Wish List for Next fallout game

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    They specify the Strip there, and perhaps some of the surrounding areas of the city by extrapolation. Even still, that's only one town, and the "minimal loss of life" bit refers specifically to the short transitional period after House fell but before Vegas adjusted to the new status quo. The Independent endings for The Kings, The Followers, and Arcade Gannon all clearly indicate that life in the New Vegas area is anything but stable or ideal.

    I say to you again, with respect, Brotherhood. They're better armed and armored than the Securitrons and they're all hiding in holes in the ground at the mercy of a bunch of NCR doughboys. Numbers matter. House doesn't yet have the industrial ability to manufacture more Securitrons, or he would have. They're more effective as a deterrent force than a standing army. Which is good, because House's entire operation rests on the principle that he can't afford to destabilize the region with prolonged conflict, and the Courier wouldn't profit much by it either.

    See former point- attrition. The Securitrons were never intended to be an army in the dictionary definition of the word. If House was so confident in their flawless abilities, he wouldn't have considered the Brotherhood and the Boomers such threats. I agree with you in that the Legion shouldn't be a major threat, but the game makes them such and treats them as such, holding that they're strong enough to fight a force with superior armor and ranged weapons to a standstill (and with almost everyone in the Mojave seeming to think the odds at the second battle of Hoover are leaning in their favor). The Power Armor pauldrons incorporated into every suit of Centurion armor is evidence enough that the Legion knows how to deal with technically superior foes, and Caesar seemed confident he could take out Hidden Valley the old-fashioned way if he wanted to be stupid about it. It's amazing what a dedicated fighting force with no regard for their own lives can do.

    As to waiting for Caesar to die, "et voila" in this case equates to Legion leadership being assumed by a man whose sole ambition is to shed as much blood as he can, and they're not going to disintegrate overnight.

    I'm not arguing that they're not an effective force, but House was building towards very specific ends, and war wasn't one of them. I mean no offense, but there's just no evidence that he built force of the size that you're talking about here. The Dam is easy to control because it's a chokepoint, and House now has ways of making it useless to anyone who would try to take it. Vegas is a relatively small area to monitor. The securitrons simply aren't enough of a force to operate on the scale you're talking about without overreaching the same way the NCR did, as evidenced in every single ending dealing with the aftermath of establishing an independant Vegas.

    This is true, and I wouldn't think to argue differently. I just think that unless the next game was set in Vegas, it wouldn't have to make much of a difference. The way I see it (as laid out in my first response), a lot of things wouldn't change, and the things that did change would only be felt at distances further than the Mojave Outpost through the Butterfly Effect. A soldier on another frontier may lament the lack of reinforcements because they're tied up in Nevada and a Brahmin Baron may have to do some shady dealing to maintain his investments, but to the vast majority of non-Nevadan wastelanders it doesn't matter one bit what goes on in the vicinity. There are entire provinces of the NCR where not a single hair on a single ass would even twitch if the Lucky .38 fell over tomorrow and landed on top of Motor Runner, Julie Farkas, and Colonel Hsu.

    Heh... hadn't even occurred to me. Pulse grenades (thrown or launched) and even EMP-based shotgun ammunition aren't that hard to come by, and the NCR-based Gun Runners are actively manufacturing more every day. Maybe Vegas wouldn't be as hard a target as I thought it would, though it'd still be pure idiocy to siege it unless it was absolutely necessary.

    That is an open variable, and a huge one. I'm not getting my hopes up for them letting content from a spinoff's DLC have that kind of an effect on the franchise world, but I'd love to be wrong. In-game, though, you'd really only nuke NCR if your Courier was either Legion or an asshole, and if your were backing Legion than the Legion probably won at the dam anyway, making the whole point moot.
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    Focusing on main theme of thread.
    Your words (in specific: your version of independent ending and outcome of it) are even more weird according to what FNV is saying to us.
    Why House didn't wanted to kill Kimball?
    Because if Kimball survived AND NCR failed to secure Dam... all republic would be against campaign in Mojave.
    But you're telling us that even if House/Courier is victory side, NCR would push towards east? But why? NCR society wouldn't want this... even during FNV it was said numerous times that it was all Kimball policy, which over time in the eyes of people became worse and worse.
    It's not enough for you?
    Just look at the ending
    Game itself is clearly saying to us, that if courier ending is happening, all NCR is leaving mojave so your words:

    are false and can't happen.

    In independent ending they're withdrawing, therefore, there's BIG difference beetwen ALL endings.
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    They do withdraw their main force if they lose, but that doesn't necessarily mean they pull out of the region entirely. The Mojave campaign is over and it's no longer a frontline warzone, so the elite combat units (Rangers) were withdrawn. Without the dam it's no longer really an important area, but it's still an NCR frontier and there are still powerful NCR business interests with voices in the Senate operating in the Vegas area. House has straight- out said that the continued patronage of the NCR citizenry is essential to him. He just wants to establish autonomy.

    As you say, though, we're really running off-topic here. I'll answer your PM shortly.
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    How about make thread about this?
    it's waste to left as a derailed topic.

    for future Fallout, I wish a complete game.
    not a dump of mini quests like fo3 and skryim.
    I want a world. not a small seperated small worlds.
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    Well,i want to be placed in midwest or southeast of America,i want a world to(but this will make the game laggy and bugged).Also i don't want quests,QUESTS sucks,i like missions like in fallout tactics.Also new weapons not 50's crap.I want to be able to have an Highwayman for me and drive it like in FO2-FO1.
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    Fallout bureau? No offence just kidding :D

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    Dec 20, 2011

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    If it made as a non-fps RPG, it's close to Jagged alience or Fallot tactics but if it made as a FPS? then? and beth made it?
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    And there we are, where's only subjective opinion is left. ; p
    For me, if NCR is withdrawing rangers, who were scouting, doing reconnaissance, and some high priority missions, then is withdrawing everything, considering that NCR lost most primary outpost - Hoover Dam. I mean, I don't get idea with NCR fighting Legion... just for fighting.

    Edit: Huh, I found another source supporting my words. Slide for BoS in independent ending.

    All NCR is retreating from Mojave.

    Second ending for independent but without NCR-Bos truce.
    There is no NCR at all in Mojave according to "no organized opposition", so NCR is withdrawing completely. :P

    So beetwen House/Courier vs NCR ending are HUGE differences.
    In first ones, NCR would be separated from Legion (and for obvious reason wouldn't want start another war with Legion), and in second one, NCR would push towards east continuing their success.
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    Should we discuss that at NV index?
    anyway IMO the independent looks strange.
    the Vegas get force to guard them selves with securitron.
    but what about the enemy uses EMP?
    NCR has factory to make them.
    Remember Gunrunners at Fo1? they made energy weapon too.
    so they can make EMP weapon too.
    if they can't, then where the hell Benny get EMP grenade to destory one of securitron?

    and other thing is the people. nobody want Courier to dominate Vegas. Nobody want to be army to protect Vegas.
    Each settlement is independent from Vegas.
    North vegas square, freeside, Westside and Strip is part of Vegas. but they are not united.
    and what about Novac? Primm? Sloan?
    I think indepent ending isn't about to make nation but just let this settlement free. so if some nation invades, it would be dangerous to Vegas.
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    Oct 25, 2011
    Benny - just scavenged, like almost everything.
    Second, NCR wouldn't attack, so it isn't problem.
    And there isn't ANY source confirming that anyone can produce EMP grenades, maybe besides Enclave in old times, but they're dead.

    Yep, in independent ending there is big autonomy everywhere on Mojave, due to not having central authority.
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    Sep 27, 2012
    and what about Van graff?
    I think there are still many people who have technology of
    weapon without Brotherhood or Enclave. but anyway it would be beth's work so... fuck that.
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    Oct 25, 2011
    Yeah, what with them?
    And if you want say something important about them, with reference please.
  14. woo1108

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    They got energy weapon somehow
    that means there's another source to get them.
    Just mean the world is big enough to make or get energy weapon.
  15. Languorous_Maiar

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    Mhm... SCAVENGE?
    But that doesn't mean, they could equip some army with hundreds of EMP grenades.
  16. woo1108

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    Sep 27, 2012
    No produce it.
    There might be factory and blueprints left perfectly and someone might use them well.
    and near the factory, people will build village, then they invade or absorb other settlement, then the village increase then become a nation.
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    Not taking sides in your debate, but this quote is more of a "what-if" scenario. It really doesn't support your argument all that much.
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    I just convincing making EMP grenade or energy weapon without scavenging. and talking about is "is Vegas really safe?"
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    The Van Graffs sell them pretty regularly, and according to Nukapedia they manufacture their own weapons, but like so many other promising tidbits on the Fallout wikis that's unfortunately unsourced, so there's no way to tell whether it's fan speculation.

    More verifiably, though, there are the Gun Runners. We know that the Runners are perfectly capable of manufacturing some of the most advanced weapons that existed before the war, and the in-game PipBoy notification for Gun Runner's Arsenal makes it canonical (as canonical as any of the add-ons are, anyway) that the GRA weapons are newly manufactured as part of the Gun Runners' increased war production initiative. Among those weapons? Pulse slugs and 25mm & 40mm pulse grenades, so we know they have the knowledge and the means (and actually, we can extrapolate from the fact that The Gun Runners have been manufacturing their own weapons since Fallout 1 and that they sold Pulse Grenades even back then that they've possibly been refining the process for up to a century). If demand were suddenly to spike, I'm sure the Runners would go where the profits were.
  20. My wishlist for Fallout 4

    1.Cooler weapons
    2.Bigger world map
    4.A lot of choices like in 3 and NV
    5.More sets of power armor
    10.Lots of dialog