What will be the canon ending of New Vegas?

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  1. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    ^Arroyo is in NCR territory, and eveyrthing south and north from it is, and it seems that canonicaly the Chosen One was pro NCR.

    And the Chosen one heir thing sounds terrible.
  2. palaweno22

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    Apr 15, 2012
    regarding New Arroyo, i thought the new settlement wasn't anywhere near the original Arroyo of Fallout 2 (if i'm wrong though, i stand corrected) and personally i love the fallout series due to its chaotic appeal, while I agree that the Chosen One might be pro-NCR, I think it might be due to the fact that he has no other major political faction to align with since the families in New Reno are concerned more with their internal struggles aside from the Bishops, and Vault City is just too small to resist the NCR, also you can not join the Enclave aside from being a guardsman. New Arroyo should be a seperate city-state not only is this good story-wise but also to resist the imperialist policies of the current NCR on its push north. i hope that New Arroyo adopts a political philosophy not rooted in democracy, totalitarianism, or any current pre-war ideology so that it would be totally unique, and a breeding ground for political intrigue and thus more room to maneuver for us morally-ambiguous players, a city like Constantinople at its zenith.

    regarding the Chosen One heir thing, yes, i know that its a common plot, but isn't the Chosen one himself an heir of the Vault Dweller?
  3. EvilBastrd

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Well I believe New Arroyo is in southern Oregon.

    I hope canon ending is indy.
  4. drgong

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    Aug 13, 2004
    I think it will be the Yes man ending.
  5. MelonHead

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    May 6, 2012
    I think it will either be NCR, Independent, or Mr.House

    Or if the Courier is evil then Caesar's Legion
  6. BFox17

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    Apr 20, 2012
    It's difficult choosing the canon ending for the game to be honest. But I'd say it's a toss up between Independence and House. Hmm, just a feeling. It's just that the Platinum Chip features heavily throughout both of these playthroughs, and never really makes much of an impact in the NCR and Legion paths.

    For me, the story of New Vegas seems set on the Courier retrieving the Chip and using it to decide the fate of Vegas, through choosing to create independence or to help House. The Chip seems like a Macguffin in the NCR and Legion paths since it does not need to be used. It's just you getting the Chip, and it sits in your pocket doing nothing as you help the NCR or Legion... That's all down to opinion though and I'm sure people will disagree with me.
  7. EvilBastrd

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Indy me thinks. The fact that Mr House, a pre-war billionaire offers me 1250 caps tops to bring the Chip is an insult. Especially after I was used as a guinea pig and got shot in the head.

    His failure of legitimate compensation results in his death every time. 1250 just doesn't support my chem habit, old man.
  8. CthuluIsSpy

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    Dec 20, 2011
    Well, you can get 14000 caps from the snow globes, which is pretty nice.
  9. For NCR

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    May 1, 2012
    Even though I'm a NCR fan, I'd have to say independent is where it's at for canon.

    But guess what! Bethesda won't bother using the same setting, so it doesn't really matter anymore! Though I hate the fact that they are doing this, well, it's expected.
  10. BFox17

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Well considering how he spent over 800 000 caps trying to get the Chip in one year alone, he could have done way better than that, considering how you're vital to his plans anyway. I mean I would have still ended up killing him and taking over myself, but he still could have given me a better offer 8-)
  11. The_Noob

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    May 28, 2012
    Mr. House's ending.

    It sets up the idea that both Caesar's Legion and NCR have lost, thus creating many consequences.
  12. BFox17

    BFox17 Still Mildly Glowing

    Apr 20, 2012
    I like the ending being kept up to the player. If I found out that the Legion was the real ending and many of the inhabitants of the Mojave end up being enslaved, I wouldn't like it very much. Ignorance is bliss.
  13. Chromevod

    Chromevod Nope.

    May 25, 2011
    So you want him to pay up more money for snow globes, which are merely a hobby, than he did for the chip? As for only paying you 1250 caps for bringing it to him, well the original price was 1000 caps to bring it to him. That was the deal. I'd say getting use of the Lucky 38 as a base, as well as VIP access to the rest of the strip is a nice payment option.
  14. Mistrz

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    Apr 28, 2009
    I`d love the battle ended with draw and massive damages to damn itself. No winners, just casulties on both sides cause war never changes.
  15. BFox17

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    Apr 20, 2012
    I wasn't talking about wanting a better price for the snowglobes. We're talking about the money you get for delivering the Chip. I'm arguing he didn't offer me enough for the Chip considering how it provides one with a deadly Securitron army and one with a chance to rule Vegas.
  16. Chromevod

    Chromevod Nope.

    May 25, 2011
    Oh, well that's simple. You were just the final courier doing the last leg of the trip. The fact that afterwards he basically makes you his hands and feet in Vegas is also kind of a nice bonus. After a while people figure out that when you're around, it's basically as good as having House there himself.
  17. BFox17

    BFox17 Still Mildly Glowing

    Apr 20, 2012
    I am quite content being House's lieutenant. To be honest, I like both House's and the Wild Card paths :)
  18. Chromevod

    Chromevod Nope.

    May 25, 2011
    I did House's path in my second and third runs. I really like him, and while he has his fair share of philosophical musings, unlike the other factions at least he starts talking numbers.
  19. Moonrabbit

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    Apr 20, 2012
    I think independent or House ending.

    They do a good job of vilifying whomever you're not actively siding with. However, they also repeatedly question authority and centralized government.

    On my first play through I was heavily siding with the NCR, though I intended on siding with Yes Man in the end.
    Once I met Cooke in vault 19, I pretty much stopped helping the NCR at all and focused on helping more of the smaller groups.

    In Cooke, you had the 'leader' (or maybe 'creator' is more accurate.) of a faction whom is initially portrayed as an antagonist, but then explain he was only a villain because he hated the NCR. Which a lot of people in the wastes do. He was just more active about it.
    This is someone who has a lot of sway over the more sociopathic types in the powder gangers, whom are really only doing whatever is needed to survive after having been labeled criminals by some half assed attempt at government rule.
    Even the first powder gangers you encounter were going after a member of one of the biggest corporations in the wastes, and that's fine by me.
    Goodsprings never at any point really feels threatened by the powder gangers. They know they'll need to deal with them at some point, and they do so.
    Ideally I think there would have been a peaceful solution, and maybe there is. My second character was considerably less of a talker than the first. But that sets the theme of: Yes there's chaos, and violence in anarchy, but it's better than the violence and oppression of a group like the NCR.

    My point is that in the first couple towns. Goodsprings and Primm they heavily emphasize the theme if independence, while expressing a general dislike of centralized government (In Goodsprings) And the willingness to join one in dire situations(Primm). But also detail how loose of a hold the NCR has on the area.
    Establishing independence for these settlements in some ways helps the NCR(For the time being.) because they don't need to expend as much in the way of resources, etc, etc. Over all, it's better for everyone.

    As I already stated, they go on to alter your perceptions of things throughout the game. But as good storytelling goes, I think those first few experiences really set the theme for the 'ideal' scenario in the game.

    They also turned the Great Khans from one of the major antagonists in the west, into a humble group of peoples, simply trying to live freely. Again leaning towards the social-anarchy theme. Straying from a more black and white perspective of the original games.

    I think it could be a House ending based on the fact that if you side with Yes Man, there doesn't seem to be any sort of control over the securitrons, they just 'Keep the peace' at all costs, which turns the strip into such a dangerous place that the Followers leave.
    Also, the fact that you lose karma for disconnecting House despite that he was a batshit crazy, paranoid, power hungry lunatic.

    I lean more towards the Yes Man ending, because of that previously set theme of no centralized powers. But then since House only cares about Vegas, maybe he really is the best way to grant it independence. The outlying settlements will still be free.
    I think in the long run, house will disappear. He kept himself alive for that long waiting to get the chip back. That was his goal. Opening the doors to the 38 was setting the stage for the end of the game.
    All the cards are on the table and eventually he's going to be knocked out of power. May as well be done by the Courrier.
    You can't count on one person, or any one set of ideals to take care of a society for any extended period.

    In my ideal scenario, you would establish some sort of agreement between all the smaller factions. Followers, BOS, Khans, Powder gangers, Boomers, etc to ensure the dam and Helios 1 provide power to the area(Or destroy them both). You'd knock the NCR, Legion and House out of the picture and destroy the securitrons.
    Set the stage for long term independence, then remove it's greatest enemies.

    What of the rest of the legion? The legion needs to be expunged from Fallout history the way Highlander 2 is ignored by everybody but Robot Chicken for satirical purposes.
    The fact that they are portrayed as having grown as large as they have is an offence to the Fallout universe and the title of 'Super Villain.'
    Their ridiculous pot and pan, miniskirt armour is just... Ugh.
    There's no excuse.
    They are a small time gang with a short sighted plan. They'll fall further than the Vipers and Jackals.
    Without Cesar and Lanius with his stupid fucking ugly mask, the people will go back to their tribal ways and never speak of the time they were ruled by stupid, ugly, imperialist wannabes who couldn't even craft their own armour and weapons from the millions of abandoned cars in the wasteland, but instead opted to use cookware and lawnmower blades. Yet somehow they were practically bulletproof!

    No matter what happens, yeah, I doubt it will have any impact on the next game. It will just be established history.
  20. BFox17

    BFox17 Still Mildly Glowing

    Apr 20, 2012
    Everything you said is essentially how I feel :)
    I lean more towards these endings as well for the reasons you
    stated :)