Is smoking tobacco a human right, or should it be banned?

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    Jul 1, 2012
    No, habits do not become addictions. They only become reinforced habits. Addictions, on the other hand, are habits that are reinforced by the addiction. Draw out your ven diagram. It's all whether it involves a chemical dependency, NOT a preferred chemical balance. One is a matter of choice, one is a matter of physical bodily function. Wanting to experience that thrill of the n00b pwnage is not the same thing as depleted levels of endorphines because of going cold turkey on an actual addiction.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    I never said you can't make classifications. Like between chemicals and habbits.

    But Like I said, the general concencus seems to be that they are both REAL addictions. Dependence

    No one ever said that there isn't a difference. However, like I said, I would not go so far to denny people that they are suffering from an addiction just because it's not about a chemical substance. The traits people dissplay in psychlogical addictions are different to psychological dissorders - take depressions for example. And I am sure that you also heard about things like conditioning or the next step, skinner box - which is very much how gambling works! To say that those are not addictions feels to me like downplaying the issues that can come with it. Like oh! Naaaw, you're not having a real problem, it's just your imagination, go home!
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    I meant things like shaking, puking, aching, etc. I wasn't trying to break it down on a cellular level anything.

    What? Dude, alcohol withdrawal can get really bad. I've seen people (my grandfather, and a friend of mine) shaking and throwing up uncontrollably because of the withdrawals. Some people say at the ASAP clinic say alcohol withdrawal is worse than that of heroin.
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    Nice circular reasoning. [INTELLIGENCE] So you're saying an addiction is an addiction?

    Where can I find that definition? In the arbitrary half-knowledge dictionary? SnapSlav. SnapSlav never changes.
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    Don't argue with SnapSlav. Been there, tried that. Just assume he's wrong and move on.
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    We could have a nma party where we could slug it out with our differences. People could cave in each other faces with fists.

    Beaushizzle where you at? :lol:
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    Let's be honest if that happened we'd just end up ganging up on some Bethesda fanboy and ritualistically sacrificing them to appease the fallen warriors of Black Isle.

    ...or something like that.
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    Kansas. Bring it. Lol
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    I dunno if smoking should be illegal, but selling cigarets should definitely be.
    It might be your choice to throw yourself into the grand canyon, it is the duty to any witness to try to stop you. If they try to advice you how to jump, take picture of you and sell it somewhere, they are murderers in a way. (and it will send them in jail in many countries)

    You can argue that it is your own choice to eat/drink poison, but the people who build it and sell it to you are directly responsible for your death and should be held accountable. (i would apply the same to every illegal drugs/poison. If you can build it for yourself and use it only on yourself, there is no point preventing you to do it)

    Beside, the speech about smokers being responsible for their fate is a big joke. Most smokers start pretty young, when they have no idea of what they are doing, and the product is addictive. Even if you want to stop it at some point, you are already trapped by the addiction. Should they remove all addictives factors, we would have an entirely different discussion.
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    Ah my Ju Jitsu and Diato Ryu would be come in handy in this NMA MMA hypothetical matchup !
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    May 18, 2015
    I smoke tobacco and I believe that it's up to a person, of course, everyone knows that it's bad for your health but there are so many things that are bad for your health too. For instance, take a coffee, a lot of researches proved that it's bad for your heart, however, people keep drinking it because they enjoy it. So how's tobacco different? If you know that it's hazardous for you but you still enjoy it then go for it as long as you don't disturb other people.:grin:
  12. I'm aware of the observation that a vice is a human compulsion to escape staleness.

    Whatever it is there will always be something. Especially if someone is mortal.
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    Jan 28, 2013
    I think the issue with making cigarettes illegal is that when you block off something that many people use, deaths actually increase. Bribes too. The Prohibition is a good example of this I think.