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    I work(ed) in academia so I may be biased. You generally would often talk about how HP Lovecraft was actually a horrible writer in technical terms but a magnificent storyteller.

    There’s a fair bit of dialogue during the Gauntlet actually with one of my favorite bits being when Colter does his “rallying speech.”






    *tepid clapping*

    I also liked the dialogue changes for Colter if you're wearing the Silver Shroud costume. "What do you think you are, some kind of superhero? Did you come here to defeat me, the Big Villain?"

    The ambient dialogue is actually pretty good for the gangs as the more you bestow parks and regions on them, the more they’re going to start to like you and they change their opinions a great deal. The Disciples and Operators were extraordinarily loyal to my Sole Survivor by the end. There's also the conversations the Traders have with their fellow slaves and their owners.

    Trader: "I can't sleep, I'm too tired."

    Raider 1: "Then I'll beat you unconscious!"

    Raider 2: "No, Dave, you can't treat your resources like this. Listen, slav...err trader, take this Med-X and you'll sleep like a baby."

    Trader: "Thank you! This will be the best high ever."

    Raider 1: "Seems like a waste of good chems."

    Plus, there's Redeye!

    One of the best parts of the DLC.

    Gorillas are pretty damn close to humans so it isn't ridiculous like Ghouligators but I'm not a big fan of them.

    “Every minimum safety standard met!” – from the jingle.

    Nuka World is a worse pit than 1950s Disneyland in terms of safety records and theme parks have an appalling one in general. There’s another ambient bit of voiceover dialogue I love from the original park. “Please note there are forty unclaimed children in the Hospitality Center. Also, please do not drink Nuka Cola Dark and use the Nuka Cade guns.”

    I mean, remember, there’s a NUCLEAR REACTOR’S DIRTY WATER underneath the Kiddie Park. Bradburton also talks about how Nuka Quantum will kill you but no one will care because it glows. He was allowing the military to do experiments in the park as part of his immortality scheme too.

    Twas kind of boring. I think the Bottling Plant needed more than a Nuka Lurk Queen. Then again, I was expecting Nira to turn out to be a boss.

    As Meatloaf says, "Two out of three ain't bad."

    I don't do armor but I'm happy with Cait dressed up as Nuka Girl, which thankfully I could look from Space Nuka Galaxy.

    I regret Atlas isn't a boss fight.
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    Cool beans means mean dude.
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    cool beans
    US informal
    exclamation: cool beans
    1. used to express approval or delight.
      "They went to Europe? Cool beans"
    @Crni Vuk you're wrong my dude.