Obsidian to Co-Develop Wasteland 2 if $2.1M is hit

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Brother None, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Just so we're clear, this topic is about discussing the news at hand. Being happy/unhappy with Obsidian's collaboration and discussing their track record in relation to so it's fine, but let's not make it a Fallout: New Vegas convo when we already have plenty of topics for that, 'mkay?
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    It's 2.1 million, not 2.3.
    WTF are you talking about. Obsidian is not co-developing the game in the way people seem to be misinterpreting. They are just going to provide development tools and Chris Avellone will assist with writing and such. There is not going to be an Obsidian team developing the game. I don't understand the issue people are having with this.

    Why is anyone against them having tools at their disposal that will let them spend less time making brand new tools and more time creating content? You people are either out of your minds or you don't want the best Wasteland 2 possible. Or you just hate Chris Avellone for some reason, but obviously Fargo thinks he's a great asset, and I can only agree.

    I am glad I basically doubled my support when I donated to the NMA bar fund, and this news is enough to get me to chip in a bit more to the kickstarter if its looking like I'll have a big surplus in my budget, which I might, and not even raise my reward level so it all goes to development.
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    Jun 11, 2008

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    This news nearly made me cry of happiness and excitement. That bastard Fargo really knows how to please the old school RPG fans. Now I'm willing this to happen even more.
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    Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green should leave Interplay and join inXile too.
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    oYou develop raging hardon

    Will up my contribution for sure.
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    Yeah! Fucking A!!!!!
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    Exactly why I posted my opinion on FNV as a link, and not directly here. Though both topics - Obsidian collaboration and Obsidian's games - are tied.

    Both: I'm a maniac AND I want Wasteland 2 to suck. Obviously. :P
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    Sep 11, 2010
    I'm really excited about this collaboration.
    Only thing from Obsidian I've loathed was Old World Blues, everything else has just been fantastic. (That of which I have played of course)

    365.440 dollars left until goal reached. :D

    Wonder how this kind of thing works, does Obsidian get part of the profit for when it's released?
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    Mar 13, 2012
    Eh... There's tons of former Black Isle developers at obsidian isn't that right...? You know the guys who made PS:T, IWD, Fallout, etc? This is why I'm excited and have doubled my pledge anyways :p

    Edit, quoting brian fargo's newest update thingy on obsidian:"For those of you who don't know who Obsidian or Chris Avellone are, they are the bulk of the brains who worked on Fallout 1&2, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment when I was back at Interplay. More of the band is back together to make sure we bring you a fantastic RPG. Chris is going to help push the density and literary content of the game."

    Tadaaa. Now noone needs to be worried about obsidian joining wasteland 2, and can instead rejoice that the game is going to be even better if we hit 2.1 million ^^
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    What's wrong with Old World Blues? OWB actually made a ton of references to Wasteland, btw.
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Agreed. What's the point in staying with Interplay now anyway, huh? :)
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    Aug 20, 2009
    Many people think Wasteland 2 will be some kind of Fallout 3-3 (after FO3 and NV). And many people, not only me thought that the tone and taste of OWB was extremely shitty. Atleast I know from myself, that if W2 will be like OWB that I will take all my money back.

    I am not a die hard "omfg everything needs to be dying and I want a :/ atmosphere" but if it will go in any slight direction like OWB took, then, wtf, there goes the money. Fargo is a Master in dropping ambigious one liners without anything to show (oh wait, there was this ranger star, excuse me ). For all we know, he could just screw us big time after the kickstarter. All of this sounds extremely suspicious.

    I mean just look. All you people are hyped to oblivion to what exactly? To nothing. Just stome promise to do agame, without anything to back. And no, I dont take a tiwtter here and a facebook there as genuine "feedback". So far, Fargo is creating a Bubble that is soon to pop.
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    i know how to reach this point... but i need a couple of you, guys:

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    There, I doubled my donation now!!!
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    No wise person would think there's a 100% success rate, but you can't blame people for being optimistic when there's several of the original crew, probable ex-BIS/Obsidian cooperation and a lack of publisher influence. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but saying "Fargo is creating a bubble that is soon to pop" makes you kinda seem like a turd. Sometimes you have a sacrifice and hope a little to get something you wish for.
  17. Kyuu

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    Jul 19, 2007
    What exactly are you suggesting? That Fargo is going to take all the money and run? Or that he's going to push out some half-assed pile of dung, slap a "Wasteland 2" sticker on it, push it out the door and pocket the leftovers? Even if that happened, it'd be the biggest mistake of his life. A few hundred hardcore RPG fans would simultaneously be plotting a heist to steal the money back and then some. I would mention something about them also plotting something a bit more violent, but I think that's against forum rules.

    People are excited, sure. Why shouldn't they be? The old band's back together (for the most part), working on the project their fans were waiting for, and it was made possible by the fans themselves and gives the publishers -- who are largely responsible for the current state of gaming -- a big ol' one-finger salute in the process. How is that not exciting?

    Of course there's no guarantee the end product will be great, or even good, and any reasonable person understands that. But I don't see how that's a good reason to rain on everyone's parade. A little hope and excitement is just what this community needed after being shat on for so long by the big gaming studios/publishers.
  18. Surf Solar

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    Aug 20, 2009
    I am not suggesting that Fargo will take all the money and run, that would be an extremely stupid thing to say. I say that people have almost impossible expectations that will never come true. Fargo is a wise man if he won't show any screenshots and ingame videos before the official kickstarter campaign runs out. Why? Because many people built a rose tinted bubble of "omfg he is new cRPG Messias" just because he said this and that, or pulled this person or hold that person etc. All I am saying is, that as soon as he will release first shots of his game, many people will be (rightfully?) disappointed because there bubble of expectations which is still very ambigious got popped.

    As said already before, until any proof of an actual game is shown, why should one get excited over such news? Aside new notations and person swaps there is nothing new shown in this news and I dont get how people get excited over this. It's like it's 1997 all over again and people get all excited over a turd that was Fallout 2, or spam the BI boards in blind Fanboyism.
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    Thank you for this wonderful explanation.