Previously Unknown Fallout 2 Cut Content - Sourced From Designer

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    May 5, 2018
    Hello there NMA community, I know I am still rather new here so you have little reason to trust me, but a month or two back I got a chance to talk with Fallout 2 designer John Deiley about content that was originally meant to be in the game.
    1. John told me that originally the Intelligent Deathclaws in Vault 13 were meant to have more extensive dialogue, but sometime late in development their dialogues were "unattached." It is unknown if they were fully deleted or backed up somewhere.
    2. One of these deathclaws was meant to be unarmed combat trainer that could give the player a new fighting skill(s). He didn't say which one, but I surmise that it was meant to be Jul, since he has the highest Melee and Unarmed stat out of all the deathclaws in Vault 13 (only matched by the Matriarch).
    3. Another was meant to be an engineer, focused on designing a sort of (power) armor for their people to wear and I speculate that it could have been meant as a way to upgrade Goris.
    4. Another was meant to be a mining engineer, who would give you a quest to to scope out ruins and such for resources for aforementioned power armor project.
    5. The deathclaw Valdis was to have a plot line of him wanting to somehow overthrow Gruthar, as he felt he was too pacifistic of a leader. He considered Goris to be full of himself, with all his talk of scholarly pursuits being simply a clever facade, and felt that if Gruthar was eliminated that he would drop those pretenses and avenge his father.
    6. He also elaborated on Goris motivations. He was fascinated by Empires and Civilizations that formed only to fall and was trying to discover the one common element among civilizations that eventually led to their downfall so he could devise a sort of 'cure'. But he was incapable of ever doing so, for he was trying (in vain) to understand humanity from the standpoint of a total non-human.