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    I made this forum to see if anyone here has found anything connecting 2 or more unrelated movies. I'll start off with the Nightmare Before Christmas and Monsters Inc. I feel that Halloween Town is like a small town on the outskirts of Monstropolis. Halloween Town clearly has electricity, based on the fact that the Doctor's lab has all those electrical devices. As shown, or should I say NOT shown, in Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge,Halloween Town doesn't have a Power Plant. Now many small towns don't have their own power plants, they mooch off of a bigger city. Monstropolis is that city. Also, I doubt its a coincidence that both films have doors playing a key role. Also, in Nightmare, there is no clear place where they could work (I know they do Halloween, but what would they do the rest of the year.) And my final point is this (mainly cuz my hand is cramping), both have a big point of scaring people, mostly children. Possibly Jack was too scary to work in Monstropolis, So he left for Halloween
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    All Tarantino Movies have references to future ones. My favorite is the grave of Paula Schultz in Kill Bill, and the death date coincides with how long Dr Schultz says he has been a bounty hounter in Django.
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