The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  1. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Somewhat. Its hard to explain. I love the D&D setting to say that. And there magic plays a much more important role then just with "combat". There are entire races which are more less only about magic. So much that they use it to cut the top of some mountain let it levitate and build a city on it. Or some of the Liches which have abilities beyond any usual living creature. Of course those are things which are not really relevant to the game. But it ads to the ilusion that magic is more then just throwing a fireball at your opponent. ~ if you know Planescape think about hor Ravel and some of the other wizards you come across are shown to you where one of them might be even powerfull enough to "end" the life of the nameless one.

    One thing which is a good example are the way spells work in which relation you can combine them. For example objects which give you a faster "spell rate" (meaning you can cast them faster as each spell has a specific time it needs) in combination with a spell which removes the delay between each spell and that all with time stop where everything around you is "frozen". Those kind of combination is extremly powerfull. And that is just the kind of spells Baldurs Gate offered the D&D setting for it self knows things like I think Epic Spells ? Which can be like a whole quest for it self ... no clue.

    I think I am just pretty picky. And weird.
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    Aug 20, 2009
    Uh, I assumed it's a verevo.. werewolf. I am not that fond of TES Lore so forgive me my heresy. ;)
  3. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Morrowind had some expansion which was pretty much around verevoolfs if I remember correctly.

    *I think it would be awesome if Bethesda would REALLY try for once to expand on that topic, I mean a realistic representation on vampires, verevoofs and such. Of course with specific quets, avoiding sunlight etc. Could go extremly well with a thief/assasin kind of character. But oh well ... that all would not just only require great writters but as well people which feel to do a bit of experimenting with gameplay and such (and also beeing skilled in quest design) neither of which is something Bethesda is doing "well".
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    Jul 12, 2009
    If werewolves, and other lycanthropes (like wereboars, and even werebears and werecats, which would be awkward for Khajiits now), aren't in the initial release of the game, I'm sure they will be added in some DLC expansion.

    But I'm sure the only lycanthropy we might see will be of the wolf variety.
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    The dread Weregator of Southern Skyrim!

    Known to swallow men whole after turning from a man.
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    Aug 19, 2010
    lol at still no environmental shadows in the scans :lol:

    And there were you were able to become a wereboar in Daggerfall..
  7. Korin

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    Aug 6, 2010
    It doesn't really sound like level scaling to me, but that isn't what I find intriguing. I enjoy going into cities with AI that act independently, have schedules, have conversations, whisper about possible quests and react to things that I've done in the game. A world that seems alive rather than static.

    I loved Oblivion though, so all I'm reading is improvements, improvements, improvements.
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    Apr 2, 2006
    I thought vampirism was somewhat fitting in Oblivion. You'd become a vampire after contracting some disease from another vampire (there was some chance during combat) and leaving it untreated for a couple of days. While a vampire, you had to avoid sunlight and drink blood every so often to stay alive but you'd get some boost to your stealth and strength and some other stats.

    Also, people would comment on your look and immediately "dislike" you, which was actually pretty cool. If I remember correctly, there were some quests tied to vampires in the game as well. To cure vampirism you had to do a massive pain in the ass quest.

    I thought it was pretty well done, overall.

    On level scaling, Bethesda commented that it will be more like Fallout 3 as opposed to Oblivion. I guess it means that some areas scale to your character but after you visit them and leave, they stay at that level so you can come back stronger. I have no opinion on how it was done in Fallout 3 because I just remember there being 4 or 5 types of enemies in the entire game, no matter my level.
  9. Little Robot

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    Sep 29, 2010
    They created a DLC which automatically fixed your vampirism.

  10. Verevoof

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    Jul 12, 2009
    Yeah, I didn't say you couldn't, but they were just in Daggerfall. They kind of just disappeared, along with the other lyancanthropy lore (the rest were just mentioned in writings and such, never really seen in the games).
  11. OakTable

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    Nov 26, 2009
    I guess I'll make a list of the Good, the Indifferent, and the Bad.

    The Good
    -Combat changes. If they are not bullshitting (I'm being optimistic here), then at the very least I can have fun playing this game as an Action Adventure game.
    -New engine. Maybe they can actually implement the shit they want into the game, seeing as GameBryo was a cranky old shit piece that hated things like mounted combat, ladders, and other normally easy to script things. Or at the very least it'll look decent.
    -Removal of classes. Just seems like it'll be more natural.
    The Indifferent
    -Dragon shouts. Just seems like they'd be overpowered. I like the whole reward thing for killing a dragon, but summoning dragons and bullet time may be unbalancing.
    -Perks. I'm ok with this, but 1 every level? Seems unbalancing to me.
    -The Plot. On one hand, Alduin, the Nord's version of Akatosh, being the one destroying the world and the civil war sounds like they might be cool ideas if impkemented right. On the other hand, the Dragonborn being retconned into dragon hunters sounds eerily like the Divinity series.
    The Bad
    -Radiant Storytelling. I don't trust it. I don't know how many of the side quests are randomly generated, and that kind of annoys me.
    -The UI. Only 5 skills at once on the page? Sideways scrolling? Making it like something Apple would make? Fuck that.
    -People still giving you quests after you killed their relatives. I could see this happening if no one knew you killed that person, and the idea of relatives taking over the dead person's business, but the (bad) magazine writing makes it sound like this person knew you kilked her brother, is angry at you, but is still giving you a quest. Come on, man, Choices and Consequences, get with them.
  12. Ausdoerrt

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    Oct 28, 2008
    Not the series, just the second chapter (Ego Draconis/DKS). And if that short summary you posted is anything to go by, Divinity II handled dragons a lot better.
  13. Gaddes

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    May 18, 2010
    Looks ok visually. I still want to say it's just a heavily upgraded Gamebyro personally or perhaps Gamebryo Light Speed. I'm going to try and remain optimistic about this, but this is Bethsoft after all. I'm hoping the surprise me. Also, man o man are some of Toddies comments hilarious.
  14. maximaz

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    Apr 2, 2006
    Which one was that? I don't remember such DLC.

    If I remember correctly, you couldn't kill any shopkeeper in Oblivion (possibly Morrowind too). This is probably their solution for unkillable NPC's, which is fine. I just hope the dead ones don't get replaced the moment you walk out the door, resulting in something as silly as you exiting and entering back in to find the dead body gone, replaced with another NPC behind the counter, saying "I've mourned my father enough. Life goes on and I need you to do this task for me."

    GI did a horrible job describing that whole inheritance part. What they wrote could mean that NPC's don't always know you killed their whoever, or it could mean that they know and could give you quests that would get you killed OR it could mean that they know and still give you normal quests but then what the hell does "out of anger and frustration" mean?

    Now that I think about it, GI is mostly to blame for my displeasure with what I'm reading. It all sounds unclear and unspecific, which considering Beth's last game, could mean for the worst possibility to be the real deal. GI never actually described anything themselves, mostly providing some vague bits and pieces from Todd instead.
  15. Little Robot

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    Sep 29, 2010
    Well, I guess that I could be misremembering. But I seem to recall that one of the "extra house" DLC's contained a magic drinking fountain that would cure vampirism automatically.
  16. AskWazzup

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    Aug 21, 2008
    I see alot of potentially outright lies from Todd again, like the claim about dragons randomly attacking cities (if i read that correctly).

    While some changes look pretty good, it's kind of hard to tell if it just looks good on paper, or if it really works. On one hand they worked on Fallout and probably got a few good ideas from it on the whole RPG part, on the other hand, i have this suspicion that this title might be even lighter concerning the RPG aspects of the game. The strive to make this game more shooter audience friendly is kind of worrying. Not that Oblivion was a particulary shining example of an RPG, but the Bioware precedent is likely to be followed by someone and Bethesda is the perfect candidate for that.

    Then again, the game might end up being more fun as an action game, rather than one pretending to be an RPG...
  17. rcorporon

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    Jan 31, 2008
    It's Beth... they lied too many times for me to believe their hype. I'll play the game when it ships, and evaluate it myself...

    I dread the word "radiant" now...
  18. OakTable

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    Nov 26, 2009
    I know what you mean...
  19. Verevoof

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    Jul 12, 2009
    Heh, I know what you mean. I cringe a little every time I hear/read it.
  20. Korin

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    Aug 6, 2010
    Y'all are pretty pessimistic. Though of course, as someone who enjoyed both Fallout 3 and Oblivion immensely, I am looking forward to this release. It will be a collector's edition pre-order for me.