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    Oct 11, 2016
    Vigilantes Version 21 Released!

    The V21 update for Vigilantes is now available, introducing new features, content, balancing improvements and fixes. In the latest update, the hunter becomes the hunted with gang lieutenants setting up ambushes for the player. The environment can be used against the enemy with the addition of gas canisters and fuel barrels, and you can take the fight underground with the introduction of the first subway map! If you'd like to check out Vigilantes, it's currently on Steam EA, at a reduced price!

    A survivalist captain ambushes the player team!

    The release notes for this update can be found below, and a more in-depth explanation of the additions and improvements can be found in these two development videos.

    + Gang lieutenants can set up ambushes for the player
    + Fuel barrels and gas canisters as objects can be activated to set an area on fire or explode
    + Characters with 2 or more adjacent enemies gain the surrounded status effect. Being surrounded causes them to pay less attention to active threats, and are easier to score hits against
    + Night missions now impose a 5% penalty to ranged CTH and cover is more effective at night... could be a good time to hit the survivalists
    + When fighting indoors, assault and precision rifles suffer a 5% CTH penalty due to being used in an enclosed space

    Use the environment against your enemies!​

    + Added first subway map
    + Added 15 illustrations for gang leaders
    + Added MK II incendiary grenades and MKII improvised explosives
    + Added crafting recipes for MK II Incendiary and IE
    + Added new non combat encounter: From The Precipice
    + Added new encounter: Intimidation

    Take the fight underground!

    + Gang lieutenants now require 2, rather than 3 pieces of intel to locate.
    + Rackets require 2, rather than the planned 3 pieces of intel to locate
    + Racket and boss encounters are now more difficult
    + The per tile tactical re-positioning cost is now lower
    + Failing tactical repositioning imposes a -1 initiative penalty on your team
    + City tiles with high wealth have a chance to provide gangs members with improved equipment
    + General Arms Peacemaker SMG can now fire a single, more accurate, 3AP shot in addition to a burst
    + Gang members gain a level bonus at Hard Boiled or greater difficultly
    + Gangs get a scaling bonus to income at higher difficulties
    + Penalty for having an adjacent enemy and trying to use an assault or sniper rifle is now more severe
    + The Friendly Fire perk now prevents allies being hit by the shotgun's cone of fire
    + The Battle Frenzy perk now has a 30%, rather than 10% to activate
    + The shop now generates more component items

    + Added an option to toggle between fullscreen and windowed
    + Added an option to disable film grain
    + Added an option to set camera move speed
    + Increased camera rotation speed
    + Camera scrolling can now be disabled when the level starts, and re-enabled with a key press. Workaround for the Linux wandering camera bug
    + Camera movement speed increases as camera gains elevation
    + Individual tutorials can now be disabled
    + Changed how current / max health is displayed, to make it more clear when a character is wounded

    + Fixed a bug where swapping between regular and hot loaded ammo could cause errors with the ammo unloaded from the gun (Supervoid)
    + Fixed a bug where input was being disabled in error, forcing players to click a UI element to re-enable it (Ushas & murrki017)
    + Fixed a bug whereby input was enabled when enemies changed weapons, which caused an issue in AOO and potentially other areas (Ushas)
    + Fixed a number of typos (Gloomseeker)
    + Fixed reachable tile display showing for enemies is escaped to menu during enemy turn (Ushas)
    + Fixed armour replaced during combat not updating protection until first hit (Ushas)
    + Sodium Thiopental no longer used if you opt not to use it (MotherAce[No])
    + Fixed issue with loading some gang leader fights (degzee64)
    + Rackets can no longer be found by surveillance only
    + Fixed issue with enemy fleeing in survivalist training facility (Ushas)
    + Made changes to code for switching between scenes, in the hope this resolves the issues with level loading.
    + Fixed crouching bonus was not being applied to characters in cover
    + Fixed issue with character not strafing after one strafe per turn
    + Fixed characters being able to shoot through one of the buildings in alleys 2 (Sheepify)
    + Fixed a bug where failing and retrying the first mission could cause crashes and unpredictable behaviour (Ushas, Tortousit, Tchey, Alatar)
    + Fixed an issue whereby dragging a stack of items onto a stack of the same type could cause unpredictable behaviour with inventory
    + Fixed rackets not being removed
    + Fixed rackets not providing a piece of intel on a lieutenant or another racket

    I hope you enjoy the update. Should you have any feedback, please let us know!
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    Oct 11, 2016
    Here's the 43rd development video for Vigilantes, showing the first half of the work carried out on the V22 update, which will be released in around 2 weeks. This video covers the addition of a new ally, Arcadi, a fugitive Russian army officer skilled in tactics and firearms. There's also a new map, 4 new perks, and leadership mechanics have been enhanced.

    Vigilantes is currently 10% off the already reduced early access price on Steam, in case old school turn based games in a fresh setting is your thing!
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Hey, I couldn't find any answer for my two questions, so here they are:

    How much would you say game is finished at this moment?

    Do you think about translating and if not, would you give a consent for someone to do it?
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    Oct 11, 2016
    Hi Alphons - would expect the final version to cost in the range of $14-15. Concerning translation, I'd happily consent to someone translating it, but there are other factors. First, there's nothing in place to support multiple languages at present. The script will likely be in the region of 40-50k words, meaning there's a lot of work involved for someone doing it in their spare time, and a risk that translations may not be completed. It also creates a situation where we can't write new encounters, without having them translated to all other languages, and finally, it would be very difficult for us to provide any meaningful support to for example, someone in China who bought the game.

    No firm decision has been made yet, but would prefer to be up front about it - as much as we'd like to translate the game, unfortunately, I don't think there's a very good chance of it happening with Vigilantes.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    I have been following this project with interest for a while. I was lucky to see a friend play Vigilantes on his laptop recently and it looks pretty good and entertaining. I did noticed some things I would like to ask.

    On my friends game, he had managed to recruit three more characters. He had a Private Detective guy, a Police officer girl and a girl all dressed in red with a Uzi in her hands (Sorry I am not good with names). That made me think right away that he was missing the Fireman with the fireaxe on his hands and the Russian soldier I had seen on this thread before.
    So my question is, are those two characters (Fireman and Russian soldier) already implemented in the Early Access version and my friend didn't find them yet, are they not implemented (and will be in the future) or were they scrapped and won't be in the final game?

    I noticed that when my friend was selling extra weapons he had, that the price of a revolver with a scope (he told me it was upgraded) was exactly the same as that same revolver without the upgrade. Is this a design decision or just an oversight? >_> It feels strange someone would buy a gun with an accessory (a scope in this example) for the same price as that gun without the accessory.

    I think I read on Steam or maybe someone that is from your team saying you guys would love to have the game on in the future. Will there be any chance to see Vigilantes on in the future (maybe once it is fully complete) or does the game rely too much on the Steam framework and it won't be possible to put it on without massive changes that make it not likely to happen?

    If I bought the game from your site instead of Steam (I don't really like Steam in case anyone is wondering :lol::lol:), and later you managed to put the game on GOG, would I be able to use some key or code to get the GOG version or would I have the buy the game a second time to own it on GOG?

    Christmas is coming and I might be able to get some money to buy a game or two, and I have been looking at Vigilantes for quite some time... Seeing my friend play made me want to try the game too :clap:.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and for making a game that seems pretty cool :ok:.
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    Oct 11, 2016
    Hi Risewild - the Russian officer (Arcadi) will make an appearance in the version currently being worked on, and the other allies (Edgar Kowalski, Caia Winters) will be introduced in the not too distant future.

    That's an oversight - there are a lot of smaller things that have slipped through the cracks, but now that you mentioned it, will adjust the value of these modified items in this update.

    We'll definitely submit to GOG, but it will likely be when we reach final release - the main reasons being that its time consuming to upload to a number of distributors when you're updating every month, and that GOG are picky, so would like to have Vigilantes in the best condition possible before submitting. There is a standalone version being provided through humble, so it's no extra work to prepare it for GOG. If you'd like to give Vigilantes a vote on GOG, there's a community wishlist page here

    The standalone version sold on the website provides a Steam Key and a download. The standalone will always be updated with the Steam version, it isn't going to be dropped because Vigilantes is on steam. The situation with key reselling is really bad at the minute, so I don't think we can include a key for GOG in there also, sorry :/

    Glad Vigilantes made a good impression on you - there's still work to do, and it will only get better.
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    Oct 11, 2016
    Vigilantes Version 22 Released

    Vigilantes Version 22 is now available. Version 22 enhances features, improves balance, and brings a lot of new content into play, including Arcadi, a new ally, 2 new enemies, 6 new perks, 2 new maps, and an improved armour variant. Vigilantes recently released on Steam EA, and is currently 10% off on Steam!

    Enhanced Leadership Mechanics
    Now, both the player and criminal team can have bonus providing squad leaders, but there's a catch: losing a leader inflicts the "Ronin" negative status effect on the entire team, which creates new risks and opportunities in combat

    New Ally & Enemy Leaders
    Arcadi, a fugitive Russian officer joins the vigilante team, offering a strong candidate for the squad leader role. The newly introduced mafia made man, and survivalist NCO do the same for their respective organisations, when no gang lieutenant or boss is present.

    New Perks
    Vigilantes version 22 introduces 6 new perks, with an emphasis on perks to enhance squad leaders. The new perks are:

    Stand Fast: Twice per battle, when an attack should incapacitate an ally, the ally will survive with 1HP
    Tactical Delay: Allows the entire team to delay turns at no AP cost
    All Out Offensive: Increases team damage by 40% for 1 turn, for a substantial AP cost
    Terrifying Presence: Inflicts terror on enemies who enter this characters area of influence
    Mind Cracker: Increases this character's interrogation score
    Medical Emergency: Can only be activated if an ally has < 40% health. +3 AP, reduces AP cost of trauma kits by 1, does not trigger AOO, but attack damage reduced to 20%

    New Maps
    Two new maps have been added in this update, one subway map and one china town map. This brings the total maps in Vigilantes to 40, just 5 short of the minimum number we agreed to provide on Kickstarter. While it's likely that we'll over deliver in this area, it's good to be almost there!

    Other Improvements & Dev Videos
    Many other additions have been made, including the ability to view detailed descriptions of status effects on any character, an AI which will intelligently use environment objects (such as gas canisters) against the player, and stronger retinues for gang leaders and rackets. If you'd like a more complete run-down of the update, you can check out the development videos and the complete update notes below. As always your feedback is welcome and hope you enjoy the update!

    Update Notes
    + Enhanced the importance of leaders in combat
    + Added leadership bonuses to the criminal factions in combat
    + AI characters will now target fuel barrels and gas canisters


    + New ally: Arcadi, an on-the-run Russian soldier skilled in battlefield command and firearms
    + New map: subway map
    + New Enemies: Mafia Made Man & Survivalist NCO - support their gangs and provide leadership in the absence of a lieutenant/boss
    + New perk: Stand Fast - Once per battle, when an attack should incapacitate an ally, the ally will survive with 1HP.
    + New perk: Tactical Delay - allows the player team to delay their turns at no ap cost
    + New perk: All out Offensive - Increases team damage by 40% for 1 turn at a substantial AP cost
    + New perk: Terrifying Presence - a scaled up version of initimidating presence, which is has been renamed to "fearsome presence"
    + New status effect: Ronin - applied to characters whose leader has been incapacitated
    + Added voiced cutscene for Arcadi
    + New perk: Mind Cracker - increases interrogation score
    + New perk: Medical Emergency. Can only be activated if an ally has < 40% health. Grants +4 AP, reduces cost of trauma kits by 1, does not trigger AOO, but attack damage reduced to 20%
    + Added Personal Armour Mk 3
    + Added new map: Chinatown 3


    + Added code to allow more control over enemy loadouts and made a number of changes to loadouts
    + Demoralised now inflicts -1 Initiative, -1 AP
    + Slightly reduced cost of gang member recruitment.
    + Diagonal Melee attacks can now be made through tiles with adjacent half, but not full cover
    + Fuel barrels and gas canisters now trigger at the end of the turn they were activated in, allowing them to be used by melee characters
    + Gang leaders and rackets now start with a couple of specialists
    + Added code to allow for gang characters to be weakened in certain circumstances, such as the enforcer in the Ray Case encounter mission

    + Main UI buttons now available on Cityscape
    + Added better information on difficulty levels
    + Enemy status effects now have information provided on them on mouseover enemy + keypress
    + Environmental factors affecting combat are now displayed
    + Improved layout of the combat UI

    + Fixed a non existent ammo object appearing in inventory when auto reloading. (Nomad)
    + Fixed the last enemy dying from fire/bleeding causing not to be auto looted to player inventory. (Nomad)
    + Fixed an issue causing the mafia lieutenant Rico Lucchesi not to end his turn. (Nomad, PhotoFinish)
    + Fixed enemies attacking through cover (Sheepify, Murkki017).
    + Fixed crash when trying to launch attack against gang bosses.
    + Fixed a number of typos (Nomad, Sheepify, Alatar, Shawdawg)
    + Fixed audio volume not being set on startup (Ushas, Nomad)
    + Fixed Peacemaker second fire mode not added correctly (Murkki017)
    + Fixed missing tooltip in options. (Ushas)
    + Fixed subsequent shots from an SMG going in unnatural angles, after hitting an environment object (Murkki017)
    + Fixed voices in cutscenes still playing after cutscene has ended
    + Prevented racket locations being accidentally revealed through surveillance
    + Fixed an issue which could allow the main gang HQ being overwritten by a built racket.
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    Oct 11, 2016
    Version 23: Interim Report - Enemy Traits, New Map, AI Enhancements

    Hi everyone. Happy new year! Hope 2018 will be a good one for you.

    Below you will find development video 45, which covers the work to date on V23, expected to release in around 2 weeks. The biggest change is the addition of an enemy traits system. Traits could be thought of as enemy perks, some are assigned by default to certain character types, whereas others are randomly assigned.

    Traits start as unrevealed, but when they are used your highest party surveillance skill is passively used to try to reveal them. Some traits will make enemies more skilled with certain weapons, whereas others reduce the damage taken from firearms or close combat, while others allow enemies to inflict status effects, like terror or fear on your team. Overall, enemies with traits will present a more varied challenge, thereby increasing the tactical depth of battles.

    Vigilantes is 10% for the next 24 hours on the Steam winter sale event!
  9. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Vigilantes Version 23 Released!

    Vigilantes version 23 is now available. This update adds an enemy trait system, 2 new perks, a new map, a number of balance and AI enhancements. If you'd like to learn more about this update, you can check out the release notes or development videos below.

    If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, fire away :)

    Update 23 Video 1

    Update 23 Video 2

    + Added an enemy trait system. Some traits will be randomly assigned to enemies, whereas some enemies will automatically be assigned specific traits. Traits provide a variety of bonuses to their owners.

    + Added 6 enemy traits: fearsome, terrifying, melee resistant, firearms resistant, martial artist, marksman
    + Boss fights are now available, but dialogue is not yet added
    + Added a new map: Old Industrial 3
    + New craftable item: MK3 Trauma Kit
    + New Perk: Combat Rigging - allows 3 items to be equipped
    + Added a new background city
    + Worked on a number of dialogue encounters
    + Added new perk: Regeneration - regenerate 6% hp per turn, up to 50% of the character's current max hp
    + Added new perk: Know Thine Enemy - reveal an enemy trait once per turn, at no AP cost
    + Added 3 new character portraits

    AI Enhancements
    + Enemies can now target environment objects with melee, and run away to avoid the blast
    + Made a number of optimisations to the tactical AI to improve the speed at which enemies with this AI will choose an order
    + Enemies will continue to try to avoid fire, but will now pass through it if it's the best option
    + AI is now less likely to make very long range shots with firearms

    + Firearms can now be unloaded.
    + If all gang lieutenants have been fought, intel on the boss can be gained from specialists.
    + Rackets now have a small chance to provide intel on bosses
    + There is now a greater chance to gain lieutenant/racket intel from basic troops. The chance is based on presence for live interrogations and surveillance for searches
    + Armoured enemies now have a chance to drop armour components
    + Slightly reduced the amount of cash and ammo enemies drop
    + Survivalists drop less cash now, in light of the better equipment they drop
    + Enemies who flee now gain 2 levels and become a specialist, if they aren't already one.
    + Increased the cost of player facilities
    + Heavy Hitter perk now provides +10% damage with blunt weapons
    + Reduced the number of enemies who carry explosives, and delayed the point at which they get them

    + Added a panel to display information on the various attack modes an item is capable of.
    + If a character has unspent stat, skill, or perk points, a notification will flash at the beginning of their turn
    + Added a button to reset keys to their defaults. This allows a quick solution for rebinding all keys, if the bindings become confused by the additional of new keys
    + Improved the floating damage font

    + Fixed a crash caused by raising Arcadi's relationship to +/-10. (Relendis, MNM)
    + Fixed a number of inventory operations not costing AP (ushas)
    + Fixed an issue preventing the introductory cutscene from being skipped if escape was pressed before cutscene starts.
    + Fixed an issue with armour upgrades not showing if unavailable receipes were selected. (Nomad)
    + Disabled menu at a number of times when it should not be allowed to activate. (Ushas)
    + Ronin Effect no longer carries between missions. (Nomad)
    + Fixed a number of cases where AOO indicator was showing when it should not be. (Ushas)
    + Fixed an issue in which a fleeing enemy could cause the game to hang (MNM)
    + Fixed characters with the tactical AI hanging when all paths blocked by fire. (Doktor_Who)
    + Fixed an issue where using the last sodium thiopental would result in the item not being removed from inventory (AWG)
    + Fixed an AI issues whereby enemies with a high AP weapon, and suffering an AP reduction from wounding would cause game to hand (SevenAteNein)
    + Fixed an incorrectly imported texture for Arcadi. (AWG)
    + Fixed an issue which could cause an enemy with lowered AP not to select an order and complete their turn
    + Fixed a typo (AWG)
  10. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Here's the 48th development video for Vigilantes, which covers progress on V25, overall development progress, and an upcoming change of development focus! Comments welcome!

  11. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Vigilantes V25 Released!

    Vigilantes V25 adds Utility Items, the ability to dispatch allies on operations, 5 new craftable items and more. Here's the development video covering the additions, and you can also find the update notes below. If you'd like to find out more about Vigilantes, you can check out the Steam Page, where it's available at a low, early access price.

    If you have any questions or comments, please leave a post and I'll get back to you!

    + Added Utility Slots: additional equipment slots for characters. The number of slots is determined by the Utility stat. This allows for characters to be further customised to suit your playstyle
    + Allies can be used to do the following: Speed up facility construction and raid enemy supplies
    + Allies can get district, racket or lieutenant intel,

    + Added 5 utility items: Light Armour Plate, EMT Kit, Armoured Ski Mask, Athletic grips, Speed Loader
    + Added 5 new crafting recipes
    + Added 4 new crafting components: Weapon Parts, Hardware, Chemicals, Cloth

    + Facilities now take time to build
    + The highest party trade skill is now used for making trades
    + The highest active party craft skill is now used for crafting
    + Crafting and repair time is higher, but available allies reduce craft time
    + Enhanced health restoration and injury removal to allow for more fine grained control
    + Improved algorithim for getting loot, resulting in generally better loot

    + Fixed a number of minor issues on chinatown graveyard map, which were preventing cover icons from being shown.
    + Fixed a couple of minor issues with loot acquisition.
    + Fixed a bug that could cause inventory items to disappear under a certain set of conditions
    + Fixed a bug which could cause inventory item duplication with item slots under a certain set of conditions (Ushas)
    + Fixed tooltip not appearing for Ronin rifles (Nomad, Brasidas, Nonamenan, irishmankentuckian)
    + Fixed a typo in one of Ray Case's barks. (Nomad)
    + Fixed an issue where transferring item stacks in combat could cause inventory to become non-responsive. (Necroscourge & Ushas)
    + Fixed a number of inventory issues which occur when tabbing away from Vigilantes. (Ushas)
    + Fixed intel searches on bodies preventing level completion when all intel is found. (Nonamenan, irishmankentuckian)
    + Fixed top bar icons showing lower resolution. (Nomad)
    + Fixed no ap cost for transferring all items between inventories. (Ushas)
  12. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Here's a short video of a new encounter, which will take place on the new map. The set up is that a group of survivalists have lured a police cruiser to the outskirts of the city, rammed the cruiser off the road and are preparing to interrogate the officer... until you step in. Since posting the video outlining the reasons for moving away from adding new features, most of the requests have been to flesh out the story and this is something I'd like to do. This is the second new encounter added for V26, and if all goes well, hope to add 1-2 more. I'm giving allies more dialogue in the new encounters, and will also revise existing ones to do the same, as it has been fairly pointed out that you don't interact with your allies much after the initial meeting, and this feels like a missed opportunity.

    If Emilia De Soto is present, being a police lieutenant, she will try to attack the survivalists, losing you the ability to re-position, unless you can convince her to stay put while you figure things out.

  13. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016

    Meet Edgar Kowalski, who enters the fray as an ally in Version 26 of neo noir turn based tactical RPG, Vigilantes. Edgar's a Reiker City Fire-fighter. He's a hard hitting melee fighter with a knack for explosives, and he's absolutely not a firebug!
  14. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Vigilantes V26 Released!

    Vigilantes version 26 has just gone live. Now that the focus has shifted away from developing new features, we've been able to release what is likely the single largest content and balance update so far. The headline addition is a new ally, Edgar Kowalski, a hard-hitting fire fighter who may or may not be a firebug. Is he? If you'd like to check out the new additions, we're currently running a Vigilantes sale on Steam.

    Below you will find a summary of the new content and balance improvements released with version 26. If you would like more detail on the update, you will find a development video further down and more detailed notes here.

    New Content
    • A new ally, Edgar Kowalski, a firebug fire-man!
    • 5 new perks: Volatile, Better Criticals, UPLIFT!, Berserker Charge, Pack Mule
    • 2 new melee weapons: Combat Machete & Nailed Baseball Bat
    • 2 new firearms: Abramovich Pump & General Arms Red Hawk
    • 2 new maps, based in the rural outskirts of Reiker City
    • 3 new dialogue encounters
    • Trading cards on Steam


    • The melee perks Solar Plexis Strike, Concussive Blow and Deep Cut are now free to all characters
    • Firearms do slightly more damage
    • Criminal Rackets now provide greater bonuses to their owners
    • Church of the Final Exodus are tougher and get a bonus to melee weapon quality
    • Survivalists get a penalty to melee weapon quality
    • Added movement AP
    • Added equipment weight and negative status effects for overloading
    • Well Oiled perk is now Tinkerer, and the reduction to item deterioration extends to armour
    • Athletic Perk now adds 2 movement AP, rather than 1 standard AP

    Development Video

    We really appreciate your support and patience as we work to make Vigilantes the best game that it can be. If you have any questions, observations, or would like to talk about any aspect of Vigilantes, please do leave a comment!
  15. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Caia Winters Illustration

    Hey everyone. Here's the illustration for Caia Winters. Caia's a narcotics officers who will join your team after you help her out of a slight... misunderstanding. Caia will be added to the roster in the V27 update.

  16. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Hi everybody! Version 27 is now live, and represents another big push on content and improving balance.

    New Content Summary
    Caia Winters, the final ally is now in the game, as are 6 new high end weapons, 5 new perks, additional dialogue encounters, a new map, a new utility item and 2 new crafting options.

    Melee Interrupts
    The first key balance change is the addition of melee interrupts, which allows melee equipped or unarmed characters to interrupt adjacent characters who are attempting to fire a gun or throw an explosive. This makes the two primary combat skills more distinct and gives melee characters some much needed close quarters superiority.

    Difficulty Curve
    The second big change relates to game difficulty and how it develops over time. Reports and my own experience suggest that the game starts out difficult, and generally becomes easier over time. To create a more consistent difficulty curve, enemies now start with lower stats, but gain levels more quickly. There's not a huge difference at the first two difficulty levels, but from now on, it will be more difficult to out-pace enemies on hard boiled and hero difficulty levels.

    Player Stats
    Fleetness is largely considered the best stat in the game, so to improve balance, Prowess, Instinct, Leadership and Toughness now offer improved benefits. Balance isn't something that can be easily addressed in a single update, but it will remain one of the key areas of focus for the remainder of development, so expect further improvements in this area.

    Development Video

    If you have any questions, comments, or observations, fire away!

    Have a good weekend!


    • Added melee interrupt attacks. These occur when unarmed or equipped with a melee weapon and an enemy in an adjacent tile attempts to throw a grenade or fire a weapon.
    • Vigilantes now has 2 campaign lengths: regular and extended. Extended is the same as the existing campaign, whereas regular focuses on reducing the minimum amount of time required to complete the game.

    • Added new ally: Caia Winters & her dialogue encounter
    • 3 new Ranged Weapons: General Arms Breacher (Shotgun), Nobuki Ronin+ (Precision Rifle), Eurocorp Tactical (SMG)
    • 3 new melee weapons: Fire Axe, Katana, Sledgehammer
    • New Utility item: Knuckle Dusters
    • New Crafting recipe: Nobuki Ronin +
    • New Perk: Fast Off The Blocks (+3 Initiative)
    • New Perk: Grazed Limbs (15% chance to inflict shaky hands or hamstrung status effect when attacking an enemy with a shotgun)
    • New Perk: Behemoth (20% reduction to incoming damage)
    • New Perk: Atheist - 15% additional damage VS Church of the Final Exodus (specific to Caia)
    • New Perk: Soldier +15% Assault Rifle Damage
    • New Map: Farm
    • Added post combat dialogue for Ray Case's encounter
    • Added post combat dialogue for Emilia De Soto's encounter
    • Added post combat dialogue for Elena Furey's encounte
    • Added new dialogue encounter: Insurance Claim

    • Enemies start with lower stats, gain stats more slowly on leveling up, but level up more quickly. This will maintain a more consistent difficulty curve, and keep enemy max stats in line with player max stats
    • Firearm and explosive damage has increased, but damage scaling based on skill has been removed. Critical chance for melee, firearms and explosive now increases with skill.
    • Shop level now increases as you buy and sell items.
    • Further increased quantity of armour components the shop generates + Increased number of armour components the shop generates
    • Athletic grips increase initiative by 2, rather than 1
    • Mind cracker perk and sodium thiopental now give a flat % bonus to interrogation.
    • Toughness now grants 6hp, rather than 4 hp per stat point, but each character level now grants 1hp, rather than 2hp.
    • Prowess now grant substantially larger (2x) damage bonuses to close combat.
    • Prowess and Instinct grant substantially (4x) larger bonuses to critical chance.
    • Leadership grants a larger command bonus.
    • Command bonus is now applied to entire teams, regardless of proximity to leader.
    • Once gang leader / racket detection has reached 100%, they can be attacked immediately. Surveillance is no longer required.
    • Eurocorp Artemis now costs the same AP to use as other precision rifles + Armour can now take more damage
    • Increased AOO chance. Having a higher close combat skill than your opponent will increase chance of triggering AOO.

    [Quality of Life]
    • Information on gang, danger level, tile wealth, crime rate, gang leaders and rackets can now be displayed on the city map

    • Fixed error in displaying completed ally operations, when the operation completes on a mission (Murkki017, awg, sed.cupla)
    • Fixed issue where characters KOed in a melee attack will sometimes remain standing. (ushas)
    • Fixed equipped items not being minimised when clicking on delay turn (ushas)
    • Fixed encumbered text disappearing in inventory when heavily encumbered (ushas)
    • Fixed queued close combat attack not always triggering after movement when character has move AP (ushas)
    • Fixed pathing for move + queued close combat not always picking the shortest move path
    • Prevented characters reloading in inventory by dragging ammo, when they don't have enough AP for a reload. (ushas)
    • Reachable tiles no longer show that an attack is possible in error, when a character has move AP. (ushas)
    • Fixed an issue where rapidly right clicking a tile adjacent to an exploding object after mousing over same object could lead to character melee attacking the object in error (ushas)
    • Fixed shotguns with no ammo not notifying the player when they attempt to attack (Nathan)
    • Fixed enemies not always spawning with full health, when they are receiving a stat buff from a racket (Murkki017)Fixed getting intel from a racket causing game to become stuck in some cases, if all boss intel is already known. (Murkkio017)
    • Fixed a number of errors with perk descriptions. (awg)
  17. TheVigilante

    TheVigilante First time out of the vault

    Oct 11, 2016
    Vigilantes Version 28 Released!

    Like the past few updates, version 28 focuses on adding content, improving balance, but also on completing work which is required for final release. The expectation is that there will be two more updates, and that release will occur in the first 2 weeks of October 2018. To herald in the update, Vigilantes is currently on sale on Steam.

    We hope you enjoy the latest update and as always, your comments, questions and observations are welcome. Have a good weekend!

    + You can choose the deploy close to enemies or further away
    + Patrols on city tiles now link to combat on the correct map type
    + Additional tile types added to city map
    + Crafting system and crafting UI improved
    + Several 1000 additional words of dialogue (3 non combat, 5 post combat encounter)
    + Final two maps added
    + 7 perks added
    + 2 new utility items
    + Balance and quality of life improvements.

    Development Video

    Update Notes

    + You can now choose whether to deploy close, or further away from enemies in patrols. Based on highest party surveillance and bypass skills. Failure results in being ambushed, meaning you will start in a disadvantageous position.

    + New Perk: Lead Finger (Special Attack: Fire a 4x burst with an SMG for 7AP)
    + New Perk: Weak Spot (Activated: All attacks made with a handgun this turn bypass armour)
    + New Perk: Gunslinger (+20% damage and critical chance with handguns & SMGs)
    + New Perk: Firing Position (-1AP for attacks with precision rifles if character has not moved this turn)
    + New Perk: Sniper (+15% damage, +10% critical chance, +10% chance to hit body parts with precision rifles)
    + New Perk: Destroyer (+20% damage, +20% critical chance with unarmed, bladed and blunt attacks)
    + New Perk: Buckshot Storm (+20% damage with shotguns)
    + New Map: Old Industrial Train Station
    + New Map: Motel. This is the 46th and likely final map to be added.
    + New non combat encounter: Amateur Hour
    + New non combat encounter: Lost and Found
    + New non combat encounter: Spare change
    + Added post combat dialogue for Dilettant, Insurance Claim, Meltdown, The Hit, Grave Diggers
    + New Utility Item: Lightweight Footwear (+1 Move AP)
    + New Utility Item: Lockpick Kit (+5 Bypass)
    + New crafting recipes: Lockpick Kit, Nobuki Samurai +, Katana +
    + Improved Grand Theology Auto encounter with multiple choices and ally dialogue
    + Added extra ally dialogue to a number of encounters

    + Made a number of adjustments to how enemies scale over time, to maintain difficulty level of game over time.
    + Sam begins with intel on 3 danger level 1 tiles.
    + Provisionally set max character level at 35, max skill at 125, max stat at 15
    + Reduced upgrades per weapon to 7. Previously, there were up to 14. Upgrades now focus on enhancing the weapons' strengths and retaining distinctions between weapon classes.
    + Melee weapon special attack (bleeding, concussion, winded) chance and armour damage can now be upgraded.
    + Know Thine Enemy Perk now reveals armour condition of enemies, types of equipment carried, and number of enemy reinforcements.
    + Increased Church of the Final Exodus Fleetness and Toughness Stats.
    + Increased critical chance of bladed weapons
    + Adjusted start, spawn, and flee positions for players and enemies for all patrol maps
    + Choosing a to deploy close to enemies provides a +1 initiative bonus
    + Enemies gain an initiative and ap bonus at hardboiled and hero difficulty.
    + Shop will always refresh stock with at least 1 weapon upgrade parts, gunpowder and medical supplies.
    + Gang leaders will ambush at level 9+ now, but will react more quickly to your attacks on districts.

    + The maps missions take place in are now linked to the city tile they are launched from
    + Dialogue encounters now occur more frequently
    + Additional enemies can now be spawned as a result of a dialogue choice
    + Players can sustain an injury as a result of a dialogue choice
    + Enemies can be removed from play as a result of dialogue choices.
    + Improved crafting interface for weapon and armour stat upgrades.
    + Improved crafting interface for general crafting and item/armour type upgrades.
    + All dialogue options are now shown regardless if they are available or not.

    [Quality of Life]
    + The number of upgrades a weapon or armour has are now displayed.
    + The quantity of items crafted can now be increased.
    + Added reload button to firearms at home.
    + A character's, or your entire team's items can be repaired with a single click.


    + Fixed cancelling body part targetting preventing character from ending turn until another action is carried out
    + Fixed incorrect text being displayed on the city map wealth tooltip (Murkki017)
    + Fixed upgrading a single weapon upgrading multiple weapons of that type. (liessahl, Nomad, Ushas, Snobby)
    + Fixed an issue where items could be duplicated by dragging placing them in the shopping cart, and dragging them back. (FiniteThrills)
    + Fixed an issue where rapidly changing equipped item could cause issues with hand positioning.
    + Fixed melee interrupt on a thrown attack sometimes causing game to freeze.
  18. Javier

    Javier First time out of the vault

    Aug 9, 2018
  19. TheVigilante

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    Oct 11, 2016
    Hey Javier. Yep, brass knuckles are in the game!
  20. Risewild

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    Modder Orderite

    Jun 14, 2014
    I totally forgot to come by and say that this thread made me buy the game last Christmas. :nod:

    I haven't had much time to play games since the start of the year, but I managed to squeeze a few hours and I like it. Great job you have done there. :ok:
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