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  1. mithrap

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    May 17, 2016
    Yeah, something tells me that the residents of Vault 76 won't use their precious G.E.C.K. (if it still exists in this reboot, wouldn't be surprised if F76 cancels the whole story of F2 and F3 by narrative laziness) to build a populated, protected, safe and modern city-state like Vault City.

    Thanks! It's really just a random idea on the fly, I mean, it's possible to do it as a simple mod in the end. If I knew how, it would only require to retexture the hazmat suit, equip it to NPCs with raider AI, rename them "vault ranger" and make spawn points around vault 81. Then, have some other bands of raiders equipped with Vault Suits under their armors, turned into dirty rags, to show that they were exiled from a vault. Last touch would be idle dialogues from people if you meet the script condition "vault suit equipped", like "Another vault dweller. Pf, I hope you're not planning to do some trouble" or something.

    I also wanted to take SOMA's 3D models, rig them, import them to Fallout 4, change all Ghouls to that and rename them "Institute test subject", or simply "Institute's Test", so that people would call them "IT". Using "help me" screams with a robotic, distorted voice while they charge. Wouldn't be "too" hard I think, but I'd need to find the time to learn how to do that. The idea is that ghouls serve no narrative purpose, while failed test subjects from the Institute ? It would be a little more mysterious and creepy, it would enhance the "boogeyman narrative" Bethesda tried -and failed- to create. That way, we still have our necessary zombies, but now they actually do something for the story. Oh, and if you need electronic circuits ? Kill these poor guys as they beg for help and loot the circuits from their skin. Gives a basic moral/karma element to the building/crafting mechanic.

    Unless one day, Bethesda/Zenimax finally gets the right idea and actually outsource the development to Arkane Studio. It wouldn't hurt the sales, it would be easy to do (Arkane already works for one Bethesda or the other) and it would be a new, fresh direction, that would surprise everyone. Imagine Fallout : New Orleans, made by the creators of Dishonored.

    Hell, Bethesda or not, I could totally get intrigued by that and maybe buy it, even after what I felt about Fallout 4.
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  2. das-brut'el-dood

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    Feb 10, 2019
    Alternate starts. Be a ghoul or Super mutant.

    That is all.
  3. JKRDU(AKA Junyoung)

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    Nov 21, 2018
    If there's going to be a new Fallout game, I want:

    New engine
    Focussing more towards RPG than FPS
    Better story
    Balanced gameplay
    More Weapons (ex: weapons from previous games)
    Set place on the west or Middle America
    ...Or other countries
    Don't change the lore for god's sake
    Brand new Faction, I don't want to see another BOS.
    New enemy, there's no way super mutants are everywhere in America.
    DLC that has connectivity with the main game
    Skill-based dialogue options
    New lores that merge with the universe
    Better design
    ETC ETC ETC...
  4. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I felt like I was reading a list from Bethesda on what not to do in a Fallout game.
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  5. Nirv

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    Nov 24, 2018
    my wish for fallout 5 is that it is tim cain's fallout 3 concept that he never got to make into a reality.
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  6. das-brut'el-dood

    das-brut'el-dood First time out of the vault

    Feb 10, 2019
    oh yeah, make it third person, hell even isometric like wasteland! then add first person and other stuff later.

    Fo3 had the geck for the hoomans. FoNV had faction warring and stuff. Fo4 had of course in game 'modding' but I kinda wanna really do wanna see multiple alternate starts, like a church of atom member looking to find soemthing similar to the holy grial or sum shite..and stumbles upon a religious endless war....or a super science guy trying to find a cure for mutantry. Only for it to fail and create more creautres or summin :D
  7. Hyddan92

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    Jul 4, 2013
    The gang that made New Vegas.

    Set in Oregon.
  8. Sublime

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    Jun 5, 2018
    New kinds of mutated beasts and humans. Given what FEV and radiation have done to animals, I'd like to see creatures with humanoid intelligence and humans who evolved in a way or another. (A mutant race with psychic powers, for instance, even though there should so few of them they became a legend in the wastes)
  9. Nyaren-Chan

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    Aug 18, 2019
    Well, first it needs to have the same dialogue system as Fallout 3/New Vegas, without the whole " voiced protagonist " kind of thing.
    Many say it will probably be set in the Chicago area, a rumor i believe to be true, but i don't want another game set around the " Evil Enclave ", the Enclave could be an Easter Egg or a minor faction like the Remnants, but nothing else. I would not mind to meet Colonel Autumn in a minor Enclave Remnant faction though.
    I would like to see the Reputation system back the same way it was implemented in New Vegas, and i wish the story to be more grayish, like the first Fallout games, no good vs evil, nor any faction being too good or too evil. There would be a need for the player to have a true spiritual freedom concerning the story, letting him have his own vision of what is happening around him, and therefore choosing his faction in a more realistic way.

    Bring back the Traits ( and yes, Wild Wasteland should come back too ), all the perks we have lost ( and add new ones ), tell us what happened after the events of FNV/4, and avoid the game to be too "cartoonish". It needs to remain an RPG, instead of becoming too much of a Shooter.

    I would love to see Fallout 5 taking place near the Mojave, so we could hear about the cannon FNV ending.. but unfortunately i don't think Bethesda is to be trusted and the West-Coast Lore should be preserved the way it currently is, with the freedom of recognizing F3/F4 to be cannon depending on each player. If the good team that really cares about the Fallout Universe is back to make a game, then yes, please make it on the West-Coast, or at least tell us about what happened after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

    If Bethesda remains in charge, it should be anywhere but on the West-Coast, but hoping Bethesda will correct most of their mistakes and finally listen to the community.

    Am i done ? Pretty much. Now we just have to wait and see.

    EDIT: it would take a hell of a time to put in place, but i would really enjoy playing as a Ghoul, with actual consequences, the same way the Legion tends to treat you like sh**t if you play as a Woman. Perhaps we could be allowed to play as a Super Mutant, as long as all Mutants are not pictured as mindless raiders cosplayed as Shrek.
  10. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    • No Bethesda
      Even if they wanted to (which is unlikely), they cannot justify doing a proper Fallout game using their own studio. It would cost too much, and not sell enough product. Proper Fallout is a bit like proper Surströmming—not that I'd know first hand, but in today's market's mentality... just broaching the topic seems like popping open a can of the stuff in an elevator.
    • Evolution founded on the original systems
      • VATS is a world location, not a vault-tec pipboy feature. VATS in FO3 was a naive copy of the aimed shot mechanic in Fallout—one that was optionally not even available to the PC, depending on their build.
      • Yes to the open world, No to the world being squeezed into a tight rectangle just a few miles wide. Fallout took place across multiple US states; where travel time mattered.
      • Turn based combat mechanics; ideally an improved version from FO:Tactics—sans the continuous turn crap.
      • Dialog more akin to Planescape's potential depth, than that of FO4's.
      • ISO/3D main view, with close up talking heads—as per the original, but with detail that uses the entire polygon screen budget.
      • Not opposed to a first person option for up close examination; including in combat.
        ( seen in KOTOR)
    • 3D overland map that contains hand crafted campaign locations, and procedurally generated locations in the interim space.
      • Conceptually... not unlike the the world map seen in Arcanum, in terms of usage. This would allow for a functional copy of the Fallout 1 & 2 map screens, but with an appearance similar to the map in Skyrim.
      • Features random encounters, and special encounters
      • Features the technical option to walk the world from point A to B, though in practice, usually used to create the backdrop for random encounters... akin to encounters on Wasteland 2's world map.

    • Preferably no multiplayer
      • The premise was to sacrifice one for the life of the whole; to save the vault. Vault 13 sent out several (saviors), one at a time; not as a squad... That way, the betrayed is only one person; easily written off and forgotten. (You can find some of them in the world; most are dead.)
      • In the event of mandated multiplayer... At least have it be multiple PC's with their own NPC party, and in a persistent world that allows one player to loot (and possibly booby-trap) a location before the other even finds the place. And allow for taking the opposite quest: IE. one player agrees to protect the town sheriff, while the other accepts the mission to eliminate him.
      • Optional alliances between player parties; beneficial, but also risky, as the other player's stats might allow them to coopt disgruntled party members into their own group.
        *Think Braveheart.

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  11. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I couldn't find this on youtube! What the fuck.
  12. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    When I and my friends were about twelve or so, a new mall opened up in town; built from an old brewery. This mall had glass windowed elevators. Well....

    I and my friends went and bought some imported German stink bombs from the local novelty shop; the kind in glass ampules. We set those off in the new elevators, then reposed to the foodcourt in view of the windows. All was fine for most, until the doors shut. *Think Raiders of the Lost Ark
  13. Ackley Caravans

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    Oct 7, 2019
    Return of karma.
    Negotiable trading, like in Oblivion.
  14. Squadcar

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    Jun 1, 2018
    If you like karma that's fine but I never understood the appeal of it, especially as far as Fallout 3 took it. I think that karma could work well if it only counted major things you do and that gave you a good or evil demeanor. But me stealing shit that no one saw me steal in an area that's unrelated to a companion and then having that companion hate me for it makes little sense.

    Fallout 3 really over-saturated that and it's how I imagine Fable being when people describe it, which sounds eh due to it.