Pipe Dream: Fo4 as Sequel to NV

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    It'll never happen, but as I'm concurrently replaying New Vegas and Wasteland 2, I've begun to imagine what a title truer to the Fallout name would be. I'm rather busy and it's not all fleshed out, but here are some story concepts and areas I've been thinking of.

    The Skinny:
    You're a monk (either a brother or a sister) from a small monastery in the untouched wilderness of Oregon/Washington. Your monastery has housed several vital and rare schematics, but you've always lacked the resources to build most of the technologies that are built within them. Your order, the Order of Saint Isidore (the patron saint of the computer), survives by making basic tools and weapons (e.g. water purifiers and small firearms). An NCR Ranger scouting the wilderness finds your monastery. He's about to die of radiation poisoning. In his last moments, he tells your Abbott about NCR and asks him to send an envoy to the Republic. You are selected. With some basic supplies, you are sent south into the more developed wastelands to contact Shady Sands. From there, you get roped into many conflicts.

    Time: Ten Years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam
    Place: Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Mexico(?) - Think regions to visit a la Fallout 1 and 2
    Protagonist: Either a Monk or a Nun of the Abbey of Saint Isidore. You get to choose the reasons you ended up there.

    1. You're a smart cookie and the abbey is the only place of learning in the region. You are ambivalent about religion but play along so you get to keep learning.
    2. Your parents set you there against your will (too many mouths to feed) and you rebel at every chance. You're already a raging atheist and can't wait for more sex, drugs, and violence.
    3. You're genuinely pious and joined for altruistic reasons. You're sad to have to leave, but excited to spread your religion to the wastes.
    4. As an adult, you were injured while exploring and they abbey gave you food, shelter and medicine. You stayed around to help to repay your debts and it's time to leave anyways.

    Gist of the Plot:
    There are multiple levels to the plot. Big picture is the regional politics across the wastes that you get strung up in. Fine details is your personal journey: either trying to uphold your faith in the wastes, losing your religion (whoo REM), or never having cared in the first place and just being generally hedonistic and crazy.

    Regions [Small Selection]

    Arroyo: After the Chosen One's successful adventures, the settlement prospers. An elected Elder presides over the independent settlement and the villagers and vaulters live in peace together. There's some tension with wildlife and the surrounding tribes, but overall it's peaceful and prosperous-- a perfect first hub city to visit. There's an NCR embassy there, but the NCR has failed consistently to annex the community because because of its prospering military-- the Chosen One managed to loot the Oil Rig's equipment rooms of military grade kit before he blew it up and consequently Arroyo's small defense force is surprisingly well armed. As the PC gets drawn into NCR Politics, he/she will have to come back to this place.

    Shady Sands: Capitol of NCR, the city is in turmoil. Even though the Second Battle of Hoover Dam was technically an NCR victory, nobody anticipated the Courier and Mr. House turning on the army at the last possible minute to establish New Vegas's independence. Shamed by this last minute turn of events, Aaron Kimball resigned from office and Lee Oliver committed suicide. Wendell Peterson Jr, son of the last NCR President before Kimball, steps up to the plate to restore order. For her exceptional service at the Battle of Hoover Dam and handling of the battle's chaotic aftermath, Col. Cassandra Moore is chosen to be his VP.

    The Player Character learns about these events, but he/she initially works on the ground level-- at first either alleviating the suffering of the poor or contributing to it on the street level. When the schematics are delivered via the OSI, then the PC becomes more involved i the political aspect of things.

    Boneyard: Now a thriving urban settlement, thanks to the opening of various quarries and steel mills in the California region, the Boneyard is slowly being reconstructed and cleansed of radiation, but the process is still slow. Raiders, ghouls, and deathclaws inhabit most of the LA ruins. A rogue element of the Brotherhood of Steel, still hostile to NCR, attacks any outsider from a location unknown within the city ruins. Finally, the shambling remnants of the Master's army still haunt the broken streets and gutted skyscrapers.

    New Vegas: Mr. House's Securitron army has done a good job securing the ruins of the city, slaughtering various fiends and raiders and the like, but also murdering innocent people who were too weak or incompetent to provide for the new and autonomous New Vegas. The Strip has been expanded with shiny new casinos and House has already begun rebuilding other parts of the city. Of course, not all is golden in Vegas, however. As Ulysses predicted, the Tunnelers have already lurched out of the Divide and have begun swallowing up regions of the Mojave. House's resources are great, but even he struggles to curtail this new threat. Compounded with the emergence of Tunnelers, expansionists of both NCR and Legion allegiances are trying to infiltrate and undermine his new state. The Courier, at the time of this PC's involvement, has been sent on a grand mission to find some way to stop the Tunnelers.

    Somewhere in Arizona: Miraculously, impossibly, Lanius and Caesar survived the Second Battle for Hoover Dam. The Courier bartered with the former to stand down from the conflict; the latter was saved by his elite frumentarii at the last moment before House's securitrons managed to flood Fortification Hill. Finally, the Legion has, after great effort, managed to crack open an old military installation and equip themselves more extensively than ever before. Of course, despite all that, their numbers are still severely cribbed from the thrashing received at Hoover. Though entrenched, they are highly dangerous and with new technology at their fingertips, they are ready to start thinking about striking back out into the wastes.

    Other Locations: Abandoned forts and bases, ruins of cities, toxic craters, etc. If there's interest in this, I'll come up with some more stuff to share with you guys. I'm also open to criticism and revision if some elements are lacking.
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    Nice ideas, although I would've handled Lanius by either him being killed by his own troops after he ran from Hoover Dam or him having to go into hiding for the same reason. Legion should have a rebellion type thing, where Caesar or a new leader is trying to uphold the original idea of the Legion and another group trying to stop with the slavery thing.
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    Yeah, fun ideas.
    Imo, the open ending of NV make things a bit problematic, because you will have to decide which outcome was canonic, and which was not.
    One option could be to leave those exact events blurry, refer to them as a problematic time, with conflicting accounts, and then come up with a unique outcome, that does not directly spell which one of NV's endings were canonic and not.

    Perhaps a bit of a nitpickery. One time, I was SO bored, I actually downloaded a complete map of America (all counties), and tried to create a colored political map of the NV end-game, for then to envision an expansion of the entities (including NCR, Caesars Legion, Khaan Empire in the north along with Followers of the Apocallypse, with various - apparently splintered BoS occupying the east, after having been pushed out of the west. Then I went to bed)
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    The ideas are nice, but I think the NCR would be pretty much dead in the New Vegas sequel.

    Chris Avellone has implied that he wants to kill off NCR for a clean slate in the region. I wouldn't be against it at all, because NCR is already way too overstretched and I can imagine it's hard for the writers to come up with new ideas when one faction controls a huge chunk of the post-apocalyptic America.

    Hell, even in Van Buren NCR was going to be overstretched to the point they cut off communications with the Hoover Dam base. I wouldn't been surprised if the whole republic was gone by the time Fallout 4 rolled out.

    All in all I'd like if the next Obsidian Fallout returned back to the anarchic feeling of Fallout 1.
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    I am against eliminating the NCR, limiting or curtailing them is okay but no removal just because someone feels that the NCR restricts the Fallout atmosphere.
    Civilization is going to recover and rebuild eventually, wiping them out seems like wanting to set up a grimdark setting in which the Fallout world never evolves, never grows.

    If anything I think the presence of NCR in California should be a good reason why not to put future Fallout games there.
    Move on, go to other states, go East young man!
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    Not East, South, we need to cover the South, Beth already shat on the East.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Not Mid west US they have, and FOT is not/mostly not canon remember?
    Plenty of states in between we have not seen, and why should Fallout go into Mexico?
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    I actually think Mexico would make for a great Fallout location. Maybe not the whole game in Mexico, perhaps as a DLC, as a border town perhaps? Texas has plenty of interesting areas near the border, so it can be incorporated there. The scale would have to be adjusted of course, but it is possible.

    Raul already mentioned Mexico so there is that. I imagine there would be a very interesting backstory for that area. No telling what sort of factions could develop there. How bad would Mexico have been hit during the war? Think of the interesting ruins that you could find in that region. Some characters would speak Spanish, so that would be interesting. You have the western vibe in that region too, with lots of Clint Eastwood to draw off of. :)

    Of course Fallout is Americana, so I would expect California, New Mexico, Arizona, or Texas to be the other area the game would take place. This leaves you with one of the most interesting Fallout locations yet with vast potential. I like to think big with potential Fallout games. There is no reason to be constrained to one area in the next Fallout. Every DLC should offer something drastically different. The main game should have a wide variety of locations. One of my complaints about New Vegas was the fairly boring locations. Many areas were very empty, especially the dozens of boarded up doors to buildings that could have housed refugees...

    So ideally my next Fallout game would take place in the south or the north east parts of the US. Texas and Mexico go together pretty damn good imo. OF course I always like my Motor City idea, but I'm a little biased. Heh.
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    The FO4 (if there ever will be one) should be placed in the Midwest BoS,since no one knows what the f.... happened after the warrior destroyed the Calculator,or at least they should continue the FoT2.Actually i am continuing the FoT series,and it takes lots of time