Sexuality in Fallout

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    I think the Fallout series has some of the best homosexual and bisexual characters in all media. The thing is the sexuality of the characters is unimportant, as it should be. I know plenty of people who played Fallout: New Vegas and didn't know Arcade Gannon was gay. It isn't surprising that this is the case, he has about three lines on the subject. Being gay isn't what defines him which sadly isn't the case with most gay characters in fiction.

    The series also allows you to play as a homosexual or bisexual character, which is rare enough with video game protagonists. This "sexuality isn't a big deal" factor with the characters is great in my opinion. I wish more video games and media in general acted this way with homosexual and bisexual characters. So I'm wondering what are your views on sexuality in Fallout, video games and media in general?
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    I think the choice to be gay, bi, or straight is a great idea. I know Mass Effect 3 has an openly gay character that you can romance, but I don't know how it effects him. In Skyrim, you can marry a man or woman, no matter what gender your character is. I've heard Dragon Age II also has a gay character.
    In Fallout, sexualities other than hetero are fitting in some way. The world degenerated into complete shit, so humanity needs any way to have some fun.
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    KNC (or Kerr, however you'd like it shortened) was referring to games having a "token gay guy", like there are still some "token minorities" in popular media. Mass Effect 3's gay was a bit blatantly so, it (and his former relationship) quite defines who he is.

    I'll refer to science fiction as a whole here, to portray my vision. When you're pondering the civil rights of AIs, androids and beings of another dimension, equal rights between humans becomes so relatively futile. It's maddening to see that many haven't accepted ethnicity or sexual orientation don't influence much. I tend to only make a difference between intelligent people and others.