So... I have an Idea, and I may need help

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  1. Atomic_Spawned

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    May 7, 2019
    Hey, everybody.

    I've been thinking, and I want to try to make my own game set in the original Fallout timeline. I was going to pitch some very rough ideas, get feedback, and hopefully find a bit of help.


    That being said, I get that my credibility is rocky at best given that I enjoyed the Bethesda titles as well as the originals. However, I want to pay tribute and get a neat idea out of my head and into the world.

    Here we Go.

    • The Good Guy - Resident of Vault 77, a Vault which was told about the experiments performed in the other vaults to gauge how the people would react. [Experiment that is triggered by experiments]. The staff of the Vault were quickly suppressed and executed by the civilians. After some time, the Vault's doors were opened, and it became a sort of trader city.
    • The Bad Guys - A group known as Death's Embrace. There are 4 superiors who brainwashed their followers into believing that the bombs were supposed to wipe out all life on Earth. Their holy mission is to finish the job, sparing no living thing. Vault 77 is alerted to their existence in a raid by some lower-level zealots. The superiors are named Kaine, Adolf, Tepes, and Mao.
    • Time Frame - 30-40 years post-NV

    Let me know what you think. Ideally, I'd like to build a game out of this, using the Interplay engine.
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    Jun 25, 2018
    I like it! I think that given the right knowhow of the Interplay engine it could be pretty damn nice. My question is aside from a trading city, what role does 77 take in the wasteland? Is their attacking of the leadership of Death’s Embrace a revenge thing? Or is it because they’re kind of “protectors of the wasteland”? If the latter, how will player karmic agency have an effect on how the rest of vault 77 treats them?
  3. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Deaths embrace sounds more like a secondary cult villain than a main villain. Your villians need to be at least understood on an intellectual level but as is youve got just a cult of religious monsters
  4. Atomic_Spawned

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    May 7, 2019
    So, the Vault of 77 is going to be a sort of 'Haven' town, where supplies and lodging are provided to the needy. The dwellers will have begun mining out the back end of the vault, deeper into the cave they're located in, to provide some more room for travelers. As such, they will kind of be the 'Atomic Knights', in the sense that they go and patrol the Wastes surrounding their Vault as a police/rescue force. As such, having too much bad karma will cause the people of 77 to become wary of you, and you will receive worse trade deals, less accommodation, and in the event you pass too far gone on bad karma, you will be denied entry to the vault. You can also gain acceptance into Death's Embrace, at which point the game's missions and win conditions will change to reflect that. Once you join Death's Embrace, you will be allowed to trade and live at their HQ as you would at 77. however, once this switch is made, you cannot undo it, as the people of 77 won't forget what you do. This prevents players from switching sides to gain access to DE's HQ and then switching back to complete the game without trying. You will also be labeled a crooked cop for a while, until your expulsion. On the other end of the spectrum, better karma will allow you to reap more benefits from the Vault. and Death's Embrace are intended to be the secondary factor, with the lieutenants at the forefront. However, Kaine is the 'ultimate' bad guy, or the bad guy in chief, etc. He's who started this movement. He doesn't genuinely believe in the cause, but he believes that once his cult kills off all who oppose, who are painted as the heretics, he can manipulate those left into serving him in his new world order. Ultimately, he goes against the cult's core beliefs in a power grab, which will lead to his downfall.
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    Oct 10, 2012
    What is this 'new world order' though? Right now, the antagonist sounds like a generic megalomaniac, which us a bit dull.

    Sounds like the divide between Vault 77 and Death's Embrace is pretty important in your idea so you'll maybe want to focus on the ideological differences between them?

    E.g. Death's Embrace wants to kill all humans because they fuck up and make things worse (like the Great War) but has some real psychopaths who don't care about the ideology in their ranks. Then, maybe Vault 77 is actively trying to bring humanity back, but things go wrong a lot despite their best intentions. Other settlements in the story can then have storylines that approach this ideological conflict from different angles.

    Mostly, I think Death's Embrace is an idea worth fleshing out. Might want to focus on that.
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    Jun 30, 2019
    First: where is this taking place? "Vault 77" implies it is closer to the east coast. Think about the location the game would take place in, and how that would affect the game and it's inhabitants. Do you plan on including Supermutants, Children of Atom, Followers of the Apocalypse, or The NCR in your game? If so, how would they have gotten to your Wasteland? Where your game takes place is important, because it can change the themes and plots of your game.
  7. Atomic_Spawned

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    May 7, 2019
    So, the new world order kind of thing I was thinking was that he would remake the world in his image, keep his cultists that were loyal to repopulate, and rule in a very strict autocracy. (Now that I type that out, that seems pretty basic, so I'm open to any ideas you guys have.) Now, your character can either help him to achieve this and have a high ranking place in the new world, or help the people of the eastern wasteland (mainly Vault 77) to stop him.

    I do like the idea of everything going a different way than intended, because it'll make the game more challenging. Maybe the actions could have a cumulative effect and the player would need to watch the consequences of their last action(s) to determine their next move.

    I thought that I could include the Children of the Atom, being that it's reasonable that people from the west coast could migrate over to the east coast and done a whole missionary type thing. I couldn't see too many people going over though. It's a tough trip, especially in the world of Fallout. Now, the Super Mutants wouldn't be present, save for a mention or two because the FEV wouldn't have spread to the East, I don't think. At the very least, they would be rare encounters.

    I value your guys' input.
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