Stupidity and the Florida votes.

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    RE: Here's a pic of the vote:

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    >AT 09:05 AM (GMT)
    >Now...anyone who could NOT understand this
    >should either be shot dead
    >on general principles, or declared
    >mentally incompetent.

    Actually, that ballot is the most un-selfexplainable voting mechanism I've ever seen. In Norway we just have colored slips of paper, ONE - and get this - ONE slip of paper per political party. We just select a slip and done with it. And it's not harder to auto-count, well maybe a little harder but i think it's easier than your system anyway :)

    >And for a write-in candidate, I
    >would have put Alfred E.
    >Neuman, because he's the one
    >with most sense!
    >"What, me worry?"

    I just noticed something! Is this joke really old, seems too obvious that nobody noticed it before:

    didn't the Worker's World candidate have a "sexual relationship" with one well-known Democrat some time back?
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    Alfred E. Neuman all the way!!!

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Nov-21-00 AT 06:15PM (GMT)[p]But... how would he make fun of the president? We'd lose quality MAD material by the bowl-full! That's why I would have put down Andy Kaufman as a write-in, or found a way to vote for Johnny Rotten (a.k.a John Lydon). What are they going to do if a British person wins the presidency? Kick him out?