Resident Evil 6

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  1. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Resident Evil Remake was pretty fucking creepy imo. Especially when you have to burn the zombies or they revive into super-fast creeps who can open doors and are very hard to kill. Running through the familiar mansion while being chased by countless super zombies, with no bullets left to defend yourself, and your last save was three hours ago - That shit is scary. This Resident EVil 6 nonsense that I just tried, was downright pathetic. It felt like an outright Gears ripoff with Resident Evil characters. Out of the three campaigns, I only barely enjoyed Mueler's and Leon's, and downright hated Chris's. It is such a far removal from the originals, frankly I am surprised. Now I see why the original creator spoke kinda poorly about the current generation of RE games. Capcom did to Resident Evil what Bioware did to Mass Effect. Is it too much to ask for a Resident Evil 2 Remake or something since they are done with that game style?
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    Mar 30, 2009
    A homicidal schizophrenic crossdresser with a sniper rifle and his genetically enhanced sister with razor sharp tentacles walk into an empty mansion full of self-playing pianos and said "Why haven't you played Code Veronica yet?"
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Oh I played them all, the only one I haven't played is RE0. I never found them that "Scary", creepy sure, sometimes, but I don't know, maybe I am just not easily scared by fiction.

    I loved RE4, I played that game to death.

    RE5 had solid Co-op gameplay, but it was way too action oriented, Zombies might not be scary, but giving them guns wasn't exactly the best idea. And well, tension kinda gets lsot when you are snarking and making jokes with your buddy while playing.

    By this point I just want to see how the story ends, RE might not have the most deep and complex story, but it is entertaining at the very least. And as far as I have seen the game doesn't have Self Regen Health and Ammo seems to not be that abundant.
  4. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Scarier in relation to the current titles. Not "I just pissed myself scary", rather creepy and a kind of edge of your seat excitement. The new games don't feel that way to me. There are always plenty of bullets, lot's of running "zombies" constantly assailing you, and no real exploration aspect to the game anymore. It's all linear as fuck, with one giant explosion after another. Resident Evil 4 had a really creepy vibe going on, but 5, give me a break. I see they ran with what they did in 5 and pushed it even further into a action movie type narrative.

    Resident Evil 1,2,3, and Code Veronica always had those cheap jumps that would get you the first time through. These games don't have that. It's all scripted cut-scene bullshit. The biggest thrill they throw at you with the cut-scenes is the inevitable QTE to kill you, so you have to watch the damn cut-scene yet again. I definitely see where the Gamspot reviewer was coming from, although I don't think the game deserves that low of a score. Anyway, Operation Racoon City sucks, and now this is only average. Hopefully they change things up with a sequel, or a legitimate horror spin off.

    I agree too. Giving the zombies guns was the worst thing they could have did.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    I think I heard RE6 will be the ending of the series, and then they will do a Reboot, but it was some years ago so maybe they just changed plans now.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    I heard similar stories. I hope they're true. Also, you should really try RE0. - Joystiq nailed it. Reviewer got a lot of hate for it though. His review did leave some things out but what do you expect nowadays? Good video game reviews? :) - Wow. Now Metacritic is down from massive troll hate. This just keeps getting better and better.

    Looking pretty grim folks. I'm thinking a 75% average is about right. Sure Game Informer gave it good reviews - Gamestop benefits from more game sales. :lol:
  7. Stanislao Moulinsky

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    Jul 16, 2009
    It never will, as long as sales are good. I remember Capcom saying that RE6 was the "true" beginning of the story, as if all the previous games were just a setup for this story arc (yeah, right). The only way for the series to have a closure is if sales start to go down and they decide to reboot. Or maybe they won't even bother and will just reboot coughDMCcough.
  8. mobucks

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    May 22, 2010
    I want another REboot with bouncing Jill boobs and crimson heads.
    Julia Voth is hot hope they keep using her for Jill.
  9. Alphadrop

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Ol Chrissy still looks better in Remake than 5 or 6. What was so wrong with him shaving?
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    Apr 1, 2005
    <object width="560" height="315"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

    The same guy praises Resident Evil 6 in a recent review. What a tard.

    This is pretty true.

    <div><embed src="" flashvars="config=" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" width="650" height="391" wmode="opaque"></embed><div>The Escapist : Jimquisition : Resident Evil 6 Is the Epitome of Survival Horror</div></div>
  11. mobucks

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    May 22, 2010
    I really liked the emotion he carried on that video.
  12. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    So I broke down and bought it. I am enjoying myself, but I keep finding so many facepalm worthy happenings that it brings my excitement down. Agent Hunt mode is very fun, and the co-op is where the game is at, but the story is pretty crap as many have said. I beat Leon's campaign at around 10 hours I believe, the rest of the campaigns will probably be the same length. The amount of vehicle crashes in this game is pure absurdity, planes, trains, tanks, cars, buses, pretty much anything that can crash will at some point, in a fiery explosion that you will barely make it away from. The boss fights are pretty standard fair. They really need to figure out a way to do something different on those. Anyway, I will be playing Chris's campaign next. I'm predicting I won't care for it as much as Leon's, since it is straight up action. Hell, even Leon's was straight up action, but it did have a few moments. If you liked RE 5, then you might like this. If not, don't get it. More to follow after I get further.

    Yeah, Chris's campaign was pretty bad. Parts of it were entertaining, but I endured it more than anything else. I'm very disappointed in the 3 Mercenary maps. Yes you heard me. 3 fucking maps. RE 5 had around 7 or some shit, but RE 6 has 3 plus a pre-order bonus. Garbage. No doubt they will try to charge for more maps. Resident reeks of CoD. To unlock outfits and shit you have to use it so thats always fun (not). So far Jake's campaign has been the most unique to the series, including a few stealth elements, more of a focus on melee attacks, and even including a radar map in one level (the only one I've seen so far). Removing the weapon customization is inexcusable. They actually let you choose from three loadout skills like in a fucking CoD style game; increased melee attack, quicker breakout speed, more ammo drops, better heals, shit like that. Hopefully the secret campaign is better, I've heard it feels closer to the originals, but at this rate I'm not holding my breath. Very frustrating.
  13. BFox17

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Does Chris get to punch the shit out of another boulder? He has a bad history with boulders. He was scarred for life in the first game and its Remake when one almost killed him, then he finally got his revenge in the fifth game :D
  14. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    No, but he gets to fly a jet, and use his mega punch to smash zombies faces in. It's so bad that I traded it in for Xcom shortly after beating it(I'm a die hard RE fan too), then I traded Xcom for GTA4. Now I kinda hate Resident Evil a little bit. It was that traumatizing. Ada and Leon's campaign was the only tolerable part of the game. The rest was a fucking mess. Play with a friend if you like, or don't buy it at all.
  15. DevilTakeMe

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    Sep 12, 2011

    Ada and Leon were good, I agree. Chris and Jake's campaigns were... ugh.

    Sherry would have been a good primary protagonist, but no, they had to try and shoehorn Jake into the spotlight.
  16. BFox17

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    Apr 20, 2012
    That was pretty damn funny! :D
    Now I know what I'm in for when I play Resi 6 for the first time in the nearby future...
  17. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005

    Perfectly describes the game. Funny as hell too. Thanks for posting that. It made my day. :lol:
  18. Ben

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    Oct 6, 2011
    Been playing it and aside from jumping the shark a bit much, I like it