Unofficial Fan Made Fallout?

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by DarkUnderlord, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Apr 3, 2003
    >No, we're not doing it at
    >NMA *cough* *cough* Rosh was
    >*cough* slack *cough* :) Vault13
    >is just as fine. And
    >I know about the backup.
    >Unfortunately, the site host decided
    >to shut down right when
    >I got my forum :(

    Ahem! Dunno what happened with that forum, kinda irked about it myself, but with the one at V13 things should go smoothly I hope. I've also been busy as hell with developing a few things already, and aside from the occasional news post and reading the boards, my time is a bit tied up as of late.

    As for contributors, I will need to remind of the following two things. Not everyone would be accepted, as "easter basket" projects have so many problems inherent to them. Canon will be adhered to as much as possible, excluding FOT, of course. Those who can prove knowledge of the backstory and intent of working to help, and also a couple of the high-profile Fallout modders would help as well.

    Personally, I'm thinking of a potential prequel set in another part of N. America, so there is more danger of a wasteland. FO2 seemed a bit too tame, given the areas of the Glow.
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    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-02 AT 10:32PM (GMT)[p]>However,
    >if I can't get dialogue
    >trees, I won't be a
    >happy chappy. At this point
    >though, I personally would prefer
    >FO1/2 over FOT but again,
    >this is because of my
    >personal hate for eveything that
    >FOT is. :) It has
    >nothing to do with FOTs
    >engine or graphics.

    Probably because it's a flakey program, with quite a few things broken or really poorly implemented. Swift Learner, Sniper, etc. crashed that make a Pinto Wagon seem...stable.
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    What types of jobs need to be filled?
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    Apr 6, 2003
    Okay, at this stage, we're all still waiting for Vault13 to come back from the wide blue yonder.... THEN, I need to check that the forum survived or if not, get it re-created. THEN, I need to give people access. Saint Proverbius was originally trying to create it so that I could give people acess or boot them out as I saw fit, unfortunately, there were problems with getting that to work, so we ended up with a system where I need to notify one of the Vault13 Admins with the usernames of people who should have access. Of course, that then means I'm relying on THEM to do that for me, which can take time.

    Anyway, my plan was essentially to allow anyone and everyone who wanted access to be allowed in. The idea being the more people coming up with ideas the better. It was also in the hope that some people's one word ideas would spur other people to think of other things. Now, the problem with that is dealing with rabble who want things added with their only reason being that they would be "k3wl". Essentially, my plan was/is to find those people, root them out, and boot them as time goes on. :) Managing something like this over the net when you don't *really* know the people involved is difficult to say the least. (If anyone has any better suggestion, I'm open to ideas.)

    As to what is going to happen once we get the forum. Well, I want to focus on the MAIN PLOT first and foremost. IE: What's the BIG thing(s) that the PC is supposed to do? Once we get that nailed down, we can then add bits to it and add in the various factions and other people/things/cities that suit the story.

    The Interplay legal team. I have intentions of contacting them asking for some form of written permission for us to use the "Fallout" world and characters etc... This is meant as a pre-emptive strike to stop them closing us down 3 months into it. If they want to shut us down early, then we'll have to think of ways around that, possibly by making something set in a "post-apocalyptic world" as opposed to the "Fallout" world.

    Basically, if Interplay DON'T shut us down, our options for a setting are:

    Pre-FO1 - This would give us a more hostile and empty world.
    Inbetween FO1 and FO2 - We would need to tie it in to the FO2 story if set in the same area of the USA
    After FO2 - The world would be rebuilding. Less of a hostile landscape, more of a getting back with normal life feeling.

    That's pretty much all there is at the moment. There was nothing in the V13 forum except for a few things that I'd posted. I still have those things at home, so they're not lost (Not that it was much anyway).

    GOOD THING: Fallout1/2 source code. If this is released, you can pretty much say that this whole thing will be going ahead. No legal problems, no editing tool problems. EVERYTHING would be open to us. In that case, I'd do the Happy Dance of Joy™. :D

    At this stage though, as I said, the FIRST thing is to develop the main plot. We can worry about actually MAKING the damn thing later on in the development cycle.

    PS: What do people reckon of the new sig(s) below? Which do you prefer? Is the bottom one a bit too big? That bitch weighs in at 35kb. The smaller version at the top weighs a smaller 25kb. Which one would you prefer?

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Sounds good, then.

    Also, if you need to, PM me there with people you need auth'd in and I will do so, or people you need kicked.
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Apr-17-02 AT 01:02PM (GMT)[p]Wish you luck. You might want to recruit the Russians as they have the most knowledge about the modding of Fallout. It's an enormous project that has swallowed many a group with high ideals.

    Check this site for the most modding info, although you might need to ask APTYP for translations on some of the info.
  7. DarkUnderlord

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    Apr 6, 2003
    w000t!!! Vault13 has returned from the wastes. So Rosh, I'll PM you on Vault13 with a list of usernames that'll need access. That list of people is also in the forum itself under the "It saddens me to do this but.... TEST" topic. Post a reply in there once they've been given access or PM me so that I know (and can then start bitching to them to start posting :) )

    If you're one of those persons who hasn't got access (If you do, you'll see the forum under "Fan Works" once you've logged in) Then you can PM me (DarkUnderlord) on Vault13 or email me at with your Vault13 username.

    See you all in the forum! (Here's hoping we can come up with a decent storyline.... :crosses fingers:)

    Moo..... Moo.... I'm an Interplay Cow. (Ready to be milked with a Fallout style MMORPG with aliens!)
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Apr-24-02 AT 06:01PM (GMT)[p]I think I've finally reached V13, damn is it slow.
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    Apr 6, 2003
    Yeah... It's sector31 hosting. They've just got Terra-Arcanum and Vault13 to host and BAM, down they go under the load :) At this point, setting up my own phpBB 2.0 forum system with my own hosting is looking to be like a good idea.... All I need do now is learn how to install and configure the damn thing.... Then I presume I'll need some kind of knowledge about PHP... So Uhhh... Yeah, I'll just wait for Vault13 to sort itself out.

    NOTE: If anyone DOES know something about setting up phpBB 2.0 and how I'd do it (I'm a total n00b at this, so you'd really have to be good at explaining things OR you'd have to do it all for me) Then drop me a line at I CAN look at getting my own PHP enabled hosting with MySql (Which I think I need... Not too sure though...) It's setting up all of this and making it work that I don't know about.

    Moo..... Moo.... I'm an Interplay Cow. (Ready to be milked with a Fallout style MMORPG with aliens!)
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    Apr 6, 2003
    Well, seeing as it's *almost* been a whole year since this started (5 days to go!), I figured I'd give an update on what's been going on.

    First of all, we finally got some great hosting (yes, it comes courtesy of It's free, well, I ain't paying for it that is, so I'm happy. We've also got a decent URL that redirects to us (actually getting it to work properly isn't gonna happen, mainly because of the host):

    Yes, that WAS Mr Carrot's Fallout Fantasy piss-take site. Seeing as he had it still paid up, we figured we'd use it. I hope to upload the old piss-take stuff up soon, mainly because it's hit the news so recently.

    Now, with regards to the actual project itself:
    It moves like a bitch. As with all online modding projects, the time it takes to get anything done is astronomical. Every now and then you'll get a burst of activity, but usually we're stuck with the one or two posts a day syndrome. We've had the odd chat in IRC if people meet up in there, but we've only had an actual planned chat recently.

    The worse thing is that we're still working on the main plot. We've had a general idea for quite some time, but actually nailing it down is hard. Especially given we're a bunch of rabbid Fallout fans who have combined to make some kind of convaluted and complex plot, just so it's interesting and not a re-hash of anything we know of. We have recently come up with a pretty good outline though, so I reckon we're finally on the way to tie-ing that up.

    On the good side, it's not as if we're stuck there. We do have a bit worked out. Namely FMF (Fan Made Fallout) will have 11 major locations. Some of those locations will be a combination of dots. IE: Like New Reno city with a small dot outside of it for the Galgotha graveyard. We consider things like that one location, as the smaller dots are part of the area. Each location has a name that has beend decided on and a general idea for each area has been created. The people there, what they're doing, how they survived the war, where they came from and how the PC can get involved.

    We also have the major endings pretty much worked out, though of course the plot ties in with this some-what. Namely the big general ideas of what the PC can do and how it affects the game world have been reasonably nutted out.

    Every now and then, we get an application to join from someone who stumbles across the site. Some of them are good, others we don't even bother considering, we just prolong it as long as possible in order to torture them. Unfortunately, some people have also disappeared. Mainly because of the move to KCP hosting I think. We lost 1 person from that. Another 2 people who joined ages ago just never posted anything, so they got booted as well.

    All in all, we're moving along. It's taking its time but I think we might be getting there. If we don't finish the story up by the end of this year, I'll pull the plug and cancel the project. If it takes that long, then it's just not going to happen at all, no matter what anyone thinks. Of course, we have nothing to actually show for it, other than "we have ideas". That's always a great indication of how well things AREN'T going.

    So, there you have it. For those who actually knew of this project, Fan Made Fallout is still around for the moment. It may not be kicking, but it's still breathing. Slightly. Well... Every once and a while... Okay, so maybe only when someone steps on its chest and makes it rise and fall a bit. So really it only LOOKS like its breathing...
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    I've just ran through your post about the Unofficial Fan Made Fallout ( for the first time ) and read it. I've felt an urge to share some of my thoughts with you.

    First of all, I'm not offering my help, and that is certainly not the reason why I'm posting. Reasons are many, above all is the lack of time; I'm positive I simply couldn't make a true, useful contribution to your work without seriously neglecting my other current obligations.

    But that is not important. I have conducted quite a lot of different projects in my life and have gathered some experience about teamwork, most of it quite negative. One example: I used to be the editor of the local university paper and I had about ten or fifteen volunteers to write for it, and I've ended up with two girls and me writing multiple articles, along with me snatching jokes and crap from the Net in order to fill out the blank pages.

    So, the first lesson of the day is:
    If you wanna something done right, you gotta do it yourself!

    Just bear with me, OK? I'm not patronizing you, it isn't my style. The truth is that I am also a great fan of Fallout. How great? Well, I've played Fallout 2 for more time than any other game, and I am primarily a strategy game player – not C&C, but stuff like Shogun and Medieval Total War, and the incredible Master of Orion 2 ( BTW MO3 sucks; it's like FOT to FO !) I simply ADORE Fallout ( but not FOT ). I have always wanted and planned to make my own Fallout game. I knew that, in time, I will find ways and means to do it, and I have not given up on that idea up to this point. Today things are looking much brighter than they did one year ago, concerning the available tools. Unfortunately things look rather grim for the official Fallout 3 sequel. Quite frankly, I firmly believe and truly fear that the Interplay will, given opportunity, FUBAR Fallout 3!:'( Talking about 3d graphics and funky, shiny gadgets that are obligatory for today's games makes me shudder. There is a simple advice for them: IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

    I'm slipping. Bear with me for some more. What you are doing is GREAT and DON'T GIVE UP on it! Don't set yourself any time limits. If you like doing what you're doing, than only the heaven is the limit!

    What we need – and what we want – is Fallout 2 related game with the same atmosphere, not FOT. And if there is no other way to get it but to make it ourselves…well…:)
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    I filled up an application request for FMF today and I just stumbled on this post, so I thought I'd comment.

    But I don't have anything to say, actually.
    So, just check my post on your forum.