Oblivion out today

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  1. keyser Soeze

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    Nov 15, 2005
    Ehm so the horse armour that would take a desent modder 1 day to make is "premium contet" ??

    And the the next mod is allready out there ( some wizard tower ). But who would like to get a better mod for less cash, i have no clue :roll:
  2. taxacaria

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    Dec 18, 2005
    finished? ROFL
    It's still in developement - to be honest.
    Modders are working hard on user made patches for free - and meanwhile Beth is developing downloadable ripoff-content to commercialize the modding scenery.
  3. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    This ought to be fun to translate from PR speek.

    Except that in the CRPG industry, not many have been so FUCKING STUPID to sell a minor thing for so much.

    And then charge you for it. Yes, we know, Pete.

    What, you mean alongside the rest of the non-existent work they supposedly did for what? 4 years? Nobody QA'd, and obviously the programmers were coding without playing what they were compiling.

    And, for how much we rake in, see how much we can charge for as little work as possible.

    Instead of, say, more important things like...oh, wait, the modders are already making your technical patches long before you people can be arsed to even acknowledge half of these problems. :roll:

    Translation: We're still making them to match with the hype and reason to charge that much.

    Also, about the QA...this isn't the QA team you're looking for. Oh, wait, wrong company.

    Versus, say, work on important things like SUPPORT for technical flaws in the game that you yet again rely on modders to do for you.

    See, the stupidity in the marketing idea is this. 1 hack artist makes a model, for about a week's worth of salary, and it's paid for and downloaded about a few thousand times.

    Except...why should I pay something that the modders provide for FREE, especially when they can do a better job of making the game playable than the company themselves? Really, of anyone, BioWare and Bethesda share this distinct honor.

    Wow, you almost showed some spine and signs of intelligence. Come again for the next mindless pandering to your almightyness.
  4. Briosafreak

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    Dec 18, 2003
    This review from AG.ru has some valid points:
    The Persuasion mini game is too ridiculous to be true, and more than everything else shows this is an action adventure game with arcade elements, japanese style, disguised as an epic RPG.

    I could find some interest in the almost deserted streets of the imperial city if i didn´t saw all of that better crafted in Gothic2. In Gothic the world seemed alive, with all the IA limitations, in here i just see the limitations...

    Maybe it's me, maybe i should try to play the game in another way, but until now i'm not seeing what's so hot and new about everything in Oblivion, and the idea of a Fallout3 game in this mold is actually making me a sad panda...

    Well we will be able to REALLY pay for hookers on Fallout3, through the payed d/l system Bethesda has, that will be interesting :)
  5. taxacaria

    taxacaria It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 18, 2005
    It is in the game to satisfy the needs of console kiddies.
    And so is the lockpicking miniplay, too.
    The game play time of >100 hours must have a reason.
    Here are the reasons : >1000 containers to pick and about 1500 NPCs to play diplomatics by using these teeny-like minigames.
    Dialogue study seemes too much brain effort for the target group of this 'RPG'.
    And there is a technically limit to text length : 38 characters.
    So topic-clicking is the only dialogue option at all.

    The sterile boring streets of IC are populated with their cloned NPCs. But all of the NPC have the same age, same height, same stature - because there is only one mesh for all humanoid bodys in the game. There are no thick or thin people, there are no childs, no old people. Only the faces are different, but they are ugly styled.
    Therefore the cities become unreal and incredible.
  6. Wooz

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    May 18, 2003
    That sounds like Germany.
  7. SimpleMinded

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    Jun 17, 2003
    I'm sorry but... am I the only one who reads that question and feels like the interviewer is kissing the toilet Bethesda shits on? What was the point of asking his question when he gave Pete an answer to it in the same breath. Why not ask a real question like "how can you justify 2.00-2.50 (for consoles) for people to put armor on their horse? "
  8. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Or even a better one, soon when a couple of mods in particular are made:

    "How can you justify charging more for less than what hundreds of modders will now pointedly offer for free?"

    Alas, that also takes the responsibility of making sure the game is technically sound and developed well from the Bethesda developers, as the modders do a far better job than the developers themselves when it's Bethesda's PAID JOB to do this shit, when the modders are doing this out of a few hours' worth of spare time in work.


    Supposedly, the game has been finished in development for 2 months? Then why the fuck does it take a modder hours to remove the shittiness of your interface?

    Yet, from my point of view, there hasn't been much "work" from Bethesda but hype, an overpriced "premium" item, and the promise of a couple of additionally useless areas that will be OMFGKEOOLZORS!! And the game, on its own, will still suck ass on a technical level, and on several gameplay levels. Especially on the X-Brick 3xShitty.

    Good support!</SARCASM>

    Where? I see one person in their spare time doing a far better job of support than any of the 30+ people at Bethesda cares to. Then we're fed PR shit. Fuck you, Pete.

    And then you charge people money for the privilege of beta-testing and finishing your shitty design for you while you swipe code to otherwise talentlessly regurgitate into another soul-less game and crappy PC port from the console version.
  9. zioburosky13

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    Jun 24, 2004
  10. Montez

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    Jun 20, 2003
    Just finished the Dark Brotherhood quests. Whatever other faults the game has, I have to say that they were really well done, and apart from having a very questionable location for the last quest I enjoyed them a lot (I won't spoil the final part of the last quest from them, but it's location combined with regular npc activity doesn't make any sense). Easily the best in the game in terms of story, dialogue, atmosphere, and has the best NPC-NPC interactions in the game. I only hope they can continue (and even maybe exceed) that level of writing with Fallout 3. Second place to the thieves guild - while you could waltz through them in typical Oblivion/Morrowind style, the game at least had some of the mechanics required to make a Thief style experience possible.

    The worst so far? Fighter's Guild - typical boring fighter quests and *ugh* escort missions, and made more annoying by having a guildmaster in one city give you a quest for a city on the other side of the map. If there is a guild in every city, what sense does it make for the guy in Chedynhal to give me a quest in Anvil, and vice-versa? I haven't finished them yet, but that aspect of it has me annoyed enough to not want to continue.

    Second worst is the Mage's Guild. The storyline isn't too bad and the quests are kind of interesting (superficially at least, I guess), but I completed the whole thing without ever casting a spell. Seriously, every quest they gave was easily solved by me going in and slashing everything in sight. Thanks to a spell reflection shield I aquired pretty early on most of the enemy mages ended up killing themselves before I even hit them anyway. It wouldn't have been too hard to force some kind of magic use, or at least have a "bonus" objective like the DB where you got more money for completing the objective without using a weapon, right? Either way, kind of stupid for a set of quests to not require the use of the skill they represent, or to allow you to become an arch-mage with only one skill at journeyman and the rest at novice or apprentice.
  11. TheWesDude

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    Feb 25, 2005
    you know... i have been buying computer parts left and right and upgrading mine to kick ass status...

    i prefer to think of it as upgrading for the faint hope that fallout 3 will be worth a shit.

    untill then i have fear and such to oogle over for great graphics...

    upgrading from a 1.5 billion fill rate card to a 11 billion fill rate card might just improve my gaming experience no?
  12. Unkillable Cat

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    Jan 5, 2004
    More fuel for the fire here:

  13. Brother None

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    Apr 3, 2003

    How does that even make sense?

    And who are the idiots encouraging them by buying the horse pack en masse?
  14. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Frankly, the one plugin I can see Bethesda working dilligently on with priority, is the one involving their head coupling with their ass.
  15. Punck_D

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    Nov 29, 2005

    It's quite remarkable, that Pete emphasizes the amount of time to create, test and polish such a plugin with costs like the "Orrery" and it's apparently already in the game, but without any purpose so far.
  16. Paladin Solo

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Xbox users can "buy" their plugins with fucking points? Achievement points, or money points? If it's the first, I'm going to fucking freak. Since when did Beth become a console whore?

    Bullshit, pure, utter, unfiltered bullshit at it's worst. I'm not paying a fucking penny for an official mod full of useless crap when REAL artists make much more fluid, and better ones for free.

    Fuck you Bethesda, you "next-gen" EA wannabe sluts.
  17. zioburosky13

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    Jun 24, 2004
    Great...another developer who gone into the dark-path(greedy money-making)...

    Nice job asshole for releasing some half-baked product. :x
  18. mortiz

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    Aug 21, 2005
    Something doesn't quite add up here.

    A game can take around 2 to 3 years to complete and retails for around £25 - £30 ($40 - $50), some crappy horse armor that was probably a nights work is retailing for $1.99 to $2.50.

    Wow, anyone who buys it deserves exactly what they get: absolutely nothing of value.
  19. Montez

    Montez So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 20, 2003
    Money points. I don't know all the options, but I've read that they range from $6.25 for 500 points to $62.50 for 5000 points. So, that means that the 360 owners are actually paying $3.12 or $3.13 for the 250 point horse armor instead of the $2.50 it would seem like it costs, or the $1.99 that PC users pay.

    This is in addition to the extra $10 that Xbox360 users pay for the game itself. I guess if you buy an Xbox you might as well have a sign on your back that says "I have lots of disposable income, please take it from me!"
  20. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Since Morrowind, when they have been allowing the X-Brick designers to cheaply crap out a PC port, with the confidence that it's easier to patch a PC than a console, and enough people will have bitched about how shitty the interface is that it can be justified for spending time to fix it instead of hype and shovel out other overpriced "work".

    Fact is, they already have a LOT of people's $50, and didn't make sure the game was finished properly. Before they want credibility for selling what modders give for free, they already owe those who paid $50 the rest of their PC game instead of a crappy console release.

    Welcome to Bethesda's new design mentality (courtesy of Todd and Pete), that if it's good enough for the X-Brick and the controls can be rebound, then it should be fine, when back in reality PC releases are held to a higher standard of game design and interface design, while console games WERE held to a higher standard of QA testing* because you couldn't patch them. Well, that was before the X-Brick made it so that the shittiness of the cut-corners PC developers's QA can take advantage of X-Brick users.

    And Bethesda fucks up on both accounts.

    * - Not anymore, with Bethesda proudly leading the way to "innovate incompetence" onto the X-Brick 3xShitty. So wonderful of Bethesda to take advantage of the ability to make yet even the console people QA their beta-quality software.

    Yeah...while I didn't have faith in Bethesda's design for a Fallout 3, AS a TES fan, this kind of treatment towards their own IP has fully convinced me that they have fully sold out for cash instead of game design.

    Ah, I wonder if they will someday realize that they are game designers, when people start to distrust their hype and stop buying shit for the sake of hype. It started with Morrowind, continues with Oblivion, and Fallout 3 looks even worse off than before.