. Of course, they might want to have a purpose which motivates them to keep that society going. Humans could agree to that just because it ensures survival for them and their families.

    Anyway, my point is this can be a good experiment of a faction if we find a suitable purpose to make the mutants want to be part of this.
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    Slave collars? Maybe get them hooked on drugs and they supply the mutants in exchange for labor? Maybe they are nightkin and the biologically pure have access to a stealth boy factory?
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    I think both alternatives imply a limited number (I originally thought of workers as many more individuals than other casts, but since mutants are very capable this might be arguable) of mutants, and imply they got to do whatever they did to them, which is probably hard. Also, the stealth boy factory could be taken over, and the faction would have limited life span due to the aging of the nightkin (freshly made nightkin have no addiction to being invisible, since they weren't taught that way).
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    Suppose you had a vault experiment where subjects were stripped of their names, property, and concept of reciprocal exchange.
    Suppose these people have been conditioned to view themselves not as individuals, but as hands, hearts, or beloved tools of the group.
    Every object is simply being used for its intended purpose.

    The mutants in this scenario are a new-born generation of mutants created from a new strain of FEV reverse-engineered from giant ants or something.
    The collective willed that its soldiers and workers would become mutants in order to better serve the collective, and the collective made it so. And it is the will of the collective that the soldiers and workers obey.

    I think it would make an interesting counterpoint to the rugged individualism of post-apocalyptic post-American culture.
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    Well, now I plainly like the idea. I was thinking of first and second generation Mariposa mutants, that's why I couldn't think of a motivation, but in that case I think it makes sense.
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    I imagine some Mariposa mutants might be drawn to the faction just to be around other mutants. They may be shocked and dismayed to find that these new mutants lack self-awareness.
    The rugged individualism of the Mariposa mutants could present a threat to the collective.
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    I'd like to see some variation on the theme that was to be part of Van Buren - a society controlled by an AI computer. You could riff on The Matrix, Logan's Run, the old roleplaying game Paranoia, and every episode of Star Trek that used the same premise.

    Basically, you'd have a group of people that are really healthy, but not able to take care of themselves like a wastelander can. It would allow you to have plot points that revolve around secret societies trying to resist the computer control or escape, individuals trying to gain control of the computer for self-gain, and showing the results of 'freeing' a group of people from a relative utopia.

    A second group I'd like to see one that has to do with Canadians. It's exact backstory could be dependent on the setting of the game. If the game were set near enough to the border, they could be a group that evolved from insurgent forces that operated after the US annexed Canada. You could set up a conflict between the people that want to keep punishing the Americans (blaming them for the destruction of the world) and the people that think it's time to get over it and forge stronger ties with their neighbors.

    Another angle on Canadians would be to have them be the descendents of POWs or intellectuals sent to a gulag-type place. That would let you use them in any setting. I can easily see a game set in Texas where you'd come upon an old POW camp in the desert populated by the descendents of these people.
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    I've been trying to come up with my own plot and factions for a project of mine – Fallout:Anchorage. Due to my idiotic perfectionism I have five unfinished drafts and have barely made it out of the starting area for the sixth, but there is one faction that has survived through a couple of drafts despite my habit of discarding ideas if they have any sorts of flaws I couldn't work around immediately. Granted, this one is pretty much going up the stairs to the chopping block, but I thought I could share it with you fine people. :)


    When the bombs fell, a group of University of Anchorage Alaska professors and undergraduates got stranded in a more remote location of Matanuska-Susitna Borough (why they were there is a WiP). Between young, healthy and sharp students and professors who were quite intelligent themselves and managed to control the youngsters due to the authority they had initially and their experience as pedagogues, this particular band of survivors kept kicking for a quite a while, even expanding as some of the other survivors they'd meet making the cut and becoming part of their band. By chance, they happened to wander back into Anchorage at the perfect time: soon enough after the bombs that most of the city wasn't looted, but late enough that the radiation in Anchorage was no longer a lethal threat.

    Anchorage at that time was chaotic. There were no original inhabitants left alive in the city and various monsters roamed the streets. Many survivors had come to Elmendorf-Richardson Joint Military Base north of the city and looted its armoury, only to die later in Anchorage at the hands of the mutated creatures and/or radiations. Thus, our little survivalist band didn't find many guns there, but they were smart enough to collect any manuals they could find and secure a couple of ammo benches. As the band included some more violent students and wastelanders, they managed to make their way to the actual university and fortify themselves there – mostly because they couldn't think of any other place in Anchorage they'd rather settle in. This new settlement, Uni, made a living scavenging in Anchorage and selling the spoils to other survivor bands and emerging settlements.

    One of the youngest lecturers at the time the bombs fell was Samuel Milner. He had extensive knowledge of mechanics and electronics and, due to his flexible personality, managed to adapt to the post-nuclear world where they needed to improvise and jury-rig a lot. He endeavoured to make Uni more than a scavenger settlement, but also a place where some of the old world tech they'd acquire would get repaired, maybe even new items would be constructed. Between him and the other university staff who encouraged the members of the band to make use of the many books in the university and learn about medicine,agriculture and the more practical sciences, Uni became something of an expert settlement where many knowledgeable people lived.

    As word spread of a settlement in the ruins of Anchorage – meaning that the city was no longer a radioactive death trap, other, more violent survivors decided to come and have a go at the scavenger life. While Uni was well-fortified, their survival depended on scavenging the city, and something had to be done about all of the fighting that broke out in the ruins. One of the students rose to the occasion – John Blair, a former philologist who had shown a lot of talent when it cam to guns and tactics. He was more or less given free reign of the armed forces of Uni, with the more scientifically-inclined people preferring to not take interest in the violent affairs. This division in the community would later come to define them.

    As Uni grew, it took in the more promising wastelanders. The knowledgeable residents tutored them in the sciences they found to be useful in Post-Apocalyptia. However, some of these newcomers would sometimes leave the settlement and either found successful communities around them, or become great assets to existing ones, allowing them to grow in influence and power. This started to happen at the same time when Uni and other survivors had cleared Anchorage of most of the useful leftover items,to the point that what salvage was left wasn't really worth the blood that would be spilled in the ruins daily. The people of Uni turned their eyes towards the wasteland and, upon seeing these former Uni residents make such an impact on other survivalist communities,decided to make a profit of it.

    Decades after the bombs,Uni became the settlement that it is today: half-government,half-business. Present and new members that proved themselves sharp enough to be tutored in Uni would sign a contract with the faction's authorities that they would share their future earnings with the faction itself. Many of these professionals – the Students (a recognized class in Uni) – would remain in the settlement repairing old tech and putting together new, mostly make-shift items, some would go on 'field trips' to ruins of the old world out in the wasteland to gather more technology for the community process, and some would undertake 'working practices' where they would come to aid a settlement in exchange for food, lodging, and a sizeable salary apart of which they would use to pay off their 'education debt'. Those people of Uni that have chosen to be fighters – the Security –became guards, policemen, body-guards for students out on field trips and later even the army or special forces. A third class appeared in Uni – Maintenance – who were uneducated, non-combatant members who took up all the dirty jobs.

    Though they remained in Anchorage, Uni more or less turned their attention away from the ruins, letting the survivors fighting there kill each other off. They sustain themselves by hand-crafting ammunition (though that's a small part of the profit), repairing tech they buy off of other settlements and selling it forward, and by the money their students on field trips and working practices make. Eventually, they even opened up'Faculties' – places in other settlements or the wasteland where they would offer their services – clinics, repair shops and so on.Security, in the meantime, continued to defend the Students and annihilate any hostile groups that would come too close to Uni for comfort. An elite group of Security (name to be determined) was established to infiltrate hostile groups and destroy them from within or hunt down any Students that defaulted on their contracts.

    In short, Uni is basically the Followers of the Apocalypse if they were a business.They basically sustain themselves by using their knowledge (selling it to others and using it to manufacture primitive tech and 'tribal'medicine).

    While Uni is split into three classes – Students, Security and Maintenance – only the former two have any real power, and they don't really see eye-to-eye,the Students preferring to look after themselves and increase their profits while the more worldly Security would like to offer their protection and maybe even free education to other wastelanders in exchange for a certain degree of influence over them. In other words,the Students want Uni to remain a business while Security wants Uni to become a post-war Government.

    Seeing as how I'm still very undecided when it comes to what other factions would surround them in post-Apocalyptic Alaska, I cannot say for sure who Uni opposes or even what their role in the story would be... just an idea I thought I'd share with you. :)
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    El Imperio

    Shifting away from the "Mexican Union" idea (cool btw), I imagine post-apoc Mexico not reverting to some "Aztec" kind of state, but emerging as a new kind of power. As Raul tells us, Mexico DF was nuked; it was also the administrative center for Mexico, which the USA invaded. There, US administrators controlled the puppet government for a couple decades before the war. Resentment was brewing among the Mexican people. While Mexico DF and a few other major cities were nuked, the wilderness was largely spared from apocalyptic fire: Mexico's farmlands could still support a healthy population.

    Towards the end of civilization Mexican elites and their American overlords exploited the country heavily, shifting all the wealth inwards and failing to provide social programs for the people. The Catholic Church stepped in to try and alleviate suffering. When the Great War cut off Mexico from the Vatican in 2077, the Bishops and priests of Mexico moved to create a new Catholic Church. In the time immediately after the Apocalypse, they controlled much of the remaining wealth, and so they set up schools, hospitals, and monasteries; they maintained what little civilization was left.

    As farming villages turned into city states, the New Church helped officiate the reconstruction of central government. A "Catholic Empire" was born as the Mexican Pope crowned a king from the most pious of the local warlords, Rey Dario. With pre-war tech taken from American bunkers hidden throughout Mexico, Rey Dario reconquered all the arable land in Mexico, built roads, and established a new Mexican Empire. He was strong and wise, charismatic and shrewd. Mountainous and brawny, he was known to fight mutants in close combat and win. His warriors would clear trade routes of bandits and take down whole cabals of slavers. Whoever didn't join up out of gratitude was coerced into doing so. Generations pass as the Empire grows in size, strength, and wealth. Their missionaries, scientists, emissaries, and scouts push into South America, aiming at forging a united Latin America.

    Taking the "soldiers of God" line a bit too seriously, the New Jesuits of El Imperio are wandering inquisitors who aim at fighting sin. Sometimes, their righteousness leads them to protect people from mutated monsters or roving marauder clans. Other times, well, let's just say zeal can be pretty destructive.

    For a long time, radiation, raiders, roving mutants, generally rough terrain separated El Imperio from the rest of North America, but scientists sponsored by the State and the Church have been working on taming this frontier. Their success inadvertently opened a path for a huge nomadic tribe called the Wind Vipers to push into their territory. Disciplined and well armed, the current Rey, Dario III, swept the Wind Vipers aside, but left enough of their scouts alive to guide his emissaries into the remains of the USA. Now, the NCR has a new political entity to deal with...
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    A statewide idea:

    The Boomer-Sooner Land War:

    As the NCR pushes farther into the Wasteland of the Former United States, the inhabitants of the many small towns of the former State of Oklahoma conflict arises as the NCR makes territorial claims on already occupied lands.

    The Boomer Republic:
    A loose confederation of civilized, semi-civilized and tribal peoples who stand together to oppose the NCR's colonization,annexation and occupation of their lands.

    The Sooner State: A semi-autonomous "state" of the NCR which is meant to eventually be added as a full state into the New California Republic. The "state" is roundly criticized by the Followers of the Apocalypse for being violent and expansionist, while the Brotherhood of Steel actively oppose the expansion of the Sooner State even at their own expense.
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    Well the little user name I have is from a group of people that I created called the Neon Children. They were created by a young man who was raised by the followers of the apocalypse in NV. He and his groups setup in an old club they find and get it to work condition. Since the majority of them are doctors and scientists they are able to get a pretty good setup going. The problems they are having for establishing themselves is getting protection from raiders, getting a way ro boost their broadcasting signal to attract travelers and settlers, and finding holotapes as well as few components to create some interest "new" music (Pretty much electric swing and some jazz influenced hip-hop music). Of course you could also have outside forces the PC could help try to take over the new settlement now that is has electricity and clean water or convince them that there vision is wrong and lead them down a different path.

    The Overlord would be another interesting one in my opinion. An AI robot that is much sleeker in design than the other robots seen in the other fallout games that runs an army of ghouls and super mutants that he convince would be safe under his rule. His or rather it's, corrupted program would lead it to try an create a new nation under his rule (Similar to Eden, however a little darker and more willing to take action instead of hiding behind a human persona). I imagine him chipping away at the region by starting off with the the slavers and raiders, then moving on the mercenaries and then moving on the the towns when he's gathered enough strength. I feel like he'd have a god complex and may commission the player character to assist in finding the components that he would need build a perpetual energy source that he could use to live forever. Think Ultron or Brainac for the type of AI that he would have, but more about unifying the world under one rule by whatever means that straight villainy. I don't think that he would build more AI because he doesn't want competition and he uses living creatures instead of robots because he wants to be worshiped and rule not to have an army (god complex)
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    I've always had one idea for a small state, which I haven't really thought of a name for.
    Basically a group of vault dwellers exited their vault and saw that the world was absolutely horrible and full of things that wanted to kill them. Their solution? Dedicating their lives to the study and mastery of warfare and combat so that if they can't necessarily "fix" the world around them, they can at least rise to the top of it and their people will survive.
    The result is effectively Vault City meets Sparta. There could even optionally be a "helot" population which essentially lives as slaves underneath the vault's traditional citizen class. They shouldn't be as garishly self-aware as the Legion is, I don't want post-apocalyptic hoplites or anything (if anything they should be more like the Spartan Federation from Alpha Centauri)

    Another one of my ideas is for an "Australia" spinoff where basically there is a republic known as the Eureka Free State which encompasses most of Victoria and parts of New South Wales, which is besieged on their Western borders by. . . kangaroos. The kangaroos have mutated and became blessed with sapience (because that's how it works in Fallout, right?), and have now amassed a great horde destined to drive Humanity into the Pacific.
    It'll basically be Starship Troopers meets Mad Max.
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    One idea that I was thinking of that was in relations to Fallout Tactics. It was implied that there was some sort of coordinated reconstruction plan for the Vaults after the bombs fell, this isn't true because of the nature of the Vaults. My idea is that there are some secret Vaults out there, fewer than the public vaults, maybe 20 or so. They were part of the Calculator's plan to rebuild after the holocaust, but when the Calculator was destroyed (assuming the destroyed ending as the will be canon ending) these Vaults never got the all clear signal and opened their vaults to leave.

    Growing up in these Vaults would be like being in a democratic Vault 101, born in the vault, die in the vault and all that nonsense. Having a goodish faction descended from one of these Vaults that opened up would be interesting. There wouldn't be very many and most of them wouldn't have thought to open up. Maybe having a conflict with neighboring Enclave outposts.

    In a game, lets have it set in Portland, Or; the Secret Vault is one faction, an Enclave Outpost set up by survivors of the Oil Rig and maintain they're ideology some what, another group of Enclave that joined with the followers and are doing some good and a group of National Guard descendants. All of the groups are looking to get their hands on this Vault for its technical resources and use it to their own ends. This sets up a Fallout New Vegas like thing where you must fight for one group and side with them or work them over to set up a good situation for yourself or do you help the other people in Portland?

    Another idea I have comes from me being into Jujitsu. Martial Arts are never shown in game or groups to exist, I imagine some jujitsu people being put into Vaults to observe how they live in isolation and not being able to leave. This may sound stupid and not very good to some, but here me out. Jujitsu was spreading in the west coast after WW2 and would have been somewhat popular in the Fallout world. As for a social experiment, the jujitsu that I'm a part of has two equal forces in it, one to challenge and do something different and one to conform. This would be interesting so see play out in a bottle.
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    I'd actually like to see a still-closed vault, or one that still lives in there. It's not really something I've seen, unless V15 or 13 still do it.
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    Canon ending for Vault 13 is that it completely joins Arroyo, AFAIR.
    V15 was abandoned, and later became part of NCR IIRC, but it's not actually V15 in the sense of remaining with the whole overseer hierarchy and stuff.
    I like the idea of exploring the fate of different ex-Enclaves after the demise of the organization, but I don't think most would become anarchists, which the Followers are. I think it's more likely that several would join the NCR, considering it "the New USA". At least, I think that'd happen to most of the loyal ones, who actually believed in the old country's values.
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    Tree huggers! Hippie environmentalists who know a bit of the past and try to "clean up" the wasteland and keep ecosystems and such. Maybe take down some old-world stuff to that end.

    Of course, they might be called "purifiers" or something, but I'm not good with names.