Lonesome Road Talk (obviously spoilers)

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  1. Stanislao Moulinsky

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    Jul 16, 2009
    I'd say mid-low. Yeah, the requirements are a bit too high, though, I agree. Should have needed only a skill of 50. Is it really that slow to fire compared to the normal grenade rifle? O_o I'll have to check.
  2. brfritos

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Finally entered the Divide and Ulysses granted me without saying I'm aligned with somebody else. For this I was Mixed with NCR and neutral with the Legion and Strip. I didn't killed House yet nor did NCR quests in the game, I'm planning to folow the Independent Vegas.
    LR is a strange kind of beast, it forces you to be aligned with somebody. After "welcome" me, he pretty much start to rumble about destroying the NCR and how bad they are, no matter what.
    At least I don't have a flag or a city on my back, as he says.

    Just to mention, I became mixed with NCR by activating Archiemedes I. I did Lucky Old Sun quest in favor of Veronica, I was on the rush to go to Sierra Madre and like to talk with Elijah about her, the NCR and the BoS, the way he say his arguments are full of anger and mind poisoning (still the best DLC in my opinion, the dialogs are great).
    Anyway, the other reason I want to do this quest activating Archiemeds II was because I putted Hardin in charge of the BoS. When you do this quest with McNamara he really acts surprised and always pleased about what we did at Helios ONE, but Hardin gave a let down.
    I mean, the BoS losted most of the chapter, retreated and hide in their bunker and the guy acts like nothing happened. "Oh, you activated Helios ONE? The Helios ONE that gave us so much trouble, was responsable for scraping us to the bone as a military unit and left us barelly alive as a chapater? Good for you then". WTF?!

    Well, since all DLCs are launched now modders can trully tweak, fix and change the game.
  3. Ares

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    Dec 2, 2011
    After my second run through Lonesome Road I become more convinced that this DLC-s place should be after the second battle of Hoover Dam. At least progression and difficulty wise it would IMO fit better then before. Of course it would require some changes to the DLC-s narrative.

    For example. Ending wise it would depend how the final fight went: if the player convinces Ulysses (dosen't require speech check but requires finding all the other "notes of the past",e.g. the terminal/diary entries of the days before the war+ Ulysses own audio logs+ talking to Ulysses in a specific dialogue tree order. In short: very difficult to achieve. To access all the notes would have required different types of skill check to access, balancing different character builds) that he is wrong then he would have given the player the missile launch deactivation codes and everything would have proceeded as in the official one. If the player however fought Ulysses and killed him then the player would have faced a choice: the only way cancelling the launch would be for ED-E to hack the terminal (killing itself) and close the silo launch hatches but since the launch is inevitable and the countdown is almost to an end there would not be enough time for the Courier to escape to a safe distance. Thus the ending choice would have been in either saving yourself and saving the Wastland.

    This way it would have provided Obsidian with a possible blank sheet, ("NCR is getting too big and civilized") and creating a new fresh post-apocalyptic world where possible future Fallout expansions can take place.

    I also would have given a better explanation concerning the warheads and their detonator, clarifying that the warheads are not nuclear warheads, but rather HE heads with extra radioactive materials. In short "dirty bombs" designed to contaminate areas without completely destroying them. Of course this would have required some visual re-designing of the heads cause right now it looks like Obsidian based them off real-world Titan-class missiles. Probably a Pershing class shaped head would have fitted better the description. Alternatively, it would have been also acceptable if they would have fitted in a explanation, that the detonator is actually a fail-safe, that dosent detonate the nuclear charges in the warheads, but engages high-explosive charges designed to destroy the warheads and their nuclear materials in case of unforseen circumstances (for example in case of capture by hostile forces). Anyway it would have eliminated this all "detonate nuclear warheads" theme that IMO is very similar to that Fat Man fiasko.
  4. Kalasanty11

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    Sep 18, 2013
    That's some serious necromancy I'm commiting, but what the hell...
    Was there implied anywhere if people of the Divide knew about the nukes? Missiles are hidden underground, but there are 30 freaking warheads laying around... How living in their proximity makes inhabitants of the Divide smarter than those of Megaton?
    I think that warheads are just bullshit addition to create another "achievement". Unless I've missed something, it's been over a year since I had play NV.
  5. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    The people of the Divide didn't live everywhere in the Divide, probably in the zone around what is Courier's Mile, some of the warheads were placed there by Ulysses and some were covered up or underground before the disaster, But yeah they are still achievement bait.
  6. 2house2fly

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    May 18, 2013
    I'd imagine they kept well away from the warheads, though they may have just not known what they were; I wouldn't necessarily recognise a nuclear warhead if I saw one, and I live in a pre-apocalyptic wasteland where that information is pretty easy to find. Even if they did, the ones that are just lying out and about wouldn't be a risk because they haven't been armed- it takes a lot to make a nuclear explosion, they won't just go off if you bang them. The one in Megaton was meant to blow up when it fell, and the risk was that the trigger wasn't completely inert but some part of the mechanism had fallen out of place or something. It could fall back into place just as easily.
  7. Kalasanty11

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    Sep 18, 2013
    Yeah, I had same thougts. They weren't set off even by direct nuclear explosion (Courier's Mile) and any of them haven't responded to the package, that set off hidden missiles.
    And of course, it's safe to assume, that Divide inhabitants weren't stupid enough to worship it and pray for explosion :)
    Hmm, I was checking if there were symbols on the warheads. After I saw them I took it for granted that everybody knows what those symbols mean. But you are right - maybe they didn't know, after all it's over 200 years after war.
  8. Hyddan92

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    Jul 4, 2013
    So what was it that was so good with this place? Ulysses always talks about this as aplace to begin a new life and aplace he really liked etc. etc.

    Like they don't follow symolbs maaan and it's awesome and shit. And when i asks him about it he just give me some bullshit answer about how it is good beacuse yeah... no reason.

    So what was the society there and why was it good?
  9. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Ulysses is kind of a broken man, every society he saw grow became part of something following old world glory like his own (the twisted hairs) and he thinks that's bad.
  10. Languorous_Maiar

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    Oct 25, 2011
    For me, Ulysses is kinda hypocrite. Entire "courier need to be part of apocalypse" is bullshit, really, he want to nuke entire state because some small community got wiped out by accident? Not even saying that he's glorifying old USA, but by the way he's making same mistake as USA did, and he want to destroy something, what is most similar to USA (NCR.)

    I really don't get entire plot with Ulysses and his motivations. Wasted potential, but entire Lonesome Road sucks. (gameplay value - killing hardest enemies in entire game in many cases HP walls, plot value - absurdity on absurdity in FO3 style)
  11. 2house2fly

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    May 18, 2013
    What the divide was actually like isn't really important, it may well have been a piece of crap. But Ulysses liked it, and then it got destroyed and he almost died. I just figure it was a simple watering-hole town that reminded him of his old tribe.
  12. FalloutTroll

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    Apr 7, 2013
    That would be weird
  13. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I actually thinks that's what it was, Ulysses never goes into detail of what it made the Divide such an incredible place, he only talks about what it meant for him before and after it's destruction.
  14. BarackSays

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    Jul 18, 2008
    My take on him was that after the loss of the Divide, there was nothing but the bitter lessons he had learned and his overriding obsession with the Courier. Imagine a figure that walks the Mojave, testing people by bringing change through destruction.

    That was probably how Ulysses saw the Courier, a symbol of the times that shaped the world as he knew it. The Courier brought life to the Divide, and wiped it out without caring. While it was true that he/she didn't know, it ultimately didn't matter to Ulysses. What was more important was that the Courier remained ignorant of what the Divide meant. What angers Ulysses more than anything else was people used symbols without understanding them, when they taught others without learning themselves. He probably thought of the Courier's lack of insight all the time, after the fires consumed the Divide. An ignorant and powerful wanderer such as the Courier would twist history, shape the future into something terrible, and break nations where others would create.

    So, he sought to outwit the Courier that brought change wherever he/she went. He would become the Courier. To teach the destroyer of the Divide, the wandering messenger that carried life and death, he manipulated events so the next road walked was the one Ulysses walked. The city where a legend was made into reality, the valley where history was put at stake, and the shattered mountain where the Old World's history slept. All three related to aspects of the Divide, and how it met its end. All three necessary for the Courier to understand the Divide's value.

    Everything ended at the beginning, where the Courier completed the circle and walked the Divide from the opposite side. Every step along the way of the final road, Ulysses had to taunt and prod the Courier into walking further, getting him/her to see things like he did. Dragging yourself through the ruins of a once-hopeful land, haunted by a voice from the past that never stopped speaking of hollow philosophy and false wisdom. His personal hell, and the final element needed for the Courier to understand both Ulysses and the harsh lessons he had learned.

    But in the end, Ulysses was still willing to be learn and hear out the Courier's side. If the Courier shows him that he/she learned the lessons that were being taught, had understood what he/she had done and was willing to correct those mistakes, Ulysses would choose to surrender. After all, he had proven his point. And it was no longer part of what he represented. He was not the agent of change he opposed for so long, but the last of the Twisted Hairs and a man who had to take responsibility for his crimes.

    To atone for his mistakes, he had to help the Courier so that the new nation that could be born would come to fruition. The Courier was no longer a wandering agent of change, but the one who brought hope and could revive the Old World. To Ulysses, the Courier's newly found understanding would create something that could finally embody the ideal that he had been obsessed with for so long.

    In that sense, I think Lonesome Road is the best piece in the entire Fallout franchise.