Old World Blues

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    Apr 10, 2011
    It doesn't go into detail but I think I remember they mentioned something about it being some kind of toxic chemical they were going to experiment on the inhabitants of the Villa with. Some kind of biological weapon I think, or something like that.
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    Finished OWB (a few days ago, actually, just forgot to say anything about it until now) on Very Hard/Hardcore, it was hard as all-fuck, especially since ammo for guns chambering anything other than .357 or .44 was so scarce and my Unarmed skill was so low.

    Nightstalkers fucked my shit up in 2 hits, and my Desert Ranger Combat Armor degraded insanely fast (good thing I have Jury Rigging). And the Roboscorpions seemed nigh indestructible (I wish I brought the Pulse Gun with me). A lot of my game was backpedaling with a Super-Heated Saturnite Fist and hitting them while they were on the edge of my range (with 30-40 unarmed, which I proceeded to spend skill points in during the DLC just to be more effective).

    The Legendary Bloatfly seemed like a joke to me at first ("Legendary Bloatfly? They could have picked a more menacing enemy than this!"), then I proceeded to die around 20 times in a row before managing to kill it and get +20 Buffouts and Psychos each. There were A LOT of boss-type NPCs in this DLC, actually.

    I'll admit I turned the difficulty down to Easy/Normal a couple of times when I found myself literally stuck in a place that I couldn't fight my way out of. But I did the final boss on Very Hard (sneaked up to the each of the platforms and activated all the robots and turrets). While the Giant Roboscorpion took out the Protectrons in a matter of moments, the turrets seemed to be in a place where they couldn't be hit by any of the scorpion's attacks and survived the whole ordeal while I took potshots at the thing then hid. Felt kind of like a cheap way to win, in my opinion.

    I liked the ending, I ended up convincing Think Tank to stay in the Big Empty. Mobius was AWESOME, free Mentats in the name of science! Even though I picked up around 60 Mentats during play anyway...

    Also, that stealth suit is ANNOYING AS FUCK god damn. This late in the game where all your stats that matter are almost maxed out (referring to stealth), I'd rather just use the the Assassin Suit from Dead Money anyway (works with Light Touch because it's Light rather than Medium, has around the same DT, only 5 less +Sneak, doesn't have the SPECIAL bonuses but with all my implants and stuff that's not a problem for me really). The Stealth Suit ATE ALL OF MY STIMPAKS. I went in to OWB with 110 Stimpaks and I left with 0, I was rationing them as well - by the time I got the stealth suit I had like 30 stimpaks left, by the time I left the area I got the stealth suit in I had 5. It seems that on Hardcore because healing isn't instant it just eats stimpaks repeatedly and doesn't register the effects of them healing properly.
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    Finally got the hang to play through it aswell. Found it allright, a bit better than Honest Hearts (which just didn't work so good for me).

    The writing was excellent again, I just try to overread stuff like lolpenis jokes and so on (almost every second voiced "person" in this dlc seemed to have issues with sexuality...) and the LOL!!!!11 stuff was thankfully not that much. The german translation was horribly bad again, but the voice actors were really good. I wish, they'd had used some of the new ones in the vanilla game.

    The actual gameplay was ok-ish as I do some exploration occassionally but don't want to visit random dungeon #23920 all the time. The minibosses were really nice. I appreciated the idea of so much upgradable/exchangable stuff, it felt a bit like Torment having to decide which organs I want in my body and which not etc.

    I still don't like the artdesign of some of the weapons or armors there, it's too over-the top or awkward looking for me (shiny-axes, science fiction trooper armor! etc) but it was ok since I wasn't forced to use these items. I played on Normal difficulty and didn't find it THAT hard like some people complained about. I mostly used my Ranger Suit, an Automatic Rifle from Dead Money (I love this thing) and crafted the ammo for it in the sink.

    Didn't use those machines in the Sink so much other than upgrading them, I wish they'd have putten more "normal" persons in exchange there (seriously, even ending slides for them?:? ) with actually some interesting things to say (like the dialogues with the Think Tank and Moebius).

    All in all it was a bit better than I expected, but the setting there just isn't my sort of thing. It was good nonetheless, but here's hoping for Lonesome Road and a good, worthy ending.
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    Just played through it and even while you seem to have carried on, i liked to express my opinion shortly.

    Overall it's a good DLC but somewhat of a letdown for me; The writting in terms of the lower levels (single notes, minor plot points, the conversations themselves) is sometimes brilliant; The writting in terms of an overspanning plot is weak.; The Gameplay itself is okay (like the original NV one - a bit too much fighting though); The Quest design is bordering newer WoW-Quests.

    So i'm missing more informations about what Big MT was before the war or looked and felt like, and what useful things the Think Tanks themselves really ever brought to humanity. Or even who they really were before some of the mentioned events. It's really lacking in these respects to me.
    A lot seems to boil down to the point that all research at Big MT was either unethical, a failure or misused. And the Think Tanks as most of the reseachers seem to be depicted as utter idiots who didn't help with anything.

    In some respects it felt like the whole plot should show us where a lot 'Dangerous' things came from - because we asked to loud while playing NV and HH. That's not to bad, but well... the explenations and backstories could have been a bit more fleshed out.
    Also to show us again that scientists and the goverment didn't follow any ethics and all their ideas only yield evil results. And naturally that Fallout Tech is mostly goofy. I guess we allready got that after playing F1 to F:NV.
    So i think they missed the chance to show the whole matter in a somewhat different light (a bit more Y17 and less X8 + Lobotomites, in terms of overall backstory, would've been nice).

    The Ending and the choices felt somewhat hollow for me, and i guess they should've included a few more apporaches to the whole situation of the Think Tanks (e.g. being able to get someone rid of his medicaments, or arranging the same procedure you undergo for the rest of the Think tank at the end...).

    Oh and sure, it was another 'lead up' to Lonesome Road. Increasing our interest even more and making it more likely that we will feel disappointed because Ulysses most likely won't care enough about us having been to Big MT and having learnt something about him.
    Not to mention, that i really don't like the whole implication that Ulysses knows more about us, than we do .... but well, It isn't as if we didn't allready had such a thing in SWKOTOR, and i could live with that.

    But i guess my judgments about games are getting less and less objective and more and more hazed by nostalgia of the old games i'm comparing todays games with.
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    May 20, 2011
    Did anyone else wonder why Ulysses left his mark everywhere? AND I MEAN FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

    The DLC? To sum it up, well written, clever, funny, and well rounded experience.
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    Jul 5, 2010
    I think that we will find out more about the Big MT Scientists pre-war Projects in Lonesome Road - well one at least anyway. The Think Tank has been corrupted due to the length of time they've spent in the Biogel, but yeah before the war they weren't nice people. I believe that they established Big MT with good intentions but when the war came they easily just became about making weapons.

    Some of their pre-war experiments included being the ones to dismantle captured Chinese Stealth Armour, we can surely infer from this that they may have made the initial breakthroughs in American stealth technology.
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    Also you have to remember the Think Tank forgot themselves after being turned into floating brains, as well the sense of history and time. Happens when you are isolated for so much time.
    As for the Think Tank I like the ending, there isn't much choice in face of what they were doing in Big MT.

    Excuse me, but a concentration camp for experimenting in PoW's? Performing lobotomy for the sake of doing (and later for trying scape Big MT)? Manipulating DNA and turning animals into monsters and for what purpose? Or even performing tests into cities and citizens, like they did in Sierra Madre?

    I've found difficult to forgive the Think Tank after getting my brain back.
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    Jun 17, 2007
    The thing that buggers me, is that most is only really hinted at. It's always a difference if you really see something, or just hear about it from someone else (especially if the one is padding his own shoulder over it).
    Seeing how they really helped someone (i mean sure Y17 and the dispensers would have been great, but neither really helped, because of problems along the road).
    And for the stealth research - we don't have a single clue that they were able to reproduce some stealth field besides the Night Stalkers. As far as i know the Stealth Boys came from RobCo (which all of the Think Tank doesn't seem to be at good term with).

    Sure they did bad things, but it's not worse than the whole FEV stories before or the Vault experiments.

    And for the endings - There was no new repogramming possible, no possibility to kill them without a real fight (as far as i know). Not to forget you were seemingly unable to lead anyone else to the Big Mt - i mean if im allied to the NCR i should be able to lead them here, even with the possibility of destroying things they shouldn't get into their hands or something like that. No you just could become yourself the lone watcher of Big Mt...
    Hell i even would have liked, being able of only killing certain members of the think tank and leaving the rest to their experiments.

    I mean it was okay and i had some fun playing it. But it wasn't out of the ordinary. The whole superb writing for the characters was counterbalanced by the (imho) more ridiculous overspanning plotline and how there were holes left i would have liked to been filled (Getting more glimpses about who the think tank members were before the war; Or what exactly happened when the bombs fell).
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    I got a problem, I finaly got the chance to buy the DLC, and it's the first time I am suing a PayPal account, but the payment is nto compelted, it inmediately closes and I don't even receive an email or anything, I can't even add funds to my Steam Wallet and right after that, when I tried to see the DLC details the page tells me I can not see the page at this moment, what the fuck?