Fallout 2 mod Metzger and guard rebalance mod

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by laclongquan, Jul 4, 2020.

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    Hey laclongquan! Its me!

    Some ways to make the fight harder:

    - Put Metzger's shotgun in his hands, making players unable to steal it. That will already up the dificulty.

    - Give a 10mm SMG to one of the guards. Slavers in random encounters near The Den have 10mm SMGs. I don't think giving an 10mm SMG to one of the guards would be balance-breaking.

    - If you want to be an asshole, give a Molotov or Grenade to one of the guards. This will ruin the day of anyone who uses the Psycho tactic.

    (can NPCs use the two slots? If yes, that could lead to the interesting situation of someone toting a grenade as the main weapon, and then switching to something else in the reserve)
  2. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    1. Shotgun is not that powerful unless we mod in the ability to burst (doubleshot). But yeah, it's a way to up the difficulty even in later stage, because a burst shotgun blast in a skilled hand can play nasty surprise to anyone.

    2. Another way is to give him a .44 revolver. We already can buy it in The Den so it's not a jump in weaponry. And two shots per round can be a powerful factor in early-middle game.

    Mind you, that presume players dont put Metzger as priority target for TNT. Me, I always center the initial attack around him and his bodyguards.

    3. While 10mm SMG is possibly in and around The Den, it's too obvious a warning sign. Anyone are uncareful can get a burst to death, which is possible until Power Armor I am afraid. While a warning sign is good in itself, a SMG is a bit of a too big random factor in this fight.... I will think about it.

    4. A molotov or grenade may not be a good idea :storyfag:. They are slavers in their HQ in a town, with saleable goods just backdoor thataway. ONE wrong move and the shack burn down, or some slaves get killed with a grenade. Bad business, that.

    5. I dont consider Psycho tactic to be overpower. You are in early-middle game and you can spend a Psycho on those asshole, I call that heavy investment. Expensive, yeah, but not cheese. If anyone want to throw a psycho at those slavers, be my guest.
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    1.you can change easly this and give him another weapon,maybe a desert eagle like bald slavers in random encounter.

    2.take out tnt from early game.

    3. That guy who guard vic change as a women, like random encounter slavers with smg.

    4.for molotov take 1 or 2 female leather armor girls.

    Make psycho weaker or take it from den and early stages.