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    If you are going to contribute, please be thorough and detailed. This modd is HUGE. Please add to this. I am doing this very slowly and will edit this thread as needed. There are still things I have not figure out how to do, so I will post them here as well. If you could do it, please let me know.

    When a quest asks you to rough someone up, just press ctrl and right click to punch them.

    I will not post vanilla quests, since they don't change. All I will recommend is don't do the modd quests until after you are at Gamma and done with St. Louis.

    If I have left anything out, please add to this thread. I will input your adds into this post to keep everything in one nice easy thread. Please keep it in the format I started.

    First step:
    Make sure to do the shooting range. This will help determine who goes with you.
    If you drink the yellow Nuka Cola, you should get black squad (these ones are freaks and I drop them fast).
    Don't forget to flip off the switch near the beginning
    Mechanic lost tools, don't know where to find them.
    Certain soldiers say things, don't know how to do it.

    If you help, you will be Alkida. If you kill him, you are Zianist and get a pancor jackhammer to start which is the best shotgun.

    1. Talk to Commander. Get treaty. Barter it with records office in Fortress City, get pass and money.
    2. There is a merchant downstairs (room near 1/4master on right has ladder barely visible). Don't know what to do.
    3. Depending on your interaction at the ruins, there will be two people that want to talk to you. If you killed the guy, DO NOT SPEAK to the one with the gun in the corner. He will suicide bomb himself. If you killed the guy in the corner, talk to the other one next to the computers. He will thank you, give you $6500 and tell you to go meet his leader in Fortress City.

    Clip Town:
    1. Talk to the man in the restaurant/bar. He wants you to find his two missing daughters. They are in Chili Town to the north. One is in a cave, the other is locked up.

    Chili town:
    Two ways in:
    1: Get the ticket and go through the open door to Fatty. I still have not gotten the uniform so anything down this thread someone needs to add to.
    2: Crawl into Chili town through the hole in the mountains. This will turn EVERYONE hostile, but once you kill Fatty, you get a browning m2 which I believe is the best big gun in the game.
    3: If you are somewhat evil, Sharon will join you after the Daughters quest and wants you to lay waste to the town. If you are good, Torn will join you. Either will go to the BOS bunker.
    4: Turn in the quest in Clap Town and talk to the sisters. One or both will join you.

    You must save the ghouls at Quincy first. That's how you get passed the gate:
    1: Upstairs: Find the deathclaws. Near the entrance, there is entrance in the mountains. Go in and lay waste.
    2: Upstairs: Granger's stuff. Have a car. Go to Beta. Get the crate. Bring back. Drop in garage on ground floor.
    3: Garage: Man complains about things being stolen. I have no idea.
    4: Outside: Use drugs on hooker outside of town and have a huge, group sex orgy.
    5: Outside: When you have the book collection quest from Jackson City, go down the ladder in the outhouse.

    Jackson City
    1: First building: Upstairs: Talk to woman behind locked door. Starts long 8MM quest. Will mark with (A) when I bring up things related to it.
    2: First building: Talk to Joe. This gets access to mafia doorman on top floor of hotel
    3: Hotel: Talk to drug whore. Give drugs. If she likes you, she'll go to nearest BOS bunker. If not, she'll tell you go pretty much go piss up a rope.
    4: Hotel: Next to drug whore is an old man griping about being alone and his four sons not visiting. One is in Ridgeway whose wife gives you the Deathclaw quest. Haven't found the other three yet or the conclusion of this.
    5: Hotel: First, pick up the poetry books near the hooker laying down on the ground floor under the stairs in the back. You will need this later. You'll see a woman near the top floor behind a closed door. This is Gauge, the Godfather's enslaved wife. She longs to be free. This happens when you kill the Godfather. If you try, you have to wipe out EVERYONE, so there has to be another way to kill him without fighting of lots of henchmen with high powered weapons.
    6: Hotel: There are four wiseguys in a room on the same floor as Gauge. Open the door and they will attack. When they die, nothing will happen, so it won't turn the Godfather against you.
    7: Hotel Top Floor: If you spoke to Joe, the doorman will tell you to kill Kalgar. When you do, you will meet the gatekeeper inside that will tell you to wipe out the mentat's factory (don't bring a car. You can get one there). Then you'll meet the Godfather who wants you to take out the afterburner/buffout factory. Succeed and you're a made man in the family. I don't know where that leads yet.
    7A: Buffout: There is a guy in there that begs you not to kill him. Don't. It pays off later. There is a girl (Stevie) begging you to free her. After you wipe out every, speak to her again, escort her to the extraction zone and listen to her because she will tell you where she will go. When you get your home, she will bang you in your home. In fact, a few of the girls will, then profess their love for you. This should lead to the marriage.
    8: Caravan: Sneak into it first. When discovered, people will move and you can get downstairs and loot. The room on the 2nd floor with the things you can loot is bugged for me. The game freezes and crashes.
    9: Caravan: Find Roy Capcom: He's in the hotel. He will turn hostile. Kill, loot, go back to turn in.
    10: Caravan: Find Nick: He's in Quartz. He will turn hostile. Kill, loot, go back and turn in.
    11: Gym: (Boxing) Be alone. Put gear in green locker or on floor. Do what Mickey says. After each time, leave, then re-enter town. Get to 6-0 and fight Clubber T (yes. this is a Rocky quest thread). Defeat Clubber, watch Mickey die, get your money, leave, come back, and get told to continue in Fortress City.
    12: Woman on corner will say BOS officer is imprisoned in Quartz.
    13: There is a drug lab. Don't know if you're supposed to wait or take it out. If you try to take it out, it is a HARD fight.
    14: Go to the library and librarian wants three copies of the Necrodomingon. One is in Ridgeway down the toilet. One is on a safe in a lower portion of Greenville. One is in the courthouse in The Forbidden Zone. He will pay, then then he will turn creepy. I don't know what to do after this because I haven't found the pyramid.

    Quartz: Once you enter, you cannot leave until the BOS officer is freed. Don't bring a car. You will get one here.
    1: Nick is in the first building passed the camp on the right. He will turn hostile. Waste him, loot, turn in.
    2: Hotel: Talk to clerk twice. Problem in room 20. (farthest room on the right). Unlock, waste every, loot room for Visa card and thesaurus.
    3: Hotel: Pick lock of room next to 20. Writer will thank you for thesaurus.
    4: Hotel: Next room to the right. pick lock. There is money in here. If you take it, the maids will appear, turn hostile, and attack. They are weak and easy to take out, but they pack a lot of damage per attack.
    5: Hotel: First room on the left. Pick lock, people will turn hostile. I don't know if you're supposed to do this or not.
    6: Market building on bottom right of map: Small building at the bottom. Disarm the EMP trap (it is a bitch and a half to find it with the door blocking your view), go in and loot. Inside the building is a blind merchant. If steal is good enough, rob him blind. If not, trade. He has some good stuff.
    7: Bar: Go into the bathroom and save the dude getting beat up. When you get the Hummer, you can go inside the gas station, go downstairs, loot, then crawl into a secret compartment with more shit to take.
    8: Bar: Give Visa card to mutant. He will give you an IOU. I don't know where to turn it in.
    9: Bar: Try to talk to the waitress walking around, then talk to bartender. He will tell you she loves flowers.
    10: Cemetery: Get the flowers and waste the mutant and ghouls. loot the crate.
    11: Bar: Talk to waitress. She will give you the key and tell you wait for her. I don't know where this leads legitimately, but when you go back to the hotel, her sister is there begging for you help.
    12: Courthouse: Talk to the people outside, then go inside and waste all hostiles. Try not to kill lawyers. When done, talk to mayor. His wife has been kidnapped.
    13: Ugly's Hideout: Simple. Waste everyone, even the dogs. In the room with guy, the best strategy to prevent the wife from being blown up is to save before you enter. Enter one step, close the door, sneak around the walls, disarm the trap, take it, get to a place where you won't hit the mayor's wife with bullets, and open fire. After that's done, loot all, go downstairs and save the BOS officer. This will release you and you can leave. Go back to mayor and get the bail paperwork.
    14: Police: Go to police, barter the bail slip, and free Ace. Go into the cell, watch him leave, and go to the bar. I still don't know how to move the cop blocking the stairs unless you kill him because there are things to loot upstairs.
    15: Bar: Talk to Ace, barter the drink he wants, let him leave. Go to the gas station on the other side of town. Free Hummer. Don't forget to go downstairs and loot what the guy in the bar's bathroom told you.

    Fortress City: There is something about a murderer running around but I have not found out one things about it if it's a quest line.
    1: Records Office: Steal the marriage cert off the records person if you can and want to get married. I have no idea how to do the marriage.
    2: Market: Steal the two wedding rings off the merchant inside the first building on the right when you first enter.
    3: Records Office: Turn in the treaty. Always keep the FC pass. Leave the city, come back in, and BOS has a bunker in FC.
    4: Street: There is hooker on the right who lives behind a red door. Asks you to come back. I don't know where it goes.
    5: Outside Strip Club: Sport will ask you to escort Brandy to do the apartments.
    6: Apartment: Top floor, meet the leader of the Zianists. He will ask you wipe out a cell of Alkida in South Lake City.
    7: Porn Studio, speak to secretary, them meet the recruiter. High charisma is needed. Women get paid more than men, unless you want to go downstairs and to gay for pay. Like Jackson City boxing, do, leave city, come back, repeat three more times. If female, after the last time, go to hospital and get an STD check.
    8: Casino. (Boxing) Talk to either boxing promoter, barter the contract, go to records office, barter contract, become a boxer, go back, meet corner man. Same routine as Jackson City. Change, fight, locker room, then press box. DO NOT SIGN WITH LUICIUS. After your 23rd fight, he will run away and steal all your money.
    9: Hotel in Casino: (A) Go to the hotel, put your weapons away. Second is a room with a few men in it. Talk to Longdale (have $25K on you) and he will lead you to a producer wanting to make a snuff film. Dude is at the gay bar next to the Cat House.
    10: Church: You must be alone for this: Enter, talk to a few people, leave. Talk to the kid crying, then follow home. Talk to his mom, then him to find out a priest at the church is a cho-mo. Go to the police and they tell you to handle it with no legal repercussions. Go the upstairs in the church to catch the preist in the act. Three options here:
    A: Let him leave town: Leave FC and come back in. He is gone. Police are happy, victim isn't.
    B: Kill his accusers: Police aren't happy, Cho-Mo is.
    C: Kill the bastard: Everyone is happy, get reward from the police. Just ctrl-right click the freak to start the battle. I usually beat him to death.
    Go back to mother, then police.
    11: Gay bar: On the sidewalk next to the gay bar is a condom. Pick it up. Go in, back in the bathroom is Jeff. If have condom, will be allowed downstairs. Jeff will tell you to squat in front of him (male/female doesn't matter). After he blows his wad, he will join BOS.
    12: Gay bar: (A) In the room with all the people downstairs is the snuff film producer. Talk to him. He wants you to find the girl. I don't know what to do after this.
    13: Angela: Above the Cat House is Angela the hooker. If you want, do everything she asks and you will pay to bang her. Or wait until the BOS bunker is there, she will become part of your party, then take her to the BOS bunker to the recruiter and dump her into the possible recruits. French Foreign Legion her ass.
    14: Hospital: Talk to secretary, get the clipboard, and talk to doctor upstairs. Barter the clipboard. Use stimpaks or any other medical item on patients, get paid. Make sure to do all four the first time. One will ask you to meet him at Cat House. After done, leave FC, repeat twice more. Or go to Cat House first and repeat twice more.
    15: Cat House: Talk to patient (Carl) watching the house. He will offer you three houses to be (yes, this is required down the road. If you don't have the money, he will wait there until you do). For the life of me, the most expensive deed never comes up and it has nothing to do with reputation. Buy them (higher barter means lower price), go to records, get key. You are a homeowner.
    16: Cat House: Talk to Jewels. Boss wants to see you. Go upstairs, watch Sport get fired (he will turn hostile the next time you see him). Talk to boss twice to become a pimp in training. Get free romp with any of the girls (the ones you sleep with will join you when Boss is killed, try to bang all three). He will tell you go speak to Jewels: Quests are as follows:
    A: Escort girl to a gang-bang in the burnt out building, third floor. She is going to get majorly destroyed here. Jewels even jokes about after and the girl is extremely nervous.
    B: Get the money from Michael. Same area as before. He is behind green door. He will refuse. Punch him and he will melt like ice cream in the summer sun.
    C: Escort girl to hotel. Blue door. She is excited as these are regulars and she can't wait to be DPed.
    D: Meet boss to learn what happens when bitches step out of line.
    You are now a pimp. Don't kill him yet. Talk to Cage. Leave. Next day, Hanna will show up and accuse Gino of murder.
    17: Cat House: Next day, Lucie ran away. Talk to Gino. Talk to Cage. Go to Casino. Talk to Cage. You have a 5:00 timer. Fifth floor, door is not locked. Talk to Lucie three or four times until she gives you the card. Talk to the mutie until he cuts his ear off. Go down to talk to Cage. Go back and talk to Gino. Leave.
    18: Casino: After your fifth and fifteenth fight, you will get a new contract. Do as before. Barter for it, go to records office, barter it, then go back and continue.
    19: Cat House: Talk to Cage. Gino's been robbed. He blames Cage or you, but ultimately blames Cage. Orders you to kill Cage. Talk to Cage. He offers to run the bar and give you money each time you go to FC by replacing Gino as owner. Kill Gino. Any escort you slept with will follow you. You will get money periodically when you go back.
    20: Church: Get the rings and the wedding cert. Go to the recruiter and choose the girl you want to marry. Best to wait until you have a few to choose from. Go to the church and follow the directions. You are married. At the house, after you sleep with a girl (and you can with human, mutants, and ghouls), some say they could stay at the house, be pretty, and take care of things while you're out. I don't know how to get them to do that yet. They are still a member of the party.
    21: Gay Bar: In the corner a man is selling things, including an old copy of Mein Kampf. The gun store downstairs has a Nazi. I don't know what to do with Mein Kampf yet.
    22: Gun Store: In the back is a locked door to the downstairs. If you pick it and go downstairs, you'll see a Nazi. He will instantly turn hostile. If you do this and pick him off, there is a lot of loot, including a better version of the sniper rifle.
    23: Casino: After you beat Gorgeous Ventura, you will be directed to a press box with a blue door. Talk to the man twice. Pick up the vial, put it down, get $10K and be told he will use you again soon. Dude wants your sweat as something to make him have sex better with his owned woman servant. A few fights later she will be a present for you and she will complain the same thing Guage in Jackson City complains about. . .she wants to be free. I don't know how to do that yet and I don't want to kill the high ranking official that owns her.
    24: Angela's apartment: In one of the apartments is an almost hidden stairway down. Down there are two locked doors (can't lockpick), an empty crate, a door in the back, and a big vacant area with a human skull in it behind a door. I believe this is where the murderer goes, but I have not been able to find keys to unlock the doors yet.
    25: Apartment building: In the white apartment building, you will run into a junkie. He was part of the scam Luicius pulled on you. There is more to this quest thread.
    26: Boxing ring: I am right now 38-0 and getting annoyed with the boxing quest thread. It feels like it never ends and is leading to nothing. Anyone have anything more on it?

    Greenville: Must have good reputation. LOOT EVERYTHING. There are a lot of infected, but they are weak and easy to kill. Pancor or Browning M2 should make it easier.
    A: Street: There will be someone behind a door. Get in, follow her. Talk to all, loot the place, and repeatedly talk to the two girls. They will bang you out of loneliness and desperation, then run to a bunker they say. You have more possible recruits after you sleep with them.
    B: Building with no entrance: The building to the right is the entrance. Down the stairs. Get the second Necrodomingon and loot all.

    A: Kill infected.
    B: Speak to Shaman.
    C: Speak to Elder and watch him die
    D: Loot everything

    Forbidden Zone:
    A: Street: Kill everything.
    B: Library: Loot the books. Necrodomingon is in the basement behind a locked door with a specific key. It is in the buildings. LOOT EVERYTHING!
    C: Buildings: Kill and loot everything. Make sure you do both building and cross the bridge to the second building. There is a part on the top floor. I don't know how to use it.
    D: Communication building where map says to start: I don't know what to do in here.

    Road House:
    A: Make sure you are alone. Niel won't talk to you if you aren't alone.
    B: Do what he says then says and go to South Lake City (alone and no car).

    South Lake City (woefully incomplete)
    A: Hotel: Get the mission from the Zianists to take out the Alkida cell. There is a ladder in the accessible building that leads to a tunnel to the inaccessible building. Wipe them out.
    B: Library: There is a boy hiding from the gangers. One of the gangers is looking for him. I don't know what to do to save the boy.
    C: Ganger HQ: There is a quest with this, but for the life of me, I can't find it.
    D: Bowling Alley: Give the poetry book to the girl. She will ask for a second. It should be in SLC but I forgot where. Give to her. Give to her. She will ask for her fencing foil. It's near the junkyard. Give to her. She will join you.
    E: Hotel: There is a guy who is about to die from Deadly Semen Backup. He doesn't care if you are a man or a woman. He wants to get laid. You can choose yourself or one of your comrades. Easy money. Repeatable.

    I will add more as I do more.
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    I will update the post further.

    Bring some women with good Unarmed and/ or Melee.

    Your squad is forced to strip and equip prisoner jumpsuits that make them overencumbered.
    Men are locked in separate cell near one of the missing girls, while women are taken to sez dungeon where they are told to have sex with one of the cannibals.
    I don't know what happens if you do, but you can also just attack and kill him. Pick up some melee weapons if you want and grab the meds (there're almost none in the camp).
    Carefully navigate the camp and try to kill the cannibals one by one (for now they only have melee).
    After you save your guys head to the locker with your equipment. After you pick it up, several cannibals with guns will spawn, including one with a machinegun.
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    Hey, I'm adding a bit to the necromagon questline.

    So IF you got all 3 books, than you should have a location "accesable" near greenville. Go from there, fiddle around with science and you'll find the pyramid.
    Pyramid is kinda the climax of the mod IMHO, I'd love to ask xkcon some questions about it, since idk if it's unfinished or if i missed some things.

    Otherwise there are many things that need writing down, i just wanted to put this here hence i felt like the map deserves beeing found.