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    Apr 1, 2004
    Thunderbolt features a little Mark Morgan retrospective. It mentions the Vault Archives that we already covered, summarizes the GSoundtracks interview that we also covered way back, then offers some opinions and a call for Morgan to score Fallout 4.

    games™ magazine has an interview with Jason Anderson about FOOL in issue 124. The whole text is not available online, but here's a teaser:<blockquote>"It felt to me that they had no intention of allowing the game to go forward," explains Anderson. "In looking over the contract between Interplay and Bethesda, it became very clear to me that Bethesda had no intention of ever allowing Interplay to actually create an MMO."

    Still, while it will never see the light of day, Anderson's vision for Fallout Online remains a tantalising one. "I took special care in focusing on the social aspects of MMOs, aiming to take it to the next level," Anderson says. "Many mechanics were built into the design with the goal of strengthening the social bonds between players, since that is really what an MMO is all about. But don't worry; there was equal effort put into the PvP world."</blockquote>Finally, since apparently you won't stop submitting it until we post it: yes, there is an extensive Fallout/My Little Pony crossover fan fic with arts and stuff. Here you can find the whole thing and here is the NMA thread. Now we never have to talk about it again.
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    I imagine this is basically someone trying to play some sort of elaborate prank.

    That or someone really needs to meet a psychiatrist.
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    Nope it's serious, the music they're doing for it is pretty good.
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    No offense to the author, but I really wish that story link led to the Vats.

    The Vault Dweller
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    You've opened the floodgates now..
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    Doubtful. The fanfic itself has been completed for a few months now, so it's kind of old news.
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    It seems to have a "fanbase" for some reason. Not around here as much thankfully.
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    fisting has a fanbase too.

    Just saying.
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    Crni vuk; I think I love you.
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    You guys have to see this mod:

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    Oh lol. :) Well done, can't deny that.
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    That mod is just brilliant. I'm always amazed how much time & work people put into these sort of crazy projects. Awesome.