What would you like to see in future DLC?

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    There are plenty of shooters that have one shot head kills, yes they are are still unrealistic in other ways but they handle that part well enough without you becoming too powerful. That's the problem with fps combined with hitpoints they don't mix. In pen and paper gaming where it's all in your head or old school isometric/top down games where you can't actually see the bullets hit in great detail, then hit points work because they are an abstraction. If you get a hit but not a critical then you can imagine the bullet just creased their brow or made them flinch wearing them down, since hitpoints aren't just healthpoints. But when you see the bullets hit square between the eyes it becomes jarring and immersion breaking, especially on higher difficulties.

    Power armour in NV comes over more like just a suit of metal rather than an powered exoskeleton made of a poly-laminate composite.
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    Which makes them useless. Doubt anyone who pumped that much points in survival would use an impoved leather armor at that time. At best, you could have 60-70 survival skill and the double bonus from skill magazines perk, but still, I don't think it's all that useful to be able to craft such an armor.
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    Yeah... that kinda sucks. The highest survival skill for any of my characters is 50, and he is level 24 -- so I would have to pump every skill point I get for the next 2 or 3 level-ups into survival.

    I guess that's what I'll have to do,,, as soon as PSN stops acting stupid. :x