Ideas for future Fallout games, A real Fallout 4 possibly?

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    Nov 28, 2015
    -The NCR faces an identity crisis at the loss of Hoover dam and decays into fascism. The new leader is the antagonist, inspired by the ideology of caesar but using the industrial power of the NCR for expanionistic conquest.

    -The legion has decayed into a neutral force of small kingdoms with different interpertations on Caesar's ideas. Causing conflict among the kingdoms, think of a situation similar to daggerfall with small feuding countries.

    -the khans take up the archtype of being Poland. The khans are the buttmonkeys and get invaded by the NCR.

    -Several new small states have emerged independent of the NCR and legion and would interact with the player.

    -The game's main themes would include political subversion of sacred values used as justification and interpertations of history. The concepts of ghosts haunting the past would still be there even more so by the NCR's violent turn and the theme of truly new cultures struggling against these "ghosts" would be there with the new caesarite kingdoms and neutral countries and tribes independent of these "ghosts" throughout political history.
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    Expanionism Is what created the problem in the first place. Citizens of the NCR are tired of wars and won't fund others. that's what Chief Hanlon implies.

    I like the legion idea


    Which States?

    I'm not sure what you mean here