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    Kilroy and Rats in an old house

    *Kilroy looks at the symbol*
    Shit! That's the Children of the Cathedrals sign.
    Rat-catcher: Who are they?
    They're like hubologists, only worse. Do you know who the Master whas?
    Uhh yeah I think so. Why?
    The Children worked for him before someone called the Vaultdweller blowed him away with an atomic bomb. The one in the blue jumpsuit is an ancestor to this "Vaultdweller". By the way do you know anyone named Kim?
    *Rats freezes*
    Why do you ask?
    She PIPmailed me and wrote that I should take care of you. That's all she wrote. Do you know a group called "the Enclave"?
    No, but I've heard of them. Why?
    Because i think that the Enclave and the children of the Cathedral are working together. I have proof of that. I have seen corpses that looked like you described Chris like. They're mean sons of bitches too. They don't hesitate to kill their own if they disobey orders. I think we should get some rest and then go back to Golgotha. I dont like the idea of those creeps getting their hands on my bike.
    *Kilroy rolls over on the couch and falls asleep.*
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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON May-06-00 AT 04:30PM (GMT)[p]*Rat-catcher couldn't help to think of the situation he got into. He din't know who to trust. One thing he did know, he had to get some sleep.*
    (The Dream)
    *rat-catcher stands on the vertibird platform of the poseidon oilrig. the wind blows through is medium long brown hair. A woman aproaches from the back.*
    Kim: Hello, Rats, or should i say micheal.
    -Either way is fine. most people refer to me by my code name since real names have no meaning in this place.
    So what did you wanted to say?
    Kim: It's time for you to leave us!
    *she lifts a some hair from her forehead and reveils the CoC sign.*
    -What, I thought....
    Kim: Everything you know is a lie. *Kim slowely changes into Frank Horrigan*
    Frank: You were just a pawn, Rat-catcher. A pawn which is no longer needed.
    *Horrigan lifts Rat-catcher up in the air with one hand, in the other hand he holds a hot marking iron with the CoC sign on it.*
    Frank: Goodbye, pawn.
    *burns the sign on rats forehead and then throws him of the rig. A man in a blue vault 13 jumsuit reaches out from the rig and grabs Rats.*
    Man: hold on!
    -I can't I'm slipping!
    *Rat-catcher slips and falls*
    Kilroy: Woah that must have been one bad dream! You were screaming out loud. But ist already dawning so w'd better head back. If those son's of bitches touched my bike...
    -Yeah... let's go.
    *they pack up their stuff and head back to golgotha. Underway rat-catcher stops.*
    If you don't mind me asking: Where do you know Kim from?
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    RE: Nightmares

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON May-06-00 AT 05:28PM (GMT)[p]*Kilroy looks at Ratcatcher and shakes his head.*
    I don't.She knows me.
    *Rats looks like a questionmark*
    Listen and listen good. You are the only one I ever tell about this. And that's because I trust you. You're a friend, a REAL friend. My mother was from the Enclave but my father. His family had never benn in a Vault when the bombs fell so he was a mutie. He had three eyes. One in the back of his head. Anyhow, my mom was a soldier from the enclave and one day when she was on a mission she met my father. They fell in love. Her CO knew about this my he was anice man so he didn't tell anyone else. One day my father was killed by other Enclave soldiers. So was my mom's CO, he was trying to settle an argument between my dad's tribe and his patrol. The enclavers blamed his death on my fathers tribe and wiped it out. My mother was pregnant so she was flown back to the Oil Rig. There she gave birth to a boy and girl. The boy had three eyes, so my parents affair was revealed. But the girl was normal so she could live. Me and my mother was put ashore near my fathers burnt tribe and there I grew up. One day when I was out hunting my mother was raped and killed by Enclave soldiers. I killed one of them but was knocked out by the others. They left me for dead. I took the dead soldiers weapon and left that cursed place. Later I got a PIPmail from someone on the oil rig. As for my sister, well she's the one who wrote me that mail and many more. All I know about her is that her name is Kim...
    *At the end of the story Kilroy shows his third eye at the back of his head for Rat-catcher*
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    I...never knew.
    She once told me she had a brother she had never seen.
    *fishes in his pockets and takes out an picture of a young, dark haired woman.*
    Here this is your sister.
    I'll be honest. I am... no.. WAS from the enclave, since they tried to silence me.
    I dated your sister for about three years. We were very close. After we had a fight we broke up. We were to accompany Frank Horrigan, a cyborg mutant, on a mission to hunt down a rogue scientist and his family. After we slaughterd the him and his family as they refused to return to the enclave with us, Kim wanted to give them a decent burial. I though they were not worth it. That they were just some wastelander scum. She cared for them but I thought i was above them. I know better now. It's not about your looks or dna but who you are inside is what matters. If I only knew that back then we probably wouldn't have broken up. Your sister is a good person but one thing bothers me. Why did she ask you to kill me? The Kim I knew wouldn't do something like that.
    And... thanks for calling me friend. Not many people ever called me friend.
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    RE: Truth.

    *Kilroy smiles*
    When i said that she wanted me to take care of you she didn't mean that I should kill you. Just to... watch your back you know. Ohh and btw I'm not a Wright-thug I just work for them sometimes 'cause they to like me work against the Enclave.