Weird Food!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Choro Ex, Jun 10, 2003.

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    Apr 3, 2003
    No, haven't eaten snails, ever, and I don't think the French do the above. The French have quite an ordinary cuisine, in fact, people tend to go all "ewww, eating snails" when talking about the French.

    It's all rediculous, the French have an excellent kitchen, much better than, say, the British.
  2. Ugly John

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    Apr 3, 2003
    An old favorite quote of mine " The Brits could not make toast even if you plugged the toater for them! " I don't know who it's from but it's funny.
    I've heard variation on the theme including hot dogs and boiling water.
  3. [PCE]el_Prez

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    Apr 25, 2003
    i got the potatoes du cowards thing from maxim, they have the best french bashing writers ive ever seen.
  4. SkynetV4

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Brit Cuisine

    The Brits have some of the most tasteless dishes I have ever tasted in my short life. I once ate one of their famous Porridge soups and had to puke when I got home. I HATE TOMATOES and drinking a COLD, TOMATO soup freaked me out.
  5. [PCE]el_Prez

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    Apr 25, 2003
    isnt that spanish food? Gespatcho or something?
  6. Rogue Hex

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    Apr 10, 2003
    French food is excellent. They have some of the best cooking ever. Un like most british, they still enjoy a full meal, starters, main course and so on where as in the UK, i think its rare that people still sit down around a table and have a 3 course meal on a normal day or night.

    Plus, i had the chance to dine (sp?) with french farmers after they finished a days ensilage, maybe 12 to 13 people around the table, a full 8 course meal perfectly cooked *drools*. The best meals i've ever had were in France. And you're right, the french don't eat all the things people say. When i ate snails, it was in the UK. My mam decided to buy some just to try.
  7. alec

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    May 21, 2003
    Ha, I don't know if this is a typical Flemish recipe, but what the heck: in Dutch (which is the language Flemish people speak) it is called 'preskop' (e.g. squashed head) or 'hoofdkaas' (e.g. headcheese). What is it? Well, it's what you get when you crush or grind a pig's head! My dad loves it (he says it's great with some mustard! ha!).

    Over here in Belgium (Flanders), we actually eat all the parts of a pig: the curly tail, the feet (we like to put those in our soup!), the brain, the stomach, the intestines... and whe make sausages from the blood...

    We like cows too! We like them so much that we even eat their tongues and their udders. I often think Indian people must hate our guts (oh yeah, we eat cow's guts too...).

    You think that's gross? Well, it is a known fact that a lot of little, cute babies sometimes eat their own shit! Ha! No kidding. It's rich in vitamin B12!

    I suppose that - with the right spices and sauces - humans could eat just about anything. In that respect, we are very similar to rats.
  8. Ugly John

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Americans will eat just about anything as long as it's covered with ketchup and that you tell'em it's a new and improved recipe.
  9. dragon12321

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    Jun 20, 2003
    LOL @ John

    Actually, I couldn't eat half this stuff unless I didn't know what I was eating.

    Then it would probably be very tasty.

    But Iguanas? Who can eat something as cool as Iguanas? :P

    Fear the German Weisswurst, a whit-ish sausage made of....all...sorts of meat, usually eaten with a Pretzel (a REAL, soft pretzel, not the little hard ones in the plastic bag) and a Beer.

    Actually, I hate that stuff, even though I'm German. I'd go with Bami Goreng every day though :D
  10. Tsuki no Kage

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    Apr 7, 2003
    wahahaha, choro-kun! a lot of tasteful stuffs you've mentioned there!

    you're forgetting lordju from surabaya... that's a kind of sea worms. you can stir-fry them, or you can make potato chips dotted with them. quite a tasteful treat, i'd say.

    and we still have "sop kaki" (literal meaning: foot soup)! can be taken either from lamb or cow... it is, quite contrary to the meaning, composed from all the insides of the creature (especially the lamb ones... it may contain the eyes, the "torpedoes", and all). i've tasted the lamb one once... it'll made you hot inside-out!

    speaking of poisonous foods, we have rubber seeds. yep, the seeds of latex-yielding hevea. the direction of cooking is similar to gadung. those who survived said it tasted like rice... but who knows?

    and did you know that in sumatra, we cook rice with cannabis and chili leaves? i am totally clueless of what it can do to us.

    we still have tempoyak, a sour matter composed of rotting durian. yep, you make it by leaving some durian to rot in a sealed case. i can't imagine how it smelled. never dared to make it while i'm still residing in sumatra.

    and the malays in riau archipelago made dishes out of rotten fishes. i forgot its name though.

    between the more better-known 'unusual' dishes, we know sushi, fugu, and the like.

    in short, the world is full of yummy dishes, no matter unusual or not!
  11. Gwydion

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    May 6, 2003
    I'm almost afraid to ask but... what are a sheep's torpedoes?
  12. Choro Ex

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    Apr 15, 2003
    Torpedo is Pancreas (so don't you think it's goat Penis or anything like that!!)

    Arabian ate healthy food. Like the famous "Mouzzard" or something. It is a soup made from Yoghurt and Lamb. The Yoghurt dissolves fat and Cholesterols, made it very healthy. I also love Russian soup, also made from Yoghurt with addition of beet.
    Arabian bread also good, made from coarse wheat. The regular bread (especially Indonesian cheap 500 rupiahs bread (One US$ equals to 8200 Rupiahs.) Chocolate flavour, but filled with some brown substance tasted like dust. The cheese one contains powdery substance which didn't look and taste like cheese.) could be crushed easily, but you could take 4 loaf of Syrian "Khubus" and slap someone. Take more loafs and you could use it as hammer. Very healthy.

    Surprised to see Dragon loves "Bami Goreng", altough the phrase are Indo-Malay, the food are come from China. Bet you also hate the "Sauerkraut". Heard that during WWII, most of Spanish Legion war victim was from eating that than from RUSSIAN bullet.

    Indonesian people got a bad habit of frying anything (literally, even we fry Ice Cream). Well, we got Fried Rice, Fried Noodle (or Bakmi Goreng), Fried chicken, Fried Banana, Fried Cassava, Fried Sweet Potatoes, Fried Apple (Yup!), Fried Pineapple (It needs technique to do this.), Fried Jackfruit, Fried anything....

    Don't forget Rendang. The real one made by boiling meat in Coconut Milk and chilli for at least 4 hours. The whole cholesterols floats and the Coconut Milk become Coconut Oil. Very spicy with very high content of Cholesterols and Fat. Not a healthy food but could last for days, and days, and days, and days and more days (Bet could last longer than Dunton's Jerky.)

    That's why i loves my mum. She got a good habit of throwing anything into Pressure Cooker Pan. Pressure Cooker made meat more tender, and remove lots of fats and cholesterols. Plus with Pressure cooker, we can cook very fast, just half an hour for a good Rendang.

    But i think all of you guys agree that lots of weird (some says: exotic) food come from China!!!
  13. Ugly John

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I guess weird food depends on your location.
    Sheppard's pie would probably look odd to you , but over here it's the food that made the farmers go thru the winter. It's a 3 layer thing. The bottom layer is cooked ground beef (you can substitute), on top of that you put cream-corn and you finish it off with mashed potatos, put in the oven at broil for 10 minutes and voila!
    .... you can also put ketchup on it.

    IIRC that recipie came to north america with the first scotich settlers. Back then there was a bird (now extinc) called a Tourte, that bird was so dumb that it did not flew away when men came close, so they were easy to kill. With this meat easilly available, they called it in french a Tourtiere.

    One of my favorite meal (during the holidays) is a tourtiere du lac St-Jean. It's made with 5 pounds of beef (of elk), 5 pounds of chicken ( or faisan), 5 pounds of veal (or rabbit) and ten pounds of potatoes. It's cooked in a crust and takes about 24 hours to cook.
    Yummy and filling. I usually gain about five pounds if i eat that 3 days in a row.
  14. Tsuki no Kage

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    Apr 7, 2003
    nope choro-kun.... it's literally "theirs".... supposed to be an aphrodisiac or something...

    we're forgetting brains here! here we process brains (usually cow's, because theirs are the largest) in a multitude of ways... fried, thrown in curry, etc, etc. they taste yummy, but mind the cholesterol.