The Claw of the Beast

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    Mar 2, 2012
    Lie still my child for the pain is all but gone. The beast has taken from you your strength, but you still choose to endure. It's hide is thick and it's claws would shred even the toughest armor. Yet still you persevere. The daemon is of the Old World long forgotten, a beast that should never have come to be. Why do you carry on?

    The blood still pumps, but it does not wish to stay within you. Yet still you ready your weapon. It towers over you, eclipsing the sun. Surely you are in awe of the creature. Yet still you swing, with ferocity only matched by rage within the beast. All falls silent. It crumbles like a tower to the ground, sending dust billowing into the air like ash.

    With each step, you wade in and out of consciousness. You have won your war. Now it is time for rest. Now it is time to let the darkness take you. Lie still my child, for now the pain is gone.
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    That's not bad.