Stupidity and the Florida votes.

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    Does anyone else think that the confusion over ballots in Florida is not a function of badly designed ballots but more that these people were just stupid?

    I mean really, yeah, 19000 voter were disqualified because they realized they had voted for the wrong person and so they punched the candidate they *did* want in addition to the wrong one, but weren't they at least bright enough to know that if you vote for two candidates your ballot is invalidated?

    Maybe if they had read the instructions, which is probably the root of this problem, they would've read that if you screw up on your ballot you can return it and get another one.

    This brings up another issue, is it not sad that the President is to be decided by people who are confused by a ballot design that, which I might add, existed during the 1996 election and nobody complained about? Perhaps that was a source of the problem. Those people might have thought it was okay to select two candidates if they screw up because Dole won, what? maybe *two* states of which Florida was not one of them.

    These are people of the same breed who post blatently off-topic messages in the wrong forum and yet complain when we reprimand them for it.

    No, I am not a Republican trying to spread propaganda. I actually voted for Gore. I just believe that stupidity is *indefensible*, and to me, this is a clear-cut case of stupidity.


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  3. Shadowman

    Shadowman Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Apr 24, 2003
    The Top 15 Florida Excuses for Holding Up the Election (X-po

    15> Dangerous Metamucil shortage caused by misunderstood TV
    reports of "many irregularities in Florida."
    14> Booths in Cuba stay open until Fidel says it's time to close.

    13> "Help! I've voted and I can't get up!"

    12> "Give us 'Golden Girls: The Movie', and you'll get your damn

    11> "Aaaaaiiiieeeeeeee! There are 'gators in the ballot box!!!"

    10> Still waiting for Elian's absentee ballot to be "rescued" from
    Donato's closet.

    9> Jeb Bush can't decide whether to help his brother or pay him
    back for a lifetime of noogies.

    8> Payback for all those jokes about being "America's penis."

    7> Jimmy Johnson hair fumes *still* addling voters.

    6> Easy Bush victory disrupted by unfortunate large number of
    easily-understood ballots.

    5> Gore voters "confused" by ballot design need time to prepare
    snappy answers to the question, "And you accused BUSH of being

    4> "Que?"

    3> Waiting for Walt's head to thaw so he can cast the deciding

    2> Ballot inspectors are stuck behind blue-haired drivers going
    20 MPH in the wrong lane with a turn signal constantly on.

    1> "Hush up, now! Matlock's on!!"

    "The best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."
  4. Briosafreak

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    Dec 18, 2003
    RE:LOL! (nt)

    "shichisho hokoku"
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    You voted for Gore? Yuck!

    Anyway-these people were told BEFORE they got on the buses that they had to punch the SECOND HOLE on each slot on the butterfly ballot. Note that "these people" are the folks who started the whole mess.
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    >I mean really, yeah, 19000 voter
    >were disqualified because they realized
    >they had voted for the
    >wrong person and so they
    >punched the candidate they *did*
    >want in addition to the
    >wrong one, but weren't they
    >at least bright enough to
    >know that if you vote
    >for two candidates your ballot
    >is invalidated?

    I heard somewhere that an experiment was done on school kids from 2nd grade. They had been given the same kind of ballots, and were told to punch a hole for either option. Every single one of them were able to choose the right option to choose.
    If people voting are that stupid, the question arises if they should be allowed to vote at all?

    >Maybe if they had read the
    >instructions, which is probably the
    >root of this problem, they
    >would've read that if you
    >screw up on your ballot
    >you can return it and
    >get another one.
    >This brings up another issue, is
    >it not sad that the
    >President is to be decided
    >by people who are confused
    >by a ballot design that,
    >which I might add, existed
    >during the 1996 election and
    >nobody complained about? Perhaps
    >that was a source of
    >the problem. Those people
    >might have thought it was
    >okay to select two candidates
    >if they screw up because
    >Dole won, what? maybe *two*
    >states of which Florida was
    >not one of them.
    >These are people of the same
    >breed who post blatently off-topic
    >messages in the wrong forum
    >and yet complain when we
    >reprimand them for it.

    Exactly! They don't care to read instructions, but get really pissed when someone points out their stupid mistakes.

    >No, I am not a Republican
    >trying to spread propaganda.
    >I actually voted for Gore.
    > I just believe that
    >stupidity is *indefensible*, and to
    >me, this is a clear-cut
    >case of stupidity.

    I myself would vote for Bush, although I'm too young, and I'm not american.

    "Blessed are those who break the rules."
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    >I heard somewhere that an experiment
    >was done on school kids
    >from 2nd grade. They had
    >been given the same kind
    >of ballots, and were told
    >to punch a hole for
    >either option. Every single one
    >of them were able to
    >choose the right option to

    And then there was this 19 year old on the news that said he was a first time voter but still confused about it. Really, if you're a *first time* voter, aren't you going to at least read the instructions? I would feel SO ashamed to be on the news and admit that. This was my first time voting and I read through all the instructions beforehand. I also noted the information stating that if you screwed up on your ballot, you could turn it to be destroyed and get a new one to vote with. Idiots!

    Those ballots were engineered that way so they could use larger text for the same old people who screwed up the ballots. You can't win either way. They'd either complain about confusion or complain about not being able to read it.

    >If people voting are that stupid,
    >the question arises if they
    >should be allowed to vote
    >at all?

    That is the greater question of the whole situation.

    >Exactly! They don't care to read
    >instructions, but get really pissed
    >when someone points out their
    >stupid mistakes.

    It is like that woman who sued Starbucks about spilling hot coffee on herself *despite* "Warning hot" lables all over it. SHE WON OF ALL THINGS. I think frivilous cases like that should be met with 15000 counts of contempt of law if they're even brought up to a judge. It is pathetic to award stupidity.

    In another incident, a man is suing McDonalds because his wife burned her mouth with--get this--a *pickle* inside her hamburger. A PICKLE! *THAT* should be met with 150,000 counts of contempt of law. I can't believe how pathetic people can be.

    >I myself would vote for Bush,
    >although I'm too young, and
    >I'm not american.

    I'm not very fond of Republican policies and I'm pretty satisfied with how Clinton ran the country. I really don't understand why the congress established the two-term maximum for presidential office. I mean is there *any* logic to it? Obviously the American people are happy enough with the president that they want him in office more than two terms, so what's the problem?

    *Sigh*.. governments....


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  9. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Here's a pic of the vote:

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Nov-13-00 AT 09:05AM (GMT)[p]

    Now...anyone who could NOT understand this should either be shot dead on general principles, or declared mentally incompetent.

    And for a write-in candidate, I would have put Alfred E. Neuman, because he's the one with most sense!

    "What, me worry?"
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    Do you know why it said "Warning hot" on the coffee cup (wich is pretty stupid by itself) ?
    Some man burned himself when he drove away with the coffe cup between his knees. He sued because it didn't say the coffee was hot.
    And I don't think it's real stupid to sue in such a case, it's only exploiting the system. I mean, the guy probably thought "Damn, that's stupid" when he spilled the coffee, but if the law didn't offer him the opportunity to sue, he probably wouldn't have.
    If you were given the chance to "earn" a couple million dollars while doing almost nothing, it would be stupid not to take that chance.
    The real stupidity is in the law here.
  11. Ugly John

    Ugly John So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: Here's a pic of the vote:

    No no no as a write in you should have put the guy in Maxim magazine (btw guys if you can get that mag get it it`s hot!) with some wierd name

    "I`M Ugly and I AM CANADIAN!"
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    Xotor, have you heard of my "Kill Old people day"? its cleverly disguised as Geriatric hunting season. You just go to the mall in the morning and shoot old timers. loads of fun.
  13. APTYP

    APTYP Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Apr 2, 2003
    No Communist party?!?!?!(joke)

    C'mon, is every Communist shot or in jail?! :-) <joke>


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  14. 8-Ball

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    >I'm pretty satisfied
    >with how Clinton ran the
    >country. I really don't
    >understand why the congress established
    >the two-term maximum for presidential

    Maybe somewhere along the line someone in the white house really wanted to do WHAT WAS RIGHT and established it to keep media-fed slaves to the corporate-controlled system smiling and happy while president bubba kills 2 million children in Iraq, calls it justifiable and bangs an intern.

    Sorry, I just hate democrats.
  15. Ugly John

    Ugly John So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Apr 3, 2003
  16. Guest

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    RE: No Communist party?!?!?!(joke)

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Nov-21-00 AT 06:33AM (GMT)[p]I burned my hands on that once, and I'm not doing it again. How was that saying ? Even a donkey doesn't trip over the same stone twice ?

    "Don't worry men, they can't hit us here"
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    Important point.

    This is what the media isn't telling you:

    Those 19,000 double-punched ballots are all actually void. They're all residual ballots left over after voters who accidentally punced two holes brought it to the attention of a pollworker and got a fresh ballot. No one actually submitted double-punched ballots.
  18. Guest

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    RE: Important point.

    Then why is it all over the media that the 19000 (or maybe a part of that) double-punched ballots were submitted as a vote (and then rejected, of course) ?

    "Don't worry men, they can't hit us here"
  19. Briosafreak

    Briosafreak Lived Through the Heat Death

    Dec 18, 2003
    RE: Important point.

    Hey ceaser there is an american communist party, they received thowsands of dollars from the ussr, they were on top together with the italian pc in receiving support from the ussr (the portuguese pc came in third). I saw an interview with their leader just a few days ago, i think that they appear with a different name in the ballots.
    (another round of scotch now? ;-) )

    "shichisho hokoku"
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    >I myself would vote for Bush,
    >although I'm too young, and
    >I'm not american.

    I'm not American myself, but from what I've seen in the prez race i think that if EVERY AGE was allowed to vote, Bush would win with 80 percent :)