Pranks and shit. How much of it have you done?

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    Mar 11, 2012
    I like being a bit wild and unexpected now and then. Although it is rare, especially lately. But I do have a couple of fun moments in my curriculum. See if I can recall them all

    1. Hand-shake tumble. This one is a bit complex, and a proper practical prank, imo. My dad told me how, after being pranked by his older brother (who died before I was born). I have tried this prank _one_ time, and it actually worked wonders. Here's what you do: Find a reason to shake your friends hand - in public! Lock your hand around his, drop yourself to the ground, and pull your friend over you - this should be sudden, loud, and spectacular looking, making people turn and stare. Immediately, start screaming, begging "NO PLEASE! ILL GET YOU THE MONEY!!!" then let go, and run for your life. Chances are high that your friend will chase you, culminating in an awesome spectacle for the public!
    Risk level: Small - your friend should forgive you quickly!

    2. The jog-after. This one is very very simple, but never fails to make people giggle, if you simply want to be a comedian. Next time a jogger jogs past you, drop your conversation mid-sentence, U-turn, and just jog after the jogger!
    Risk level: Small, joggers are harmless, although they might be annoyed at you.

    3. Awful heckle. I was allready drunk, and I'm not a big drinker. Me and a friend brought booze into a small bar, and begun to spike our beers with it, since that seemed like a totally brilliant idea. There was a sentimental guitar-man on a small intimate stage, singing softly, emotionally, with his guitar. After every song, me and my friend would get up, and cheer on him exaggeratedly. We would especially cry out "Again! Again! Da capo!", at one point I rubbed my nipple.
    Risk level: Medium, drunk in a bar, you are at the mercy of the mercy of other bar-flies.

    4. Me mongo. This one is terrible, I warn you. I was hanging out with a female friend, getting increasingly bored, untill I just decided to pretend that I was brain-damaged, and that she was my care-taker. This is a cruel joke - IF you act well - your friend will be in a horrible dilemma! If she tells you to get a grip and stop fucking around - other bystanders will believe she is being unreasonable with a poor brain-damaged person, so she is forced to play along! And I am free to do and say almost whatever I want, I am brain-damaged! I didn't drag it too far tho, but I did make sure to point at people, and be loud about me observing these people "THE LADY :O" "yes yes, a lady -.- jesus... come here now!!!"
    Obviously, this one is rather immoral :D
    Risk level: Medium, if anybody realizes you're just fucking around, they might have a thing or two to share with you :D

    5. The deliberate rumor. Me and my brother once, spontaneously, decided to spread a rumor about a friend, while waiting for another friend to pick us up. As our pick-up guy arrived, we had informed him that he would be picking 3 of us up, not 2. He asked about the 3rd guy, one he too has grown up with. A very good-guy type, never does anything illegal or immoral. We told him that he had just been here, and tried cocaine, and gotten a bad reaction from it, took his clothes off, got in fights with neighbors, before police had to tackle him violently and nakedly. Our friend was shocked! "NAKED!?"
    "Yes naked!" we assured him that he was now in the hospital, recovering, and still awaiting legal reactions from his behavior.
    Later that night, we were called by other people, who had allready heard the rumor. We pretended to be rattled, and confirmed "what little we knew".
    Eventually, that night, the guy himself called me, with a worried voice (drunk as well) "WHY do people think I'm in the hospital!? Am I losing it!?" I'm all "oh my god :0 are you okay!?"
    The next day he called me. He had called another childhood friend of us, who hadn't even wondered about it, and immediately assumed this was a malicious prank of mine. I admitted to the deed, and he told me that it was well done, but not to pull that shit again :D
    Risk level: Small, your friends will forgive you!

    6. Homework sabotage. I did this, obviously, as a kid, but if you have a friend who is in university or something, you can do it. This also works for someone who plays in a marching band/orchestra. Just get a rubber, erase their notes/answers etc, and replace them with your own. Some skill in replicating writing style etc might be required. You will not witness the direct result of this prank, but you can imagine the fun. My friend was eventually thrown out of the marching band (same guy as the one I spread rumors about).

    7. The ninja. This one is just evil, and I did it often to the same guy above. Do not do this prank if you have a concience, as it isn't that much a "prank" as it is a tool of bullying. Thankfully, in my case, we were close friends, so my antics would be seen as... antics :D
    Well, here's the "trick", you plan in advance with any other friend who is with you there. You plan a cue. When that cue is delivered, all of you scatter, and scatter good and proper, no "hehe, just kidding!" nono, flee for your goddamn life!
    Your excluded friend will be left baffled at what just happened. "Guys! Seriously! What's wrong with you people!?"
    We did that untill we were in our 20s.
    We'd gather again at some other friends, and go play PS and smoke weed.

    Any good pranks/antics of your own? Share them! Enrich society!
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    Dec 30, 2010
    I once did the "Empty bucket on the door" prank as a kid in school, the bucket fell face up so the girl that walked into it got a nasty hit on her head. Most of the time I am a big ol' softie so I don't tend to do pranks.
  3. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Haha, yes, pranks gone wrong :D Some pranks only work in movies, such as pulling the chair away from someone. A friend of mine did that to my brother when we were kids, my brother fell, hurt his back, and they almost got into a fight over it :D
  4. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    I remember going to a Tech N9ne concert. There were a lot of hardcore fans there. My friend snuck up behind this guy and fliped Tech N9ne off right in the middle of the show. He was standing directly behind the guy so it seemed like that guy was doing it. Afterwards he put his hand down, and everybody else looked at the guy (including Krizz Kaliko, a big bastard) and the guy couldn't figure out why everyone was looking at him fucked up. Surprisingly, nothing happened and after that the show went on. The can be risky though, because if some hard core fan witnesses it, it may lead to some random dude getting his ass kicked for what would seem to him as no apparent reason at all.

    I also remember at the same concert, a huge mosh pit was going on in the center to the song "Einstein". My friend was walking by and heard someone who was not in the mosh pit say that they were crazy bastards or stupid bastards or something like that, so my friend quickly pushed him into the mosh pit. I remember him falling down immediately and getting trampled for a few seconds before his friends pulled him out, and they were going around looking for who pushed him in but nobody saw anything.
  5. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Oww, that is pretty risky indeed!

    Also, one that coulda gone wrong for the wrong guy!

    It probably made for a strange moment tho, since everyone percieves the guy flipping off his rapper idol, for then to look totally confused at the reactions around him. Maybe people gave him such slack, believing him to be a bit slow or something :D
  6. Wumbology

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    Mar 5, 2013
    I'm not much of a prank person. I do like to act like a dick though. I like to spiel to my group of friends. Recent topics are "Why whites are an inferior race", "math is for nerds", and "I'm probably a reincarnation of Alexander the Great". The enjoy it, idunno.

    I kind of begin to convince myself. My father and Philip III of Macedon do have a stunningly similar appearance... :look:

    TMNTSPYVSSPY First time out of the vault

    Apr 23, 2014
    Ahhhhhhhhh. Good Times. I'll start off with the least terrible one. Me and my group of friends hid a half eaten orange in the ceiling of the 7th grade math room. As of last year, it is still there... Smelling like rotten food... #2. I prank called Sony and started swearing in russian about a problem with a ps3. The lady was pissed =D #3 I started tagging stop signs with white paint. Underneath i would put Hammer Time (obviously). The non-generic part about this was at one point, this big dude got out of his car and started dancing in the road...
  8. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    What the.. kudos for creating a bizarre moment!
  9. mobucks

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    May 22, 2010
    On one of my union jobs I was like 20 and the old man head foreman comes up to me and asks me to help him lift a bundle of super strut, 30 dollars a length, and probably 50 in a bundle. We stood it up in an unfinished wall and sheetrocked over it. Super strut is something the electricians use, we were carpenters. On the last day of the job we removed the sheetrock and placed the bundle back where it was and then re-rocked the wall.

    That was the best one but we also used to to tons of other small things like hide guys tool belts or glue/nail them down. Or wait until someone went to the port-o-john and back up a truck to block the door so when they tried to open it it would move like an inch and the guy usually fell against the door which always got a lot of laughs.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    I was never much of a prankster as a kid.

    I could never come up with anything good on the spot, and I couldn't be bothered to plan anything out.

    If I recall correctly, I think I once placed a pinecone inside the wheel of my friend's bike when I was Eight, because I thought it would hilariously ruin his bike.

    As you can probably tell, it didn't work in the slightest.
  11. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    at least you tried :0

    reminds me of when I was little, I would sometimes add too many exclamation points to certain sentences, because I was convinced this would prompt my teacher to scream out those sentences, in order to abide by the number of exclamation points.

    I gave it up as soon as I realized it had no effect on people :(