[SPOILERS] Super Mutants in Fallout 3

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  1. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    You guys do know that I am kidding right?

    What really happened in this case is that they basically 'blew up' or scaled the Behemoth size higher after they had made an original model.

    I wouldn't be surprised that the skulls it is wearing are also way bigger than those of any normal human.
  2. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Didn't read your post before, I have to say. :lol:
  3. Eyenixon

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    Apr 11, 2008
    No, I was not aware of this and sincerely began to argue with you about movie props and their material composition.
  4. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Heh, well we got that cleared up.

    I guess I have to be more obvious when I make a joke next time. :P

    As for the Behemoth it speaks of lazy work and barely and testing but we're dealing with Bethesda here so I am not saying anything new.
  5. Public

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    May 18, 2006
    I did the same thing. BoS is too stupid to think about any tactical combat in FO3. Maybe that's why they're loosing the fight with Super Muties and even with Enclave :P
  6. Slicerdicer

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    May 22, 2007
    You canget the the super mutant from vault 87 to join you after you get kid napped and finish blowing up the enclave president computer and exit the facility. He wont join up in the vault 87 but after the enclave area when he comes to help all be it a bit too late.
  7. the lone deathclaw

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    Nov 2, 2008
    Again i hit a topic late but i disagree with the east coast supermutants as well but does Marcus not say if you get him a girl at the cats paw that the sterility goes away after a while.

    Ah ok thanks for clarifying.
  8. UncannyGarlic

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    Feb 6, 2008
    That's a joke, it was clarified by Chris Taylor in the Fallout bible if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Touquet

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    Apr 20, 2007
    I've just encounter super mutant near the police station noth-west of the mine field after seeing a flare in the sky..

    - How can A SM weild a hunting rifle?? or a assault rifle??
    They have big hands no?? :crazy:

    And they not derserve the name of Super, I prefer to call the pussycat doll mutant. Really easy to kill 3 mutant lvl 4 with a assault rifle... I was expecting more challenge for muties...
    But haven't meet the Behemoth sor far.
  10. Lhynn

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    Nov 16, 2008
    Hi, this is my first post

    i just finished the game, and it was really disappointing...

    [spoiler:1b8df423e4]i mean, charon refused to go and imput the code on the purifier, for the love of god, hes a ghoul, the radiation inside purity actually heals him, but he doesnt want to go, he`d rather let you die.

    i swear i just wanted to shove the contract up his ass...

    the final battle was a joke, Autumn lasted like half a second (not lying) =/
    i mean 5 minutes following a robot that sounded like a president Eden`s fan.. just to kill like 10 enclave soldiers with a few grenades.

    i just got the "THATS IT?" feeling >_<
    the game was kinda fun, but i was expecting a LOT more from fallout 3.

    oh and can someone explain the supermutants in this game?
    it took grey years and preparation to perfect the super mutant formula.
    where are they coming from? i mean, they are not exactly sneaky, or hard to spot, you should be able to follow them to the place they take the people they capture.

    and why do i feel like most modders want to turn fallout 3 into a survival kinda game (you know, realistic, sometimes i feel that if it where up to them they would like to make your char bath, brush his teeth and take a dump everyday).

    so many questions unanswered... and why does playing fallout 3 makes me want to exit the game and reinstall fallout 1/2 just to remember what it was like to play a true rpg, not a shooter with some statistics and inventory managment.
  11. Ausdoerrt

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    Oct 28, 2008
    ... is exactly what I did once I got bored with FO3
  12. Senty

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Was it ever made clear why there are so many SM in downtown DC? I remember conversations with NPCs saying they seemed to be looking for something.

    [spoiler:1052925484]Since I got insta-killed there at low levels I figured it might have been something at the Capitol Building but that turned into a huge disappointment once I cleared it out and found absolutely nothing there.[/spoiler:1052925484]
  13. Patton89

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    Nov 21, 2008
    Discussion about Super Mutants/FEV in fallout 3

    My personal experince, the super mutants seem to have in, fallout 3, so low intelligence that its amazing they can operate any weapons at all. Look at Fallout, we had very intelligent mutants there, and the shift makes very little sense.
    Well, their existance in DC overall makes very little sense, in the light that FEV was supposed to be west-tec ONLY , and a military secret that was one of the darkest secrets of the goverment.

    Your opinions ?
  14. cratchety ol joe

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    Sep 2, 2008
    my $0.02 worth, it was a very poor idea to not only include 'east-coast' muties, but they (as an opponent) are poorly written and deviate from the original 'theme' of super mutants.

    I don't see why Beth couldn't introduce a 2nd main adversary (other than raiders) it would have made much more sense to include things like the Reavers as introduced in FO:T, at least they're origins are closer geographically, I'd even have settled for Robots (a-la combat units from Tactics...) or even just variations of the Raider idea

    here (for sake of argument) is how I'd see a localised 'raider' population splitting up:

    Raiders: basic ne're do wells that survive simply by robbing etc...

    Raider cannibals: need explanation?

    Raiders "insert post-modern mysticism here": a quasi religious zealot group.

    Raider loonies: groups of mentally unstable folk that are a radroach short of a picnic.

    soo many possible ways of fracturing the one group into differing and interesting groups. withi possible routes for infighting etc.

    As far as the muties in FO3 go;
    A- They're no way near as frightening as muties in the original games
    B- They seem quite disjointed from the area as a whole and to me feel like they have no real reason to actually be there.
    C- The idea that Centaurs are now 'the guard dogs' for muties is just fekking silly, I always looked at centaurs as the horrid outcome of genetic manipulation and surgery experimentation, leaving a screaming groaning pile of dismembered parts which exists only as a 'failed' note in some long dead scientists journal.
    D- Fawkes, I wont go into detail here.. just the name is enough.
    E- Fighting against FO3 muties is dull, and at times just silly (one of my previous posts explained how my level 5 character on my first ever go at playing FO3 clubbed a mutie to death with the baseball bat I had from leaving the vault)

    I'd love for other to help out on this list but that's how I see things.
  15. Patton89

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    Nov 21, 2008
    I agree with your points. The mutants just dont feel that scary at all, the first time i saw them in Fallout they scared the living crap out of me. And for a reason.
    And now they lack personality, i mean seriously, they look like ORCS from fantasy games, not the green mutants i saw in Fallout.

    Well, mercenaries would have been better than super mutants. And why cant we have authoritian town in the game ?
  16. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    First of all I agree that the Super Mutants don't have much of a purpose in Fallout 3 other than Bethesda's mindset of "Well they were in Fallout 1 and 2, even Tactics, so they should be in Fallout 3 as an enemy."

    Rather perhaps a couple of Super Mutant exiles from the West Coast the player can interact with and perhaps even recruit one as a companion.

    Instead whole new factions.

    Edit: I wish my friend Shigor's idea could be used, he had two really good faction concepts;

    The Angels of the Apocalypse; militant Luddites who are converting people to their dogma at gun point while trying to cleanse the wasteland of technology.

    While they are out to destroy all technology even the Angels use some such as guns, armor and radios to aid in their goal.

    The Followers of the Atlantis

    A secretive order of para military technocrats who are led by an Artificial Intelligence called ATLANTIS that was created before the War.

    The Followers seek to preserve knowledge and technology similar to the Brotherhood, with this knowledge and resources ATLANTIS will one day lead the Followers into a new Golden Age.
  17. MirariNefas

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    Dec 14, 2008
    Sounds like the Enclave.

    Some mutants, but not many, could have been a good thing. In the time since fallout 2, scavengers could have gotten ahold of FEV, replicated it, and sold it as a drug. Cults of genetic superiority could arise. The occassional super mutant could lead a whole band of raiders after getting his hands on some. Maybe some toned down versions could be created. But another FEV lab and rampaging mutants operating out of it? It's been done. No points for originality or believability.
  18. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Actually my friend had this idea long before Emil made the Enclave led by Eden, so I'd say his idea is more original.

    And no more FEV, especially not as a drug, this was a top secret government project, not something every drug dealer at the street can pick up.

    The EEP was already retarded and canon breaking enough.
  19. MirariNefas

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    Dec 14, 2008
    Does anyone care who had the idea first? The fact remains, you have described something that exists in the game already. They're called the Enclave.

    As for "But the FEV was a top secret project!" - that was 200 years ago. If they have enough organization to create large labs and production for Jet like we saw in Fallout 2, I'd say it would only be a minor stretch for someone to figure out an FEV culture method. They'd grow it in infected mutated mole rats or something, and people could inject the blood for a low viral dose.

    The thing is, I can completely see why Bethesda didn't have the guts to leave super mutants out. There are a lot of people who deeply expect super mutants, and a replacement creature would, to them, seem lame. So some contrivance to get a little bit in the game is expected and fine. But copying the same thing over again is stupid.
  20. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    The strange thing is that you indeed have 2 mercenary groups in Fallout 3. The Regulators and the Talon company. But ... what is the real stupid thing about it? YOu can not interact with them in any way. They are not more then generic enemies.

    So much missed possibilites ... its like directly in front of them, but they did nothing out of it. Particularly the Talon Company could have give here much as "third" faction next to the BoS and Enclave.