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    In this thread pitch a TV show or Movie, give a synopsis, genre, and maybe a few visuals or actors you'd like to see.

    My pitch is a 4 season television show about a recently discharged military man getting recruited into a small pmc outfit after the Gulf War via the 2nd main character. Starting out as an operator show eventually spiraling into a sort of neo-noir feel in the latter half.
    The first season just establishes the characters and their relationships and showing the pmc slowly gain more notoriety (Should have an early Soldier of Fortune vibe) while also leaving breadcrumbs for an overarching plot.
    The second season should be more of a character study on the 2 main characters with occasional insight into the supporting cast. All the while the US government via the CIA hire the pmc for a myriad of operations that are somehow connected (season 1 and 2 will take place mostly in Africa). The final episodes will involve a joint operation with black-ops on a warlord's compound ending in heavy casualties.
    The third season will be the aftermath of the operation and the pmc after sustaining heavy losses has to temporarily shut down. The cast is sent to Los Angeles where they have a small office in the city. Life back home isn't calm for long as the characters are under surveillance and they must find out why which leads them to figure out that what the CIA had them do was clean up their mess and now are clearing out the rest of the board. The two main characters are then taken hostage.
    The final season will start with an interrogation and introduction of the CIA agent tasked with cleaning this mess up, after getting beaten the two characters attempt to escape leading to the 2nd main character to be killed and setting the tone for this season. This is a sort of lake of fire for the surviving main character who slowly over the course of the season evades the men on his tail and discovers the office burned and everyone dead inside. With the exception of a supporting character who's tasked with getting the Mc's dead partner's family out of danger. The series concludes with a standoff with the CIA agent and the Mc, the result of which leaves the Agent dead and our boy gutshot, with everything he knows gone he shambles leaves the scene and goes down a lone road a la The Long Goodbye (1973) then the screen cuts to black.

    John, recently discharged from the military after the Gulf War is recruited into the PMC by David, the 2nd main character. He is a bit of an asshole/loner who is estranged from his family (two sisters, a brother, a niece). An acquaintance with David prior to show and over time they become friends and he calms down. The final season is meant to punish him for his actions early on in the show where he is relatively dehumanized and cold-blooded, although he reforms in the 2nd season he still has to suffer for his actions. Thinking of Benicio Del Toro Way of The Gun era for the actor.

    David, is a man who feels useless at home with his family (wife, 2 daughters, son) so after serving in the military has been working with a PMC to build something. Stoic but decent man who tries. Acts as a mentor to PMC life in the first season but after slides into the role of a partner as they are both explored fully. He is the guy who tries and finds the best solution and though he has hardened from war his heart is still pure which initially places him at odds with John. For the actor I would finger Pierce Brosnan Goldeneye era.
    Some light reading for the territory:
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    A prestige television adaption of The Illiad and then the Odyssey spanning multiple seasons. Unlike the film adaptation, the supernatural elements will be entirely embraced. Unusually for a "period" fantasy epic it'd also be vibrant in colour palette in both cinematography and costume design.

    A Metal Gear Solid film that follows the formula of those cool "choreography-porn" modern action films like The Raid, John Wick, Extraction etc. For the story it'd likely be best to just adapt Snake Eater, but equally it would be cool to mix the storylines of the original MSX games about Snake infiltrating Outer Heaven.
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    So the idea of the show would be entirely based around internet forums like this one, but you would also see the people behind the avatar and their mundane life when they aren't shitposting. All of the internet drama would be portrayed as super serious dramatic shit when it's just a bunch of nerds sitting on the computer sperging out over niche fixations that they cannot speak about in everyday life due to almost everyone being reptilians from They Live.

    Episode One - The Brony freaks out about the liberals while the rest of the forum points and laughs. We then get a peak into the Brony life in a scene that is too hot for TV.
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    So instead of a sex scene, we'll get a hot hotglue scene where he unloads in twilight sparkle? Sounds like an instant cult classic.
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    Episode Two - A thread about Gamergate turns sour when the local autist begins to piss off the crowbar happy admin. Hilarity ensues when the rest of the forum is dragged into the lover spat. Meanwhile in real life Sander experiments with butt plugs.