Nexterest-gen Lost Vikings

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  1. Patton89

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    Nov 21, 2008
    Dont even remind me about the last level in Psychonauts.
    It was torture. It was just so insane. All of the game before it was easy, but then...the level of doom.
    I died 10+ times. During it i wanted to personally find and murder the guy who designed the last level.
    Then i remembered Ghost's and Goblin's
    Then i just finished the level.

    Well, trine isnt bad, it was pretty fun to play, even when it had its shortcomings, mainly it being short.
    I liked the puzzle platforming,
    and even if it was short, at least it was somewhat different from most games that come out these days.
  2. Unkillable Cat

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    Jan 5, 2004
    If anything, playing Trine has given me an urge to replay Lost Vikings. Maybe give the sequel a try as well.

    Except for superior graphics and a 3-player co-op mode (possibly on sound as well, can't remember) Lost Vikings beats Trine in every conceivable comparison possible. Level design, puzzle design, character development, character interaction, difficulty, etc. Which is amazing considering Lost Vikings is a 15-year old game.

    I just used YouTube to see the ending of Trine...and it's a bit of a letdown, considering the effort. The character development in the game fits on a pair of post-it notes, and so does the game's story. It feels like a summer blockbuster without a budget.

    And this was one of the games I saw a reason to keep an eye out for this year. Now the (short) list is down to Risen, A Fool & His Money and Book Of Unwritten Tales.
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    Jan 17, 2006
    And also physics : Lost Vikings had none.
    But yeah, Lost Vikings 3 with great graphics and Trine's physics would be the bestest ever.

    You should really give Lost Vikings 2 a try. I thought it was even better than the first one. Make sure you stick to the snes version ( NOT Norse by Norsewest on PC / Playstation ) : while it's the same game and Norse By Norsewest has "next gen" graphics, the graphics of the snes are still better imo ( nothing beats the original Lost Vikings characters and how they were drawn in the first game ).