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    Apr 22, 2016
    Typically with popular or well received games there are various challenges to "spice" up the game play for repeated plays. While the Fallout games are substantial enough I like to think that many of us would enjoy an agreeable challenge to toy with.

    Therefore I'm starting this thread to allow everyone to pose various game play challenges to each other. If you think of one please be sure to include a "do's and don't's" rule set so that we can limit confusion. The challenges can be game specific or can be used for all of the games (provided of course that it can translate effectively).

    One of my personal challenges that I enjoy: http://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/the-dos-and-donts-of-feral-kill-everything-play-throughs.214822/

    A challenge that a friend of mine enjoy's is the "One Weapon Only" challenge.
    In the "One Weapon Only" challenge players are forced to find a single weapon to use for the entirety of the game. Before players find their singular weapon they may not engage enemies nor defend themselves until a weapon is acquired (Yes they can run). If they pick one up and use it, it is now considered the only weapon they are allowed to use in the game.

    Now in some games the player is already given a weapon of some sort, however if they player does not wish to use this weapon for the entire game they may not use it. Players of course can pick up any weapons they find, the restriction is only in usage.

    When I tried this challenge, believe me it's not so easy. I ended up trying to use the pipe rifle from Fallout 2 for the entire game and that did not go well at all.

    But what about weapons that are single use like explosives, rocks, and other throwables?
    Unfortunately if you opt to use such a weapon, then you are stuck using the exact kind for the entire game. Explosives and other consumable weapons pose a great deal of difficulty if selected.

    Melee builds are acceptable, but they must utilize a weapon. Therefore unarmed builds are not authorized. However weapons such as brass knuckles, boxing gloves, and other melee oriented weapons are acceptable.

    What if my gun breaks? (Fallout 3 and NV) Don't let it break, if it breaks you have lost your only weapon and are now on the fast track to a pacifist play through.

    What if my weapon is stolen or taken from me due to a DLC? (Fallout 1, 2, 3, and NV) Sadly we cannot work around scripted sequences such as this. Your best approach to such scenarios is to ensure that your weapon is safely stored away in a location that it can be reacquired after the event. If playing through a DLC such as Dead Money, The Pit, or any other scenario that strips the player of their gear. Simply find a new weapon in that DLC to use as your only weapon for the whole DLC. However once the DLC is over you must return to your previous weapon.

    If you want to make this challenge even more difficult you are more than free to use the first weapon acquired in game. Although depending on the weapon that may not be ideal.
    From my friends advice he said not to wait to long to choose a weapon, the reason being so that you can better build your character around it.

    Feel free to try these out, and I would love to see some interesting challenges populate this thread as well, just make sure you do your best to make them understandable and with a reasonable amount of rules to ensure the challenge is adhered to.
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    Jul 2, 2016
    It think it would be rocks or flares if someone wanted maximum difficulty.
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    Apr 22, 2016
    Geez @NMLevesque really going straight for the tough stuff heh. Feel free to try that out and let me know how it works out.

    Also as people post new challenges I'll edit the first post above so that they are all together in an easy to find format. (with credit given of course.)
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Edited so rules are less confusing

    Fallout NV Pacifist
    -your kill stats must stay at 0 (you can cause damage to enemies as long your hit isn't finishing one)
    -kills by companions are forbidden (temporary companions don't count towards it, for example Ranger Milo in Back In Your Own Backyard)

    Fallout YOLO
    -combat difficulty set to Hard
    -you can't use aid items that add HP (aid that adds Endurance is OK), RadAways, visit doctors or sleep (you have to keep track of your current HP on paper, because game heals you over time). HP bonuses from level ups and Life Giver perk are OK

    Fallout NV Starvation
    -Hardcore mode
    -you can't eat, drink or sleep

    Old World Enthusiast
    -you can't pick up anything made post-war (weapons, aid, armour)
    -you can't drop (exception are safe containers) anything that is considered pre-war
    -you can't destroy skill books by using them
    -before you can add points to other skills you have to level up to 45 all skills affected positively by Good Natured trait.

    -you can't pick up advanced tech (power armour, energy weapons and their ammo)
    -you can't level up skills affected positively by Good Natured
    -you can't do quests for anyone that uses advanced technology (BOS, Shi, Salvatores, Hubologists, Vault City, Van Graffs, Mr House)
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    Oct 19, 2006
    One charisma or one intelligence in Fo1-Fo2...
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    Jun 14, 2014
    The TTW team has a challenge that the members did for fun amongst themselves (and some users too).

    Naked Knife Fight Challenge
    • Mostly vanilla Tale of Two Wastelands (For the purposes of this thread I guess it can be FO3 and/or FNV)
      • Only mods allowed are: HUD/UI mods, music/sound mods, cosmetic mods like texture replacers and utilities like NVSE, 4GB Patcher, JIP LN, NVAC, etc.
        • So, no difficulty changing mods, no mods that add or edit weapons or other items, no mods that affect perks in any way including perks per level, no mods that affect skills, no mods that affect experience, no mods that affect HP, no mods that edit or add new world spaces/interiors, no mods that add or edit NPCs, no custom races, no cut content mods, etc.
    • Have to play on Very Hard, Hardcore is optional but encouraged.
    • Can't have any companions/followers.
    • Can't equip anything in the body and head (so, no clothes, armor or any headgear).
    • Can only equip and use knife weapons:
      • Combat Knife and it's variants (Occam's Razor, Stabhappy, Trench Knife and Chance's knife),
      • Knife and it's variants (Ant's Sting, Ritual Knife, Slasher Knife and Toy Knife)
      • Switchblade and it's variant (Butch's Toothpick)
      • Bowie knife and it's variant (Blood-Nap)
      • Cosmic knife and it's variants (Cosmic knife clean and Cosmic knife super-heated).
      • Throwing knife (will be the only ranged weapon possible to be used by this character)
    • Bladed weapons that are not considered knives for this challenge (in case of confusion):
      • Chinese officer's sword and it's variants (Jingwei's shocksword and Vampire's Edge)
      • Ripper and it's variant (Jack)
      • Katana and it's variant (Samurai's sword)
      • Shishkebab and it's variant (Gehenna)
      • Bumper Sword and it's variants (Blade of the East and Blade of the West)
      • Cleaver and it's variant (Chopper)
      • Knife spear and it's variant (Knife spear clean)
      • Machete and it's variants (Broad machete, Liberator and Machete gladius)
      • Straight razor and it's variant (Figaro).
    • No thrown weapons (with the exception of Throwing Knives) or explosives are allowed
    • No punching is allowed (so you have to run from enemies until you get a knife), some exceptions apply (look at the end of these rules).
    • Can't use console commands (if you get stuck on a rock or wall, reload).
    • No vanilla (FO3 and DLCs and FNV and DLCs) perk restrictions (although some will be totally useless in this challenge).
    • Vanilla (FO3 and DLCs and FNV and DLCs) implants and bobbleheads are allowed.
    Sometimes the game forces the player to equip or use certain weapons/apparel to progress. In these cases the player is allowed to equip/use those specific items:
    • FO3:
      • The player has to equip a vault 112 to access Tranquility Lane.
      • In Vault 101, the player get (automatically) equipped with a vault 101 jumpsuit at some points (un-equip it as soon as possible).
      • In the Point Lookout DLC, Calvert Tank is immune to melee and unarmed attacks, so the player is forced to use any other weapon to continue past that part.
      • In the DLC Operation Anchorage, the player has to equip a Neural interface suit to access the rest of the DLC.
      • In the DLC Mothership Zeta, the player is forced to fist fight with Somah to progress the game.
      • In the DLC The Pitt, the player might not have a knife before fighting in the arena, in this case the player can use fists.
      • If a quest requires the player to use a specific weapon, the player is allowed to use that specific weapon.
        • For example, doing the "Wasteland Survival Guide" quests, one is about testing the Repellent stick, the player is allowed to complete this quest by using the stick only to kill the Molerats for the quest.
      • But if a quest requires specific use of non-knife weapons (but not just using those weapons), then the player has to use knives.
        • For example, doing the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head", the quest is about shooting targets in the head and you get given a sniper rifle to do it, but since the quest can be successfully finished by killing the targets without shooting them in the head, the player has to kill the targets using a knife.
    I am typing most of these rules from memory, but I think I covered everything important about the challenge.
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    Oct 19, 2006
    Play Fo3 in one go. If the game crashes, you have to restart from scratches. Alternatively, if you manage to survive 12 hours without putting a bullet in your head, because of all those crashes, you won the mind of steel challenge.
  8. Einhanderc7

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    Apr 22, 2016
    Great additions guys, @Alphons your "challenges" are confusing and some of them just seem to be designed to punish the player. Like the starvation one....

    I was going to merge all the challenges together, but I think Risewild's post kinda defeats that purpose.

    If you guys got challenges please make sure you are a thorough as possible with its rule set, simply stating "do this thing" doesn't provide adequate information. If you don't want to put the effort into describing a challenge in an understandable manner then don't post one.

    The Nuka-Cola Challenge:
    In the Nuka-Cola challenge players are only allowed to "heal" with Nuka-Cola related products. Any other form of health restoration is not authorized.
    Any form of Nuka-Cola is valid (in case of playing a modern Fallout game.)
    Addictions: If the player character is addicted to Nuka-Cola, the player is not allowed to remove the addiction. Instead they must feed the addiction.
    If playing on a hardcore survival mode, players may only consume food to remove the hunger indicator. They may not use food products that grant additional benefits, or provide a large health boost.

    In newer Fallout games finding Nuka-Cola is easy, however in Fallout 1 and 2 the player will be hard pressed to acquire the tasty beverage.

    For radiation Rad-Away is still authorized, due to the inherent nature of the beverage increasing radiation.

    If they player encounters any Nuka-Cola related items, they must equip and use them if possible. If they are novelty items they must horde them and store them in their player home, or a secure location.
    Players may not sell any Nuka-Cola related items.
    Players may not craft with any Nuka-Cola items (unless to mix a drink together in Fallout 4 for consumption).

    Additional/optional rules:
    Players may not spend caps obtained by drinking Nuka-Cola, or players may only spend caps obtained by drinking Nuka-Cola.
    Players can opt out of using Rad-Away.
  9. V.D.D.Williams

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    Aug 29, 2017
    Im a Nightkin Challenge (For Fallout New Vegas)

    1- Once you leave Doc Mitchell's house, you must go into sneak mode. You must try avoid being seen by people (AKA the sneak indicator must remain in HIDDEN)

    2- If the indicator changes to DETECTED, you must try and locate who saw you (lets call them witnesses) and kill him/her/it. You cannot let them escape, so if they try to run away you must pursue and kill the witness. Obviously, theres a risk that more people see you in that situation and you will also have to kill the new witnesses. You rampage will continue until your sneak indicator returns to HIDDEN.

    3- For the purposes of this challenge, only humans, super mutants and ghouls count as witnesses. For instance, a Gecko or a Spore Carrier can see you, but you dont fly into a killing rampage. Robots dont count as witnesses either, so you can interact with Viktor or Yes Man normally.

    4- In order to interact with a potential witness, you must be under the effects of a Stealth Boy. In this case, you no longer have to be sneaking and can act normally so long as you are under the effects of a Stealth Boy. As soon as the effect expires, the previous rules apply.

    5- If you are detected and search for a witness, but cannot find him/her/it and you return to HIDDEN before finding the witness, then you do not have to go into a rampage.

    6- If you are in a situation in which a witness saw you, but circumstances do not allow you to kill them (For instance, Dead Money) then you will have to kill them once the opportunity presents itself. In other words, you dont have to kill your companions in Dead Money as soon as they see you, but once you can kill them without reprecussions to yourself, then they have to die.

    Extra rules:

    - "Allies of the Master's Army": All the inhabitants of Jacobstown and the State of Utobitha do not count as witnesses, so you can interact with them normally. This includes NPCs such as Raul, Rhonda, Doc Henry and Calamity. However, if you apply this rule then you cannot kill hostile super mutants that you encounter elsewhere (Such as the ones in Jack Rabbit Springs). You will have to flee from the or incapacitate them with flashbangs or other non lethal weaponry.

    Dog/God is a special exception to this rule and rule number 6, since the rules can be very conflicting with the various ways he can behave from your interactions with him in the DLC.

    - "But theyre so cute!": Centaurs are subject to the same conditions as hostile super mutants. You cant kill them, so you either run or find a way around them.

    -"I must have it!": If you see a Stealth Boy, you must aquire it at all costs. Even if it means stealing it or making people nearby hostile if you do.

    - "The screams of..." : Once you use a certain amount of Stealth Boys your mental state further deteriorates (You can judge yourself on the specific amount, but I think 10 is a nice number). Once this happens, the next non-witness creature you see is now tagged as a voice that torments you in your head, and you will have to kill that creature whenever you see it. You cannot run away from it, its either kill or be killed at that point.

    For example, if after 10 Stealth Boy uses you see Malcolm Holmes, he doesnt become a voice in your head because he is a witness. If you see a Gecko, then you must kill every and any Gecko you see. This includes variants of the creature, such as a Fire Gecko or a Golden Gecko.

    - "I am the Masters Elite!": You can only use weapons that Nightkin use in-game. Unique and special variants are acceptable (so you can use the Bozar, for instance). http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Super_mutant_(Fallout:_New_Vegas)

    - "Death to the enemies of the Master!": Factions you perceive as associated with the death of the Master are your enemies now. You must kill and be hostile to them when you see them. This includes the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse and anyone wearing a Vault jumpsuit (Boomers, people in Vault 21 and Ricky, for instance).
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    Oct 19, 2006
    Seems more an RP playthrough than a challenge.

    - The people in jump suit are supposedly pure\prime humans. They would make smart elite super-mutants. They shouldn't be killed, but captured to dip into the vat, or at least, interrogated to know the location of their vault. Same for the Enclave. They are prime humans too.

    - EDE should be your companion if you take one. Of course, everytime it makes a sound, it should count as an actual sentence. (alternatively, you could recruit Lily Bowen, as a fellow nightkin)

    - You could eat all rad-X\radaway as soon as you find them, to remain a prime human and remain smart once dipped. Or consider yourself as already a super-mutant and avoid to eat them entirely.

    - People in robes could count as allies, as a reminder of the Children of the Cathedral. Same for any religious people.

    - Collect everything green or grey.

    - Learn tricks, to pay a tribute to Melchior.
  11. V.D.D.Williams

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    Aug 29, 2017
    It pretty much is, since its one of my own playthroughs. Some of the rules are refinements that came after my first attempts to do it (I died a lot). Still, since it was tough playing like this, I thought it could count as a challenge. Last time I tried it, I was running around near Sloan when I used my 10th Stealth Boy, and the first thing I saw was a Deathclaw. Lots of suicidal fun having to rush groups of Deathclaws without the option to retreat. It was also a way to justify using Wild Wasteland in one of my playthroughs.

    I honestly didnt think of that when I made this character, since its more like a sort of Chris Haversam situation. You are a human, you just think you are a Nightkin due to the overuse of Stealth Boys deteriorating your mental faculties.

    That being said, Im not against a rule regarding having to play around pure humans, just not sure how to go about it. The most humurous thing I can think of is a rule where you have to reverse pickpocket Rocket Souvenirs into anyone who qualifies as a prime human. The "You're a Prime Normal. Soon you'll be one of us" rule?

    Depending of the rules you apply, you can have some options in terms of companions. Without the extra rules, EDE can be a companion without any need of special actions on your part since hes a robot. Rex its up to whoever is playing, since hes a cyborg and thus technically kind of like a robot (I kinda have this same problem with OWB and the Think Tank. Not sure how to classify them, so I just count them as robots and let them off the hook). Lily and Raul are also options that dont need special actions if you apply "Allies of the Master's Army" rule to your playthrough.

    In theory you can use any of the other companions so long as you use Stealth Boys to prevent rule 2 from triggering and forcing you to kill them, but since the aquisition and careful use of Stealth Boys is one of the most difficult parts of this kind of playthrough, its not a very practical approach until way later in the game and with a planned out build. And if you apply "Death to the enemies of the Master!" rule, Veronica and Arcade Gannon are KoS.

    Since I havent played Fallout 2 yet, I dont know how to include a tribute to Melchior. Maybe its required for you to learn the Khan Trick in this case? (not sure if there are other "tricks" in New Vegas). I had a few ideas of including some other references, but couldnt think of good ways to do it (like having your own version of Antler, for instance).
  12. Einhanderc7

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    Apr 22, 2016
    I see no issues with challenges that involve role play. To be honest any way you look at the various challenges they are in some degree a form of role play. However I feel that any challenge should be reasonably difficult in such a way that it does not detract from game play.

    So if a challenge involves you poking everything with a stick, then you better poke everything with that stick.
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    Dec 21, 2009
    I just started with Fallout 2 + RP hardcore, game set to hard. Dead is dead. No reloads, only if game crashes.