Strange rituals anyone?

Discussion in 'General Fallout Discussion' started by zegh8578, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Also, in FO2 I always make sure to bang Mrs Bishop.
  2. Matthews

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    Aug 29, 2012
    Doing exactly the same, plus the fact that I put my NPCs up so that it looks like they do stuff, for instance: Goris in the shower, Myron/Lennie in the kitchen/mediclab (I vary between the two in those areas), Sulik guarding the entrance to the base along with the robodogs, Vic guarding the door to the elevator downstairs, Cassidy playing with his weapons in the room I use as arms depot, Skynet connecting with ACE and so on... Makes it look a bit more alive.
  3. BattleCattle

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    Dec 18, 2013
    I collect caps. There's no reason for it, since I can steal everything I need.
  4. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Matthews, that is awesomely odd of you :D But I've done similar things, I tend to pose dogs or Sulik as guards, while when I leave Vic back in his home, I try to make him face his counter, as if he's tinkering with stuff :D

    BattleCattle, I am conciously trying to NOT mindlessly collect stuff, I am playing through a save now, where I am ignoring all cats paws beyond the needed number :D I just "rehabbed" myself from collecting Tragic cards :D
  5. Korin

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    Aug 6, 2010
    In Fallout 3 I had an obsession with collecting human torsos but I collected legs and skulls too.

    Just piled like cord wood in my Tenpenny suite. Should probably get the rest of these torsos in before winter, actually.

    Also I collect pre-war money but covering my bed with it became kind of time consuming because there isn't an easy way to drop items one at a time if you have hundreds of them.
  6. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Korindabar, a friend of mine does the same thing, and I could never understand that! He would collect bones and such in Oblivion, and fill his homes up with them :D That would freak me out. In Oblivion, however, I took to collecting pieces of cheese, for lulz, to see how huge a pile I could gather :D My main objective was to make a fun screen shot from it... but never got that far... :D
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    Jul 26, 2003
    When I'm having a run I take seriously rather than a goof-off, I try to do a lot of what's already been said-- loading down my teammates with personal gear and food/drink items I think they'd want to carry (or at least keeping enough food/drink items on hand to plausibly remain alive), trying to get as many VC day passes as I can for my party before becoming a citizen, leaving party members in places/areas that seem appropriate to them when I decide it's time to go my own way... when I really want to get ridiculous with it, I'll even try to make sure that I use up and replace everyone's food and drink items at every town, and if I'm running too low I've been known to stop and "hunt" at wildlife encounters I'd normally pass up. Sometimes I'll divide the party treasury evenly and make purchases for each character according to how much of the overall cash is actually theirs.

    In Fallout 2, if I see someone use a blatant pop-culture reference as a combat taunt, I shoot exclusively for their groin (preferred) or eyes (for hard targets in tough fights) until they're dead, unless ignoring other targets would undoubtedly lead to my own death or the death of a party member. And if, through blatant AI stupidity, a party member ever kills another party member or an NPC I'd really rather have seen alive, I'll usually punish-kill them before I load. Same story with any enemy that kills Dogmeat, Cassidy, Ed-E, or Lenny.

    I have fewer rituals in 3 and NV. No knock to the games themselves, but something about the immediacy of the engine and view make things like that seem paradoxically less worthwhile to me. The death-sentence-before-load applies to Ed-E killers, as stated. Occasionally I take up collecting a certain item or type of item. I organize safehouse loot into separate containers, and I try to lay party members out with all due dignity if they die during an iron man run. If I can't get out of the Brotherhood slapping a collar on me, I make it a point to see all of them except for Veronica dead, unless I'm playing an absolute goody two-shoes. That's about it.

    Edit: I try to convert as much loot (even unique loot) as I can into pre-war cash, and I will (usually, if roleplaying allows) sacrifice until it hurts to get out of the Sierra Madre with as many gold bars as I can carry. I don't imagine those are in any way unique to me, though.
  8. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    That cracked me up :D
    Aiming for someones groin is something I am *very* thankful for the possibility :D
    It is perfect for when you need to deal out some violence while also being emotionally laden and angry :D

    And yes, I also "punish" my followers, despite knowing well they learn nothing from it - but the impulse... thanks to the RP, I am doing several replays lately, and just yesterday Cassidy decided to slap Marcus with two criticals in a row, and only luck dictated Marcus didn't die on the spot. My first reaction was to spray Cassidy with AP-rounds from my P90 "cut that shit out >:0"

    (Oh, in FO3 I also collect "pre war money", and place them around my house, giving a Scrooge McDuck-vibe :D)
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  9. adipe

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    Dec 29, 2013
    my current ritual is to grind (level up) wandering about in the few squares near san francisco and beat any large group. i was able to do that on normal combat difficulty. no fuss. just sneak out of their perceivable range, away from the spot they'd bump into me, end combat having decent sneak skill level... then snipe them out taking almost zero damage.

    on rough combat difficulty (and game difficulty set to hard) altogether with the iron man way of playing i am taking the pain to be involved in quite many quests to level up before doing such grinding.

    nonetheless, the ritual of killing as many brainwashed hubologists, mercenaries and press gangs is very much enjoyed. it's the good (but brainwashed) hubologists, the bad (mercenaries with plasma pistols and sometimes gathered in huge crowds) and the ugly (press gangs with nothing in their hands but power fists and rippers) that i like to take off the face of the earth as early as level 12 when doing iron man games.

    i especially enjoy taking out parties of hubologists, who are otherwise 'good' guys, not attacking you if you don't attack them first. they are so brainwashed that they don't recognize you even if you go into their face after you end combat by use of 'sneak' and also don't mind if you steal from them. they completely forget who was attacking them half a minute before.

    ants, scorpions, geckos, centaurs and floaters are quite innocent so i don't kill them.
  10. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Hah, that's odd! My friend who introduced Fallout to me actually thought the same way about dogs. He hated being in fights with wolves or dogs, because he thought they were merely trying to survive, and shooting them all felt very unfair to him :D

    And those gangs, I really hate them. I've used them now and then to jump up a level, if I'm close, but otherwise I avoid them. I've watched those bastards kill off power-armored companions of mine in one single round, just wack wack criticals, and they're gone o_o
    Worst is when you're within their plasma grenade range -.-