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    Jan 10, 2020

    Have been playing Fallout2 since hmm late 90s. So it has been played throght and through. And gets pretty boring. To spice things up i started playing with some simpler rules added.

    1. Ironman (you load only on bugs)
    2. You play on hardest level.
    3. You Can move to new location only when it is revealed on the map before. (yes its possible)
    4. You use no stimpacks (Firstaid, Doctor)
    5. You learn small guns only from books.
    6. You do not ever press A button (to get past sequencing)
    7. You have style: Pacifist/Enclave patriot/Mafioso/
    Pacifist mean you do not kill any human beings (with execption enclave president)
    Enclave patriot means all muties must die and everybody is mutie.
    Mafioso means respect, if someone disrespects you, you kill him. In whatever way.

    What i found is that this way adds quite a lot of more colour to play. For example you have first think a lot before you go to wilderness. And Otherwise useless skills like outdoorsman, firstaid, doctor, and sequence start to make sense. Also you cannot dirfectly run to places to get better armor or weapons. Also not having small guns skill, makes guns and bullets books valuable.

    So have fun.
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    Jinxed Luck 2. it's extremely different to any build you ever run before.