Possible reveal of Half-Life 2: Episode 3's plot

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    I enjoyed the read, thank you for posting.
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    Is it not to early for Half Life 3 rumors though?
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    While I don't know if this is how Half Life 2 Episode 3 would end up if it was ever made and released I guess this is as close as a resolution by the writer of the series the Half Life gamers will ever get.

    I remember being incredibly impressed by Half Life 1's gameplay back in 1997 when I installed it for the first time on my PC after reading in magazines on how it felt like going through a world that really felt like it was designed for people to work in, there being sense and purpose to the locations, a laboratory for example feeling like a laboratory unlike the more abstract maps from older FPS games in which a room with some boxes in it would be designated as a laboratory by the designers.

    Half Life 2 continued to improve on this but occasionally I found that the game wasn't as tightly developed sometimes as the previous game, there being a lot of empty spaces.
    Storywise it was definitely a lot more vague and that could be rather annoying, especially when some of the more important details came from other sources such as the art book to fill in the holes.

    The closest comparison I would make is perhaps the Halo series in which people are expected to buy the books and the comics in order to get the full story instead of just playing the games alone.

    A couple of years ago I pretty much accepted that Half Life will never be continued again or be properly finished and I have not had any interest in replaying the games again (though I will play Black Mesa when the Xen part comes out).
    I kind of hope that a different developer will come up with a spiritual sequel that brings back well designed Single Player FPS games and reinvigorates that category of the FPS genre, showing publishers that not everyone is into Modern Warfare FPS games and various types of Multiplayer shooters.

    But who am I kidding?
  5. I mean, I'd look around. Titanfall 1/2, the arena shooters like LawBreakers and Quake Champions, and then all the smaller projects like DUSK or STRAFE. Nevermind Arkane's great immersive sims. I don't know my FPS much, but game design I do and those, to name some off the top of my head, seem to be you people's jam.

    And besides, while BF and CoD are still behemoths of the market, their sales dwindle and dwindle more. They didn't change to the World War setting because it was cool, it wa sbecause their last 1-2 releases sold like shit comparatively.
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    I'm kinda disappointed at the EP3 plot, still think Valve should use HL2's original plot.
    If it's the real EP3 plot, I'd prefer the original HL2 ending as the canon instead of continuing EPx storyline.
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    Marc Laidlaw's "fan fic" is stirring up quite a storm on the Steam forums and the Half Life reddit, people are pissed and are trying to show it by downvoting the Half Life games but also other games like DOTA2 which they now accuse of having taken away attention and resources from any Episode 3 or Half Life 3 development.

    It is a bit bizarre and amusing to behold but I can understand these people's feelings. Gabe and his PR people have indeed jerking them around for a long time rather than doing the wise thing by coming clean and admitting that they rather focus the company resources onto more profitable projects that have perhaps a larger audience appeal.
    Second wise decision might have been to consider selling the Half Life franchise though there would have been the risk that it could have fallen in the hands of EA or Bethesda.

    I wish there had been this much furore for Fallout back in the day when Van Buren was canceled in favor of FOBOS, or what Fallout 4 eventually turned out to be.
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    It's been so long since Ep. 2 was released, there's no way someone wasn't going to get angry.

    At least they haven't released a Duke Nukem Forever kind of game.

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    Half-Life was the first game that made me adjust the system specs on my computer. I remember how slow it went when I maxed it out. That was when the concept of upgrading my PC came into play. I think I ended up replaying Opposing Force more than the original, but I never messed with Blue Shift.

    Half-Life 2 I played on console while deployed, so I did not get the best experience. Later I purchased Orange Box to finish what story they had left, which was Portal, and Ep 1 and 2. I really did not care for Episode 1 and 2, with very little of the plot still residing within my memory. The first game will always be the best, while the second game was a glorified tech demo in places. This Episode 3 fan fiction is the worst possible way to resolve the series. I have no doubt we will get another game in the future, but it will not be the same. Much like Fallout 4 is not the same as old Fallout.