Playing as a black dude

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  1. SuAside

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    May 27, 2004
    nah, Outcast wasn't black. (check 1:21 and on)

    (and also note the 'belgium' pun, since the game was actually made there)
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    Apr 2, 2003
    I don't know what display resolution you favour, but I really can't read those remarks (and your sig) without copy-pasting it (or getting a headache) ;-)
    I do think the guy displayed at 1'10" is black?

    Speaking about Belgium, I find the situation here quite funny/ironic. Black people are rarely into "ghetto culture", as opposed to Maghrebian people (e.g. from Morocco). Problems with black people are quite rare in the Flemish speaking part.
    I live in an area with a lot of black people, they tend to keep their problems indoor, and don't mess with others.

    I also have a problem with how RECENT hiphop portrays black people in America. The big names in their ethnicity have fought hard to reach certain goals, which hiphop seems to be destroying altogether.
    Most people tend to forget what those few great black people accomplish - don't get me wrong, I don't think that few black people are capable of reaching much - their sheer numbers and cultural background just doesn't favour them. Hip-hop just overshadows those few, thus adding to bad rep.

    It seems like a vicious circle to me... Some whites used to hate blacks, blacks felt like they had few opportunities, they grouped into what where to become ghettos, had fewer opportunities because they had little "examples" in those ghettos, thus taking down education value, making the next generations less educated, giving them even less examples - it's really a downward spiral.
    They keep on blaming society and whites, I think it may be as simple as getting out of those damn ghettos. And stop honouring the ghetto way of life with hiphop.

    I think all this was exactly Von Drunky's intention: To let us think about how blacks are portrayed in modern media. From that point of view, I can see that GTA just adds to the "hiphop bad rep".
    Whites who live in countries without much gangsta-culture (Poland? ;-) ) may be inclined to think that blacks only live in Ghettos. Blacks in other countries may use that as yet another example that all blacks should be into hiphop.

    Now, what is the extra value of GTA? Maybe, we can use it to reflect on the ghetto way of life. It shows the gaming crowd what being a ghetto gangsta nigga is about: Protecting the family, letting the GF shoot other nigga's from the back of your bike, capping some other thugs, ...
    Dumb people could think "see, those niggas are just no good". Smart people may see this as a wink to the hiphop world. Cynical people may say this just fuels the bad situation more.

    About some other posts in this topic:

    Blacks in Vampire/gothic environments: Anyone remember "Blade", with Wesley Snipes? I'd say that there could be some people that take that movie as an example, and wouldn't be amazed to see a black vampire punk. Although most goths I've met were pale whities ^_^

    Blacks in Fallout: Indeed, as Darklegacy stated, the Cafe of Broken Dreams encounter gave some more insight.

    Sorrow and the Genocide, Great rulers, warlords examples: Look at Africa? It's filled with genocidal warlords, who kill their own people, let their soldiers rape everything that walks, and add in spreading aids. I don't get the point here?
    There -are- a lot of influential blacks. It's only, they're not so largely represented in the West... I can imagine that makes it harder to reach the top in higher quantities.

    About JA2: The top merc in the entire game, Gus Tarballs, is black. You could say "that displays yet another stereotypical black badass" - no, JA2 has RPG elements, he's not only badass, he's smart and has got some skills too ;-)

    Gaming in general: Indeed, this is sometimes thought through too much by -some gamers-. I think that most devs just make a game of something they picture. I can imagine that they, like me, don't fantasize about being -some black dude- in -some environment-. Why? Red this topic again.
    From an educational point of view, it would be really nice to give the black people some more icons to look up to. Being politicians, scientists, fictional characters (books, games, movies) - that are outside the ghetto and/or hiphop setting.

    I would like to say that none of these statements should be envisioned as bad towards black people. I judge people as they are, regardless of colour. Because whites are just larger in quantity, I know one hell of a lot more of white jackasses than black ones ;-)
    The words "gangsta", "nigga" and so one are references to the hiphop community. Bad rep to this words is added by people who are racists, or have racistophobia.
  3. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    1280x1024 on 19" TFT.

    i can read the sig perfectly and the belgian pun thing is a little harder, but still possible to read.

    i think your color contrast is messed up then buddy... he's white, although sitting in a dark corner.
  4. Sander

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    Jul 5, 2003
    Ehm, yeah, then why's he complaining that everyone hates the game because it's about 'black culture'?
    Nope. Von Drunky just thinks everyone's a racist, for some reason.
  5. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    If you like to throw out random accusations because you enjoy seeing people defend themselves, that's pretty much the definition of trolling.

  6. Sorrow

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    Feb 9, 2006
    Sounds horrible. Sounds like sending a few missiles with nerve gas to that area would do humanity a favour.

    To me, it's a big minus because I don't want to watch a gangsta movie. While in general I didn't like GTA going full 3d, making it a gangsta culture game with a believable protagonist (which isn't some random psycho anymore) kills the game.

    I liked GTA, because it allowed me to play an anonymous psychopatic character that could drive over random people or shoot random people or do jobs for criminals.
    GTA 2 with it's various factions was even better.

    While I played a black character in GTA, I prefer to play the ruthless, inhuman psychopath type of criminal that is a pure manifestation of destructive forces (in GTA of course) than some loser from ghetto.

    To me, hip hop is a cancer that infects weakened societies. In Poland we have our own brand of ghettos - settlements of big flats. They are inhabited mostly by hip hop loving white gangstas.
    Also, music TV and radio is collaborating in spreading this disease and purposefully avoids playing a good music.

    Sounds cool :) . I want to play a game where one is a genocidal warlord :) .
    It would be called... A Genocidal Warlord :D .
  7. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    while not my 'bag', not all Hip Hop is a cancer. Gangstah Rap is...
  8. boer_kameel

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    Apr 2, 2003
    True. I do admit to like Cypress Hill. Maybe cause they don't promote being gansta that much, they're too much up in smoke to do that anyway.

    They don't recycle other people's stuff, but release fresh material... One of the first to combine rock, metal and hiphop. Thumbs up!
  9. Von Drunky

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    Mar 10, 2007
    I’m lair and I knew this topic would touch all the sensitive points so I must be a troll.

    But if you remember just one thing: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.
  10. Stag

    Stag Guest

    I don't like any recent hiphop, but groups like Outkast, NWA, or even Gorillaz are good.

    I wouldn't mind playing as a black character, but I see the point that the "racists" have been making, which is that the story of GTA:SA was weak, and Von Drunky doesn't seem to be responding to this. One can dislike a story without being racist.

    I've never played GTA:SA, or even Vice City. I've played the first three, and I think that playing as an anonymous character is much better for this series, because there is little to no story in them at all, and the games are really just about destruction.
  11. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Either that or you're just an asshole who slaps himself on the back for being "provocative". You can have a strike to go with that.
  12. Sorrow

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    Feb 9, 2006
    Heh :) .
    I just started playing GTA 2 again and I can't imagine this game with a protagonist named PJ that has a mother, friends, family, etc.
    It's just not GTA.

    -Finding a SMG spawn point and killing everything for a few minutes GTA.
    -Stealing a car and having a ride while driving over people is GTA.
    -Kill Frenzy! is GTA.
    -Cop Killa! is GTA.
    -Gangs are GTA
    -Bonuses are GTA.

    A believable protagonist, stats, family, characters aren't GTA.

    I only played GTA 1 & 2. To me, later games were to GTA 1 & 2 what Fallout 3 is to Fallout 1 & 2.
  13. Stag

    Stag Guest

    I'm glad I never played GTA 2 online, because I don't know how many variations of "SMG Camper!" I would be called.

    There was one great Zaibatsu SMG spawn that was awesome, it was on a low platform and had a health next to it. I spent hours with that one point, and I think I filled all the high score slots with it.
  14. Sorrow

    Sorrow So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Feb 9, 2006
    I think I used the same point today :D . I spent about 20 minutes there massacring cars, cops, Zaibatsu agents and civillains.

    To me, GTA 2 was the best part of GTA series :) . Too bad they didn't make a real GTA 3...
  15. Stag

    Stag Guest

    I really did like GTA 3, I think it was a great transition from a 2D world to a 3D.
    Let's hope Bethesda can do the same with F3

    GTA3 was just as fun as 2, though I guess it was pretty different.
  16. Sorrow

    Sorrow So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Feb 9, 2006
    Both GTA 2 and GTA 1 had 3d worlds.
  17. Wooz

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    May 18, 2003
    You know what, dude? Finish high school, get a place in an university in a city. Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Katowice.

    Really, you need a broader horizon on things if you think that genocide is a fucking cultural achievement.

    Nigga, please.

    As if you've lived in such a place. I know I have, you sound like the stereotypical teenage-pagan-metal nazi.
  18. Stag

    Stag Guest

    Yeah, but most of the game was shown in 2D. Maybe the maps were, technically, 3D, but they were flat to the viewers eye, unless you were under a bridge or something, you couldn't really tell.

    Wooz, don't you know nazi pagan metal is winnar?
  19. Wooz

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    May 18, 2003
    Aye. One of the winnarz of my "steel capped boots in rectum" awards.
  20. Sorrow

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    Feb 9, 2006
    I had no problems with noticing that maps are 3D, especially when buildings, slopes, etc. are present.

    I already finished high school and I already live in Katowice. What does it have to do with my hatred towards gangstas and other violent criminals?

    Where did I say that genocide is a cultural achievement?

    I visited enogh of such places to hate them.

    Really? So, now one doesn't have to be a white supremacist to be a nazi?