Was Fallout 3 your introduction to the Fallout series?

Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by Sn1p3r187, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I know the feeling. :aiee:

    ENCLAVECOMMANDER Why isn't your video feed working?

    Jun 27, 2009
    FO3 was definitely my introduction to the series. I was 12 at the time and I loved it...for a while. Eventually I got bored with it, and I actually signed up for this very forum around that time. I felt defensive about the game at first, but in time I was really able to get into FO1 & 2. I guess I owe it that much.

    Nowadays I only like 3 for its over-the-top blasty-blasty shootman combat, its utterly transparent power fantasy element and its hilariously bad writing. Even then it's kind of a PITA to put up with.
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    How old ? The franchise only has two decades. It is very recent when you compare with most movie franchises.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    That is true, but people who played Fallout when it first came out could have been 20 years old back then, or 30, etc. :aiee: :V
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    May 17, 2016
    My introduction to the series was the Fallout 1 demo, released in a CD in a french gaming magazine in the late 90's (which mostly contained a gallery of soft porn, unfinished 2D shitty games and softwares that were basically viruses).
    It was different from anything I ever played. I didn't understand a word the NPCs were saying (I didn't speak English yet, I was a younggun) but it didn't matter, there was something new about this game. It was gritty, it was brutal, it was tense and amazing. I played it for months, again and again, until I had the opportunity of playing Fallout 1's intro, at the computer of some weird ass accounting firm. Don't ask my why accountants had Fallout 1 on their 90's PCs, I still have no idea.

    in 1999, I finally stumbled upon the box of Fallout 2 in a shitty CD store owned by a hippy, and it was there, with maybe three or four other games max (including Carmageddon and KKND 2. Good memories.). I insist on the "stumble upon". Finding specific games in the 90's France was insanely difficult if you lived outside Paris. And if you found your game, you had to make sure to buy it fast, otherwise someone else could come and take it, and then it'd be gone forever. It was a different time ^^

    Anyway, finally, it was mine, and I could start roaming in the wasteland. Bought Fallout 1 in the same year -1999- and I remember that I was playing it when my parents were celebrating the 2000 new year.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Yes and no. I was aware of Fallout thanks to a friend who talked endlessly about it. And then I played FO3 with him when it came out as my first one because he thought it was gonna be at least similar to the other games. Then he told me how shit FO3 was and at his insistence I also played FO2 in parallel to Fo3. By the time New Vegas was coming out I had already gotten seasoned into classic Fallout.
  7. Whammytap

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    Aug 5, 2016
    Nope. I started with the first one. I'm glad my husband insisted. We played all the games in order with the exception of Tactics, which I am sorry to have skipped and would very much like to play.

    Fallout 3 was, however, my introduction to first-person shooter perspective. Man, was it crazy stepping out of Vault 101 for the first time! I felt like I was there, actually got some mild vertigo the first few times playing.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    That story was a wild ride from start to finish.
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    Jan 26, 2017
    No, it was New Vegas. Although I treated New Vegas like it was its own standalone game, until I booted up Fo3 for the first time. I realized from the start Fo3 was different in a lot of ways. No iron sights? Less broad selection of weapons? Karma plays a huge role in the game? It was Fo3 and FONV that made me a Fallout fan. To this day, I still love both games, although New Vegas has a bit more love. :smile:
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    Jun 10, 2017
    actually yes and no . back in the time when PoS3 came out i was intrigued by it and thought that will be a great game but i had a very low end pc ( when i think of it now it was a lucky thing ) , so i got fallout 1&2 and enjoyed them a lot , when i finally i took a better pc ( but still a crappy one ( in morroco the price of a good pc is the same of a pretty good car ... )) i couldn't run PoS3 due the lack of optimisation so the i played new vegas and loved it , and one day a "friend" gived me a patch for PoS3 and a i totaly erased this "friend" from my life .
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    Jun 25, 2015
    Yes and no
    Yes because I got introduced to the fallout series by the way of Fallout 3 reviews and all that.
    No because the first Fallout game I've actually played was NV.
  12. Phantom Courier

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    Jun 27, 2017
    Yes, it was. At first the whole Fallout world confused the hell out of me and I didn't understand alot of it. It wasn't until I got the GOTY edition that I realized what I was supposed to do. After playing and finishing Fallout 3, I got New Vegas. I hated it at first, but eventually I came around to liking it.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Nope, and those I attempted to convert have shunned me. I am better for it.

  14. Tawûsê

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    Jul 20, 2017
    I remember getting up early on Saturday mornings to play through Fallout 3. Never played video games during the weekdays as a general rule of thumb, but I was crazy for New Vegas once it was announced.

    Obviously, New Vegas was a bit of a wake up call, as to how good a game could be, and how it was inexcusable for a development house as big as Bethesda to create something on the scale of Fallout 3 without any of the core RPG elements provided by NV and other classic RPG's of the late 90's and early 2000's.
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    Aug 15, 2017
    Yes it was and I still regard it as one of my favorite games ever. Kind of a silly thing to say but I still play Fallout 3 from start to finish doing everything once a year. I did so at the start of this year and will do so in 2018.

    It's funny considering I disliked Fallout 3 when I first played it. "This is Oblivion with guns" I said and got rid of it. Some time later I kept seeing videos on it and decided to give it a second chance. I never looked back.

    I gave the game a fair unbiased shot and it blew me away. It seems some here in NMA simply never let go of that bias and so hate the game unfairly. The criticism I have seen over the years regarding Fallout 3's story and writing is frankly ridiculous. Especially when said people hold Fallout 2 as the Holy Grail of RPG design.

    Yes Fallout 3 rehashes the Enclave and Super Mutant/FEV but Fallout 2 rehashes the "find the McMuffin and save your people" plot of Fallout 1.

    "You found it? Good, now go deal with this world ending threat before humanity is exterminated for good."

    Both games do this and nobody seems to care.

    At least Fallout 3 did not rip off Fallout 1 & 2 too much. There's the Enclave and a new breed of Super Mutants. But their goals are the same and they kinda aren't at the same time. It makes sense the psychotic mutants want more of themselves to rule the wastes. What else would psychotic human-eating mutants want?

    And the reason why Eden wants what Richardson wanted also makes sense. He himself admits he is an amalgamation of all presidents up to Richardson.

    Check this out because I really like it; Fallout 1 had The Master, leader of the Super Mutants. An amalgamation of multiple personalities which forced him to stay in one location as locomotion was impossible by 2161.

    In Fallout 2 the Enclave had Frank Horrigan, a superior Super Mutant in Power Armor.

    In Fallout 3 we have President Eden who is like The Master. An amalgamation of multiple personalities, an abomination of ZAX computing and unable to move from Raven Rock.

    I just like how The Enclave have a foil for Fallout 1's main enemy and Big Bad; those being the titular Super Mutant and The Master.

    Makes me all warm inside to see clever similarities like these in the two biggest enemies we have ever fought in the world of Fallout.

    Connections like these are overlooked by 99% of gamers sadly. I'm not saying this alone makes Fallout 3 a good game. I'm not here to convice anyone of that.
  16. CerberusGate

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    Jun 6, 2016
    Fallout 3 was the first Fallout game I ever played. Never got to play the others first plus with how under-powered my family laptop was (this was around the 1993+) and how young I was, I doubt I would have played it for long.

    As for intro, I had heard of Fallout before 3. I can hazily recall hearing about the series being obtained by Bethesda due to the Fallout online matter when I was rather young, hence the hazy recollection.
  17. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    That comparison.:puke:
    Sure, Bethesda wants Eden to be like the Master, but the writing is on such a different, lower level, it's not even funny.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    I have been "playing" it nonstop for almost 6 years, I enjoy "playing" it although not in the same way as I enjoy other RPGs. I am a P&P fan so I prefer P&P style games, I get bored of action games really fast. Fallout 3 while bad in many levels still manage to keep me interested (while Skyrim or Fallout 4 already make me bored easily). Although it is true that it becomes more fun when you play it with all the improvements from the more polished Fallout New Vegas engine.
    You know that most people here prefers Fallout and/or Fallout New Vegas over Fallout 2, right? Also for me, Fallout games are not the Holy Grail of RPG design (although they were the most innovative for their time). That honor still goes to Planescape: Torment, for me.
    While Fallout 2 rehashes the "find the McMuffin and save your people plot of Fallout 1" it also adds a lot more. It shows the evolution and advancement of people and civilization over the area. Adds more stories and background, adds new factions and expands old ones, adds more settlements that are totally different from what we see in Fallout 1, like New Reno and Vault City, etc. Fallout 2 expands a lot on Fallout 1. While Fallout 3 doesn't expand anything on the lore and just mindlessly throws "elements" from the older games around for no good reason (yes I am looking at you Harold, Enclave, Super Mutants, GECK, BoS, etc).
    Oh, but people do care. You should have seen the anger in the late 90's early 2000's :lmao: even today there are classic fans who hate Fallout 2 a lot. The thing is that Fallout 2 had plenty of stupid or nonsense stuff, the plot basis was the same, but it had also a lot of redeeming qualities. Not to mention the game was rushed to hell because Interplay pushed Black Isle to release it way before it was supposed to reach the deadline. While Fallout 3 wasn't rushed at all, they had all the time in the world to make it (they had just got tons of profit from Oblivion, so they weren't even pressured financially) and still they did a worst job in world building that make sense (yes, it is fun to explore in Fallout 3, but the world doesn't make much sense most of the time), in story (Fallout 3 main story contains so many plotholes an entire train can fall into it), characters (most characters are bland and boring), etc.
    Fallout 2 gets lot of hate too, but it has more good things that make it more liked, than Fallout 3 has compared to the past games.
    This is a bit stupid though (how Super Mutants and Enclave are represented, not your opinion :V), the Enclave follows a president they do not respect/obey, where a Colonel has the support of 100% of the troops. Why do they even follow Eden to begin with? They are against his plan of decimating all the living creatures (humans included) in the wasteland but they still follow his orders of setting extermination camps around the wasteland that promises pure water for anyone who goes there, while they just want to kill anyone who is mutated or irradiated (which is 100% of the wasteland population)? Makes no sense.
    Super Mutants are even worst. First they have the brain power of small children, how do they learned how to use and administrate the precise amount of FEV to turn humans into Super Mutants? We see in the vault many failed experiments from the time real scientists tried to do it, but how come stupid dumb SM can do it by themselves? How did they also managed to make Centaurs on their own? Which is a complex and precise scientific project? Remember, they locked Fawkes because he is smart and likes to read computer terminals. That means other Super Mutants do not use computer terminals, everything in their vault is controlled by terminals so how do they make more Super Mutants and Centaurs?
    Where did they got their weapons and how did they learned how to use them? They are very stupid and don't read or use terminals, how did they all learn all of these things. How did the Super Mutants even began? I mean, if the first East Coast Super mutants were made before the bombs fell but were contained in the vault, how did they survived for more than 200 years until they came out, how did they reached their numbers? No settlement besides Big Town (and this raid is only recent) mentions any Super Mutants raids or problems, so how did they got such big numbers? They have to not only make more SM from the captives they get, but also feed themselves with the captives so where do they get so many humans? How did Little Lamplight kids manage to keep SM away (they say they got pretty good at that) when only five kids have weapons and they are all low tier weapons (.32 pistol, Chinese pistol, Sawed-off shotgun, Assault Rifle and the Wazer Wiffle) that wouldn't scratch a SM (also the kids weapon skills are really low, like less than 20).
    How do Super Mutants capture humans when they always attack to kill? They do this to the PC, to the PC companions, to raiders, to BoS, to Talon Company, to Merchant caravans, to Slavers, to hunters, etc.
    It would be ok if one or two of these things existed, but when so much stuff like this happens and the game doesn't even try to justify or explain or show any way it could work... It's just horrible writing and world building.

    For example, the Master explains all of the things in Fallout 2 about his SM and how they work/function, he has his cult to get people to become SM, he has scientists and researchers, he has psyker powers that allows him to send orders and control in some ways his Super Mutants, which are still smarter than the ones from Fallout 3 so many of them can function perfectly well by themselves (some even become smarter than they were being human).
    So you're saying that every single other president in the USA (land of the freedom) history would want to exterminate all the innocent humans in the wasteland? To me it seems like there would be way more that wouldn't want to do that. Why does Richardson win? Eden keeps quoting other historical presidents on his radio, but he secretly follows the reasoning of just Richardson? Doesn't make sense to me.
    The thing is that the Enclave doesn't have a foil for the Super Mutants and the Master, it has a foil for everyone and everything that is alive in the whole USA (maybe the world). The altered FEV will kill anything that has mutations, which is every living thing that ever set foot on the wastes. It is not just the Super Mutants, it is all the humans, animals, mutated plants, insects, etc.
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    Dec 6, 2016
    Plus one here that does not hate F3. It's not a very good game, but it has its fun and it's not terrible as F4. But defending the atrocity that is the writing of this game sounds like insanity.

    The final battle is to decide which faction presses a button, ffs. The results are the same =/
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    Jun 14, 2014
    I just noticed I forgot to mention... Why does the Enclave in Fallout 3 have the radio station and place signs and posters to recruit/convince people that they are good guys... I mean... Why? They want to kill everyone in the wastes, so why are they wasting resources sending several eyebots with their radio into the wastes or making signs like this:

    There is a reason to advertise yourself and promise a lot of good things to people. It is to make them like and support you... But what is the point when you will use a virus to wipe them all out quickly while they don't even know if you really exist or not?

    Compare that with the Enclave of Fallout 2. They are secret, they do things in secrecy. They don't announce their existence to the world until they are in their final stages of their plan (and still they don't announce themselves, it was lucky they left Hakunin behind because they thought he had died or no one would have ever known about the Enclave until it was too late).
    Secretive Enclave makes a lot of sense since they were the Shadow Government before the bombs fell. During their history, their entire success have been because no one knew they existed. They failed in Fallout 2 because someone found out they were there and stopped them... So why would Eden go against the Enclave philosophy of moving the pieces behind the scenes that was what always allowed the Enclave to succeed and survive? Specially since there is absolutely no advantage in letting the Wasteland know they exist.

    Even in terms of gameplay, if Fallout 3 didn't show or told you that there is a Enclave in the game as soon as you step out of the vault (there is an eyebot playing the Enclave radio just a few steps from Vault 101), and all of a sudden they appear out of nowhere on project purity, it would be a much bigger impact/shock/surprise the first time we play the game. Instead we just go "Oh, those must be the Enclave everyone and their dog talk about and advertise themselves everywhere.", while we could be going "WTF! Who are those guys in highly advanced looking power armor!?" (for those who never played the Fallout 2) or "WTF! What is the Enclave doing here!?" (for those who recognized them).

    Also imagine if the Enclave was hidden in Fallout 3 and no one knew they were there, then during the end of the game we found out that the Enclave had a spy in the Project Purity team. James only knew about the GECK because the Enclave somehow hinted it's existed, that the Enclave killed James wife by injecting her with the altered FEV hoping to kill her and the baby (maybe because James had mentioned that he wanted to move to the vault so his kid could have a safe future) so James wouldn't abandon Project Purity. Maybe even make James' wife being the Enclave Spy, but she actually fell in love with James and after the baby was born, she planned on telling James about the Enclave, so they poisoned her with the FEV without her knowing.
    We then find out that they have been manipulating James to make Project Purity a reality from behind the scenes, just so they could then use the FEV on it. Now that sounds like the Enclave methods...

    You could even throw in the Super Mutants being because the Enclave made a few using the facilities of vault 87 and gave them the means of making more, just so it would keep the BoS busy, so they wouldn't meddle with the Enclave, or find out the Enclave was there or whatever.
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