Three things I honestly don't get in Fallout 3.

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    The manual cites this:

    Fallout's aim wasn't being realistic, this is the setting proposed in the 50's view of radiation.

    Because in Fallout's alternate universe such medicaments have been developed.
    How would he discover they were sterile? The mutant army only massacred and pillaged, they wouldn't wait for women to get pregnant, and with all their intelligence, the battle reports would sound like gibberish.

    Probably it's an unimplemented feature :(
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    Looking over it, its quite the difference. Radiation and mutation, well its a major part of the setting. So it makes alot of sense.
    The Master not figuring out that his mutants was sterile? He just missed it, his VATS formula was perfects besides that. He did not go around and do sterility testing, so really....
    Starting with Energy major in F2? Look at it this way: Making it impossible to select energy except with using the TAG perk would make even less sense.
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    That you can't hit something in the head 32 times in FO1/FO2 is not true. I just played through FO1 as a HtH-character and end-game I was constantly criticaling heavily armored critters in the eyes with spiked knuckles for zero damage, or maybe 1-2 damage tops. Getting messages stating that I just produced severe destruction to an unprotected area, for zero damage. The robots in particular seem impossible to kill with spiked knuckles.
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    Nov 13, 2008
    Which makes perfect sense. It's a robot, do you really expect to punch it to death? Some games let logic slide in favour of gameplay. That is not the case here.
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    ^ Well, you CAN actually, if you aim for specific areas, and get a lucky enough critical. You could crush their CPU, or disable manipulators to stun it, etc.

    It's not an issue of damage anymore though. Plus, why not use powerfist of ripper instead of the knuckles, anyway?
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    You were doing it wrong the moment you even thought of punching a robot made out of metal with a spiked knuckles! Some robots in Fallout 2 (like those yellow warbots) could take sniper shots at the CPU for zero damage and then they would fill your universe with lead and rockets.

    Get yourself something better, like a Ripper or a Power Fist.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    the thing is just that the way Bethesda designed "their" fallout 3 vault they look completely ridiculous. Not only that I did not liked its style (why not stay true to the Fallout 1/2 vaults and let it look "clean" and white?) but also they did not even spend a bit thinking about it. No one is demanding a place that really looks like 1000 people could live inside. But why not at least ONE room with the said agriculture, plants and such, and make the vault at least a bit biger and interesting, maybe a small cinema inside it or what ever suc things I already missed in the first games. I dont know. Something that would make it look more like a populated place.
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    Like which? Let's run off a list.


    Megaton has huge walls to protect from raiders and other beasties, all of the citizens carry weapons and they have a sniper on the roof. They also have plenty of food, judging from the two restaurants that are in operation.

    Rivet City is EXTREMELY well guarded. It grows it's own fresh food, and being a battleship, would naturally have much food. Like Megaton, two "restaurants" show it has a steady supply of food.

    Big Town WASN'T surviving until the LW helps them.

    Arefu had trouble surviving as well.

    Andale survives by cannibalism. All of the residents carry weapons, as well.

    Those are the only "civilian" settlements I can think of at the moment. Though please, if I missed one, point it out.

    I'll take this one all at once.

    Eulogy Jones mentions people buying slaves. Also, Dukov has slaves.

    Raiders don't "run across the wasteland aimlessly". Unless it's a random encounter, they stay in their encampments. Mercenaries are looking for YOU, so of course they're running around looking. And, robots... Who knows? You're right on that one.

    Depends on what you mean by "equipment". Naturally, buildings that have things inside will have things after a blast, just in bad condition.

    Computers could run on fission batteries. Robots use them and still work after 200 years, why not computers?

    And, lastly. Yes, that's probably a bad gameplay mechanic. but, it adds a little bit of a reward. Trekking through station after station to reach the Mall and finally getting there felt awesome for me. But, just strolling through into there twirling your keys and whistling doesn't seem as fun, and too easy.

    Next post.

    Because you're level 2, you have a shitty pistol, and your opponent has leather armor and you don't. The weapons aren't weak. One shot in the head with a lot of weapons will kill a lot of enemies, like it's supposed to.

    Next post.

    Supermutant dialouge reveals it's ALMOST depleted.

    I dunno. He was programmed to sound like a president, and though he sounds a little eccentric, you probably wouldn't think too much about it. After all, they WERE based after actual presidential addresses.

    Gonna rack it all up in one big square of text here.

    They have Raven Rock, it isn't so far-fetched with all that tech that they don't have another facility to make that stuff.

    Food was probably packaged with radiation due to America's obsession with it. Since these games operate with such loose logic about radiation, it could preserve it. I think I remember reading something about this as well.

    Escaped from the factories and other places? As for ammo, it's a mystery. A minor plothole.

    End of clearing up things.[/i]
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    Dec 21, 2008
    Oh, i guess those 10-15 raiders at Springvale school couldn't finish off this town by, say sitting outside the Only door and stopping supplies from coming in? It is a very poor defense system, as any blockage in the front door would starve them to death. Unless they pull magical food out of their ass.

    Agreed, Rivet city is the most reasonable town in the game IMO.

    Ye old "Status Quo until Player arrives". How the hell did it survive for 200 Years?

    Yah, i mean, an old man would be able to hold out for that long. and they apparently don't have night patrol (that guy killed his parents and no one saw it) so, yet again,"Status Quo until Player arrives"
    Yeah, all 4 of them carry weapons(5 with old guy). That should defend them form those roaming raiders carrying flamethrowers and machineguns.And, if they pick a house at a time at night it is even easier.

    Tenpenny tower(Guards, plausible),Oasis(Wooden walls can't stop guns hurr durr),Canterburry commons(A guy, a kid plus three roaming traders and two crazy people, no defenses, great wealth brought by the traders), Republic of Dave(It has a school when the kids should be learning how to shoot and care for brahmin, again one door), Underworld(No defenses except for wooden doors, and near a fuckton of mutants),Little Lamplight(kids striving for their own) and Grayditch(2 people,no defenses).

    We could have an slavering city using slaves for their dirty work, but i guess a slaver mentioning buyers and a russian guy(who isn't even supposed to be in PA 50's america) with two slave girls(who are free to go, because when you take cherry to RC he doesn't even say something) should do the job. Not.
    After a blast it would, but after 200 years of rotting and being scavenged,i don't think that the hospital would still have 35+ stimpacks , or the other section of the history museum would remain unlooted(i mean, that treasure hunting girl would go there first to fetch stuff for abraham, and who knows what went on in the last 200 years)
    You mean fusion right? :wink: But those computers do not look like laptops for me.
    Also, see about computers.
    Please do not justify a flaw with another one.

    Firstly, level should only affect accuracy of guns, how will your gun skill affect the speed of the bullet? Secondly, will a pistol bullet go slower because of the maintenance condition of the gun? I don't think so, so the kinetic energy would be the same and the damage too.Thirdly Leather armor doesn't protect the head ;)

    Raven Rock, it still remains a mystery of how the enclave got there in the first place. and what used it used for.and why it isn't bombed.and why would anyone build a high-tech center near the area that would be most bombed.

    C-C-C-C-Citation needed!

    200 years of escaping robots!
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    Jun 20, 2009
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    They built houses up there. Mr Old Man's house is very big actually.It would take a while to take all that up here.
    He ran away. if the sheriff guy was awake , he would have seen it and questioned Ian(a possible reference to Fallout 1? :shrug: ) aobut it.

    I think two intact houses in the middle of nowhere are pretty noticeable.

    I said that

    Yeah, their way of survival is obvious, but as it is this "trading hub" with lots of caps and goods rolling around, it would be a very juicy target for raiders. It should have lots of defenses and/or lots of people, but it has neither. Slavers aren't criminals, just immoral and cruel, so if such trader tolerates what they do for a living, they would most certainly trade. But raider,they are bandits. They get their supplies by murder, and pillage, and would certainly attack any caravan in sight,unless it is very well protected(i.e, they know they have no chance).

    By middle of nowhere you mean away form the center of the map? if that is so, how do you know that there isn't anything of importance out of the map border?

    Except that it is the most obvious block-and-starve place of the game(unless they're risking it against super mutants)

    Robbing clothing, Ron's weapons and lots of drinks. Drinkable Water is the main objective of the game(meaning it is troublesome for the wastelanders to get it), so it should be worth it to get something to drink.
    I could use something more concrete to show an important point of the game, as there are two factions based around it, and lots of quests, being one of them one that will roll at the ending slideshow if you were a good boy.

    Too dangerous for who? Even if stimpacks don't work in supermutants(and i'm pretty sure they do) they would have some use for most stuff they find, being it guns or clothing and items used to fabricate their armor.And again about the history museum, Sydney wouldn't bother going there because it is very probable everything would be gone. And why didn't any ghoul go there , as they aren't attacked by ferals?

    Yes, but did you read the article about computer divergence? It states that computers haven't gone through miniaturization, so the almost desktop modern pc computers you find through the game couldn't exist. Now robots are a fight i don't want to pick up, as they seem to have come out of nowhere in all three titles, most likely added for retro goodness.

    Every unarmored opponent, yes. A pistol bullet could go astray if you hit an arclight helmet anywhere but the middle. And due to the innacurate nature of the pistol, you would have to either be at point-blank range(not wise if your enemy has a gun) or be a master of shooting(small guns skill 100+) to hit someone on the head. So, the sniper rifle would be a very useful weapon against anything but deathclaws and power armor.

    A ripped apart no-leadership enclave, fleeing from the west coast, IMO, wouldn't be able to build such a huge complex.
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    Nov 13, 2008
    Look, the vast majority of the towns in the game are just too damn small. Never mind the 200 years thing, after 20 years you'd see larger settlements than that. Megaton would be fine if it had say a tower or two at the gate, and a food source. Rivet city is actually good. Everywhere else is abominable.
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    I think so. There is a lot of game to play. If you hate it, you should have a good time coming here to air your grievances.

    To address your points:

    1. VATS is okay but it makes combat incredibly easy. I find the game much more fun without using it.

    2. A stupid plot point I agree. It's ridiculous that anyone would agree to do it in the first place, so just say no. It's pretty minor. Just disarm the thing to get your house.

    3. It's a combat-heavy game. You can't get through it without fighting quite a bit.
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    VATS is broken. It's fun for going into SloMo and autofocusing the camera on what's happening like switching camera from player firing to hitting the enemy in SloMo - really wonderful - it's just some very bad tactical things that happen: player won't get hit too much or at all, headshots don't drastically increase damage, some hits don't get registered. So VATS is fun to look at but has zero strategy value.

    Well in F1+2 trust wasn't that deep (just doing a quest or two) - I mean it wasn't like going undercover, set up false legends and such things. Although it was deeper than most games and quite good. The main value blowing up megaton in F3 was displaying crazy tenpenny and his people and a beautiful sightseeing - not complex acting or quest logic.

    But it's not about trust to let you in their mansion - it's more hiring out nobody to do such a job. In real life this happened a lot (like hiring someone to kill the own wife or husband) - and it went wrong a lot because it ends with getting blackmailed or the killer telling the police. The reason why mafia only trusts people that are bound to them (family members, buisness affiliates, ...) and only hiring trusted outsiders via secret contacts.

    Well you couldn't really fight against F2 Frank Horrigan too early either - the curse of linear story layouts in general.

    But with a little modding you could fight the Enclave alone. After all its just the energy barriers that have to get modded down and a few quest states to be altered.

    If you love shooters and rpgs and forget about strategic realism, then I would say yes. Its only all about atmosphere.

    Be aware that F3 has no true original story and most stuff is just taken from F2 and Power Armor was dumped down making it absolute useless.
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    Bethesda could still have thrown in a lot more thoughts about Megaton and Burke. I mean I would have loved to see at one point the "decision" you make there to backfire at you in the way that Burke threats the player for example one time to reveal his deeds in the "Megaton destruction" to everyone for the case he would not do him a few favours.

    Thats one of the bigest issues I have with Bethesda games. YOu never ever have to deal with any kind of "mystery" or "intrigues". Everything, seriously any kind of decision is presentend to you like on a silver plate or buffet where you can chose to put everything on your plate. I agree its not so much the issue that Burke asks a stranger. What I see as issue that you have what so ever no consqueznes out of blowing up a town in the Fallout 3 world with a "nuclear weapon" that if we look on it also has a extremly ridiculous size for a air droped nuclear weapon.

    I would have liked it much more if they went in the direcion of "Planet of the apes" with the weapon as seen like :

    After escaping, Brent and Nova hide in an unnatural-looking cave which Brent soon recognizes was formerly Queensboro Plaza station. Overwrought, he wonders aloud what could have happened to destroy the world he knew. Brent and Nova go deeper into the tunnels, eventually following a humming sound. Brent hears voices that order him to kill Nova, resisting them, he enters the remains of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and finds a person inside, kneeling before the high altar. However, the object of worship fills him with horror - an intact nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile.

    - Planet of the Apes
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    It's intentional design, because Bethesda is afraid to scare the player

    I'm not exaggerating here. From the Douglas Goodall interview

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    It seems by "true RPG" you mean a turn-based melee combat game...
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    Like in the video they are doing it wrong by hitting a guard with an almost broken pistol.
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    Are we forgetting the fact that the whole area known as the "Capital Wasteland" should be nothing but dust and dirt.

    The fact of the matter is, the amount of nuclear bombs that would have fallen on the capital would have obliterated it beyond redemption.

    Bethesda thought it'd be "cool" to explore the ruins of the capital, lawl.
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    Because we all know bullets fired from home-made or poorly maintained weapons are entirely safe. At point-blank range. Fired to the face. :clap:

    I'm tempted to ask you to try the idea out, but I would be sponsoring suicide so I won't.