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    May 18, 2006
    It's just like rumours are spreading around, isn't it?

    It depends on someone's personal tastes, mainly, but reviewers IMO should be writing about what is in this game and what is this game about, to show an overal image of it. Unfortunately, most of the reviews today are just a written someone else's opinions, which depend on thir tastes, and I don't care about their opinion about the game. I want to know if this is the game for me, not for you.
    They didn't believe me when I wanted to run away from home, and they also didn't believe, that I saw monsters underwater when I was drowning...

    ..but the worse thing is that parents and adults don't listen at all...
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    Apr 1, 2005
    ^ I agree. Critics need to state the facts when it comes to reviews. No one gives a fuck about opinions.
    It seems nowadays that there are no honest critics.
    I find it kinda funny that some of the controversy surrounding this issue has sprung out about games like Tomb Raider: Underworld and MGS4. I don't know why they even tried to stop the critics from saying anything about MGS4. People would have bought that game if it came with a giant dog turd attached to the case.
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    May 18, 2006
    Or people saying this is the best remake ever, without seeing the original version. Or it's the best game/movie adaptation, not seeing/playing the game/movie before.

    Or that is the best sequal to the game, not playing the previous games...

    Pathetic, just like people don't care about the old Fallout fans critical opinion about FO3...
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    Jan 11, 2004
    I had to think of a conversation I had today.

    I visited a game store to see if there were any releases, at some point I asked one of the sales persons if there were any upcoming releases during which I said that I hoped that there would be some good ones.

    He responded that Fallout 3 last month (or November) was a good release on which my response was that it wasn't, I started him to tell my reasons why Fallout 3 to me was not a good game.

    His reaction was that it was a good game because every magazine and website gave it an A rating or a ten.
    I then asked him if he had ever played the original games on which he confirmed that he had not.

    When I told him that I thought that people should try out Fallout 1 and 2 in order to compare if Fallout 3 was a good sequel I basically got the story that no one would play those games as they looked 'ugly'.
    Furthermore he told me that a Fallout 3 similar to those games would not have hold sold as much as the current game did..

    He compared my feeling mostly to the sentiment people felt way for games back during C64 and Amiga, that those games were great but that we ignore the fact that they aren't as good as games today.

    He wouldn't believe me when I told him that people are still discovering Fallout 1 and 2.

    My reaction was pretty much that Bethesda wanted to sell something in big numbers like GTA and that they should have bought GTA instead.

    In the end I rather got the impression that the sales person felt that Bethesda buying the franchise was the best thing that could happen to the series.

    Apparently I am the only one that doesn't like Fallout 3 as it is.

    Me? I feel that all current day gamers feel that all popular series must be made for their tastes as they are not willing to change it.


    At some point I brought up that I felt that Bethesda had manipulated the press through hype and selection, he first mistook it that I meant that Bethesda had bribed all these journalists.
    I quickly corrected that but explained that I felt that Bethesda had used manipulation to get higher rating from more of the popular sites.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    HA! yes the exact same reviews that mention Bethesdas Fallout as a meaningfull "RPG" with many choices, and "old" school RPG elements (jeez Things have come to a pretty pass) and gave it the RPG GotY's ... [when there was not even any serious competition].

    Your humor again kicks one just like a punch in the groin Per :P

    By saying that. I dont like the way how the gaming media is working just like the next guy here as well. But people are somewhat really fast about when its to "blame them and start a whitch hunt". I of course agree that some of them, probably even most of them can not be described as professinal journalists or reporters (that would be insult to the ones that do a serious job). Many of those people are working even without a actual training, to speak so.

    But, I think in many cases a few just have no other "choice" then writting what they do. I mean, if someone like your boss comes over to you with the task to writte a rewiev/preview and he already explains to you "NO NEGATIVE points!", what do you want to do? I mean it takes a person with real balls to now come up with something that is adressing the negative points [and as one can see the one or other review even tried it! With talking about the game in a unbiased manner, with positive and negatiev things but he still probably had to give the game a score of 9/10].

    I always believe that one should really try not to blame some invidiual, but the "system" they work for, how the whole branche is working. It really has become somewhat independent in this were some fear the loss of support from companies. Frankly, yes it doesnt excuse the actions of those individuals. But one shoulid ask what he would do instead. You know, its a vicious cicle.
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    Aug 27, 2007
    There is a big difference between no negative points & praising the entire design. I'm fine with people loving Fallout 3 for what it is. Everyone's taste is different and I haven't been mainstream in years if I ever was to begin with. Rave about all of the C&C in the game compared to Bioware games, but don't try to lie to me that it's an improvement or equal to old school RPGs. It's not. There are good points to Fallout 3 that are worth praising so concentrate on them in the reviews. Everyone has choices and the ones that reviewers are making causes me to not trust them.

    I assign blame to both the system & the person otherwise you excuse the person from any responsability. Yes it's a risk to speak to speak against the system, but there is also a risk in doing nothing. Make a choice & try to live with it. If you can look yourself in the mirror afterward chances are it was the right one.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Its easier looking in the morriror and feeling fine when you think about your bills and/or feeding your family at the end of the month and just say to your self "it are only games".

    I know what you mean, and I see your really fine point. But it's not like any lifes are seriously dependand on it if they writte now onesided biased reviews about games cause the get ordered it to do so. And they are not doing some reports about the Vietnam war or Holocaust either. Seymour Hersh searched for over a year for someone to publish his report about the My Lai massaker. Now such people do a brave job. Gaming media is sure not on the same quality nor even nearly in the same field. Thats why I dont call it "serious" news coverage :P

    Many of them do their job, they frankly do most of the time a "bad" job. Yes. And I am sure some feel bad for it, but still do it. Everyday. I just say, how would anyone of us here act in the same situation. I am sure a lot that scream around forums "burn them! And spike their heads on a stick!" would exactly do the same ... writte biased rewviews. (this means not everyone would be that way ... but I am sure you know what I mean)