Fallout 2 mod Metzger and guard rebalance mod

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    Suggestion: raise their level/HP/AP and skill level to middle game stage. NOT their equipment or it would be holes for metagamer to exploit.

    Reason: Their levels and equipments are suitable for early game stage, but NOT for their role in overall storymap.

    Think: They serve as a middling man, selling slaves to VC for raw chemicals, and selling both chems and slaves to New Reno for... what? maybe Jet. They have unknown tie with Enclave.

    Combined this and we can suspect they are a branch of Salvatore but not Mordino (since the amount of Jet in The Den is too low and Mordino doesnt seem to know about Enclave)... BTW, I suspect Rebeca Dyer is possibly a Wright bride, and this is their effort to expand outside.

    Also, killing them and the NCR Ranger know, meaning they are quite famous in certain circles.

    Currently, Metzger and his guards are suitable for early level stage. A party of Sulik, Vic, and PC, armed with 4 dynamites, can cut them down with shotgun, .44 revolvers etc...

    Change their level to 16 to compensate for their 10mm pistols. That way their HP will raise so much you would need 10+ dynamites to do the job, which mean middle stage. Or at least shopping a lot in VC/Gecko (and/or NR/BH)
    Change their SMG skill to 120 I think. Because otherwise their AP ammo cant do the job.
    Keep their equipment as it is or metagamers would think of assasination one of them for easy highlevel loot.
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    Eh, doesn't sound like a good idea. They exist so early-level players can fuck up some shit and if you upp their hitpoints, that won't happen anymore. They can be quite tough already right now.
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    Jan 11, 2008

    Problem one: with Sulik and Vic, a trio wont be taking on the 13 of them. Too outnumbered, too under-armor, and under-arm. If you have 4 dynamites, then yeah, they can.

    Problem two: If we return from VC/Gecko, it's most likely we have another 2: Cassidy, and Miria (as a distraction). With party of 5, plus the numerous weapons and metal armors we got from Modoc, VC, and Gecko, we are much more powerful than the 13 slavers armed with 10mm pistols.

    So we have a situation that only metagamer (go to Modoc or Redding then return to The Den right away) can properly fight the gang as intended. Anything else would be either too easy or too hard.
    ++Theoretically you can lock the doors in the guild house so we can fight in 3 waves. Problem is: end the fight after killing ones we can reach is not easy due to windows allow they can see each other. Thus it's very rare for gamers to do that, unless they are VERY patient.

    Thus I suggest a rebalance where we push Metzger gang into mid stage boss fight. Easy midstage boss fight because they only has 10mm pistols. If you want to impress the NCR Ranger all you have to do is to take a Den detour. And while the 13 slavers will hit hard (ap ammo) there is a Mom diner where we can heal by eating.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    Basic mod: modify Metzger alone. Thus we have a very tough Metzger, worthy of a boss, the other guards can be normal. This way even if you concentrate dynamite on him alone it's not easy to kill him.
    ++As a 100HP Metzger, you are going to need 3 dynamites on him alone to kill or seriously injured him. Or serious firepower to start fighting from outside in. That kind of resource mean you are going to delay this fight until after VC or NR.

    Advance mod: modify the Metzger guards and Slaver Camp guards. Problem is: they are generic, so mess with them will lead to messing with random encounter. I will table this for now.
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    uh you making these mods?
    Or like ya brainstorm only with the hope somebody with the skills picks it up?
  6. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008

    1. I am doing this. However, as a noob of noobs modder, it's slow work. I learn as I do.

    2. I am also enticing other modders paying attention to this (or that) aspect of the game that they (will) feel interesting. So either they will do it in their own time, or incorporate my (or others') work into theirs.

    Please note that there's five different works on ammo modification, two (I think) on sfall, etc... There's no monopoly on idea for mods, and no consensus either.