Bethesda’s Pete Hines Fallout 4 interview

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    Aug 22, 2015
    Yeah like one of Todd Howard's famous quotes "It just works!". I wonder if the story is one big turd which is the reason why none of it has been mentioned at all? All those Bethesda fans are defending the hell out of the game over at the Bethesda forum too.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    "Exactly! Unless it’s Uncharted or anything by Naughty Dog, and then I never skip any of the dialogue – ’cause theirs is awesome."

    First off Naugthy Dog dialogue "Awesome" lol
    Second off, he is literally saying the dialogue of their own game is shit, the PR PERSON is directly saying the writting of the people he is representing sucks compared to other developers. That is just great, they won awards for their writting too.

    Pretty surprised to see halfway smart people in a link to the Bethesda forums, they are usually filled with ball licking and "Immurshunz". Nice, maybe hope for gamers is not lost after all if even people on their forums are realizing that so many things in FO4 are absolute shit.
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    A few of those rational people are from here and the Codex so that is some of it.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    I wonder if all those people complainning about the intro dialogue to OWB missed the fact that there is a "Whatever let's get on with this" option after you are explained the situation with the brain and organs that throws you into Dr. Mobius transmission and to you receiving the SOnic emitter... You lose the opportunity to get extra things like the K9000, extra caps, extra ammo and such but you can get through that sequence fairly quickly. You only keep at it you keep choosing the options that engage them further in their crazy shit, maybe they should also read the dialogue options, huh?
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    I thought the same thing. They are only saying that to excuse shitty dialog, or more likely they are ignorant. Skipping dialog is no problem in New Vegas. There is usually an option that tells them to get on with it. What a bunch of dorks. That is putting it lightly.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Reading is hard though!
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    Meh is the shortest description I can give for that interview. Some things are stupid to be honest. But well, I did expect to read something decent. My bad I guess.

    Ehh.. I am certain I am one of the youngest members of this forum and I prefer FO1/2/NV. I don't really mind tactics. Never played BOS. Not planning to, either. PC master race and all that stuff.
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    Your generation is part of the problem. Back in my day we had to read Nintendo Power to know how to beat Castlevania 2. Now you have your internetz and cellphones with your ADHD give it to me now mindset...

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    Jun 8, 2015
    That's right, let's combat piss-poor writing with over-bloated and expositional writing instead.

    Why are you touting this dialogue-as-a-conduit-of-free-shit as a good thing? What they should do is pepper dialogue with consequences that make forethought a requisite, not tickle your nuts because you could actually be arsed to explore character interaction as a gameplay element. There were hints of it where you gained infamy/fame with the Legion when you were curt or respectful, respectively, but it was merely skimmed (I can recall about 5 instances of that occurrence). That thing you mentioned is the videogame equivalent of scooby-snacks, and that's not conducive those 'immershunz' you were on about -- but since you seemingly abhor the notion of immersion (what's that all about?) maybe you view that as a positive?

    Fallout 4 is going to crash and burn, you know dialogue is going to be embarrassingly atrocious when they implement an [ABORT] feature in the form of walking away. Brilliant.....

    I can also see that link to the Bethesda forum glowing with fanboy cancers so I won't even click it...
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    I think it is quite difficult to say 'which' generation is to blame, as there are older generation who hated the complexity games started to take during the 90s (I met some people who felt that stuff like storylines and quests just got in the way of the actual games).
    And there are plenty of 'younger' gamers such as several members on this forum who do enjoy the style of games a lot of us like and share the same feelings regarding the quality of games, and these are the generations we blame for the decline of games.

    On reflection as I made this mistake too, I think the biggest problem is that suddenly games have to appeal to everyone as publishers want to make as much return as possible for their titles, so they target people now who would normally not give a damn about games.
    Understandable in a way as a lot of games are very expensive to produce and the money spend on their development needs to be earned back and a profit on them.

    The question is, is it absolutely necessary to make very expensive games with what we feel is a decline in context quality in order to appeal to a large audience whose tastes are rather fickle (yes us 'hardcore' gamers have fickle tastes as well, but I mean more fickle as in the large audience's mood changing every blue moon when some new hype or trend comes out they are told to follow), or isn't it better to make less expensive games but for a smaller audience but in the knowledge that it is somewhat guaranteed that it will sell and make the development costs back and a profit, be it a little smaller than what an AAA title brings in.

    I do honestly wonder, what if the next Fallout and Elder Scrolls happen to bomb instead of being major sellers, would Bethesda's owners still have confidence in these franchises when that happens?
  12. Juza The Cloud

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    Jun 3, 2015
    I think the reason is more of a mechanics issue. Basically due to engine issues a player could be engaged in conversation but if other npcs around were in combat they could potentially do damage and kill the player character perhaps? So in slapdash fashion they made the ability to exit conversation to compensate for bad npc AI and game mechanics and are marketing it as innovation me thinks ?
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    I've vatted a flame/troll post. Don't repost it, quote it or whatever, please. Also made some edits where needed, to keep things in order.
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    I don't really like the cellphones much tbh. It's starting to seem people are more attracted to it than anything else. Which is funny because it reminds me of Metro a bit. There's a quote that speaks about how people were so full of knowledge and power by cellphones and such, and when the nukes fell (and the phone's batteries ran out), these people suddenly forgot everything they knew.

    Here it is:

    "Knowledge is power. A worn-out slogan. Before the war nobody probably ever thought of its actual meaning anymore. Knowledge was available to anyone. My stepfather told me a portable phone could answer any question at a flick of a finger... Nobody cared much about studying, searching for new information and remembering it anymore. And then, in a singular moment, all the information vanished. The phone lines went dead, the phone batteries discharged, and those who were reluctant to admit knowledge into their heads, were left with empty heads. Knowledge became power, a precious commodity again... Too precious. Here, in the Great Library, more knowledge about the Earth and its people is probably stored than anywhere else. But each letter read from its vast vaults has to be paid for in blood."

    I guess I am different :D
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    Jun 8, 2015
    * quote obtained on Android Lollipop.
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    Jun 5, 2015
    My #1 ALL time Favorite Quotes and InValid arguments a BethsTurd Fans gives.

    1) "it's Bethesda's IP now so they can do with it what they want.
    2) to be fair Bethesda just got the IP .. you can't expect them to get "fallout" correctly the first try.
    3) how can you hate Fallout 4?.. it's new and different.

    So when Dr. Who was updated with a steampunk, updated visuals it still captures the corny ass British humor and Lore
    They managed to bring back the Daleks and Timelords after being destroyed in the Timewar.
    Even K9 came back with a better story than Fallout 3
    Though River plot is fucking b.s.
    They changed the whole Dr. Regeneration little disappointing and whatnot but it's still not a utter shit as Bethesda/tes/fallout

    If Dr. Who can do it why can't Bethesda?
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    Amongs the awfull things that were announcing, it was one of the things that pissed me the most.
    So much ressources wasted for a single-occurence gimmick that most player wouldn't even see, considering they don't have those popular first names, and that won't bring anything into the table.
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    Codsworth will really call you Shitcunt? Consider me hypnotized.
  19. generalissimofurioso

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    I wonder what happens if you don't have one of the popular names they put in?

    Does the game demand that you have a nickname that everyone refers to you by?

    Because that seems like it's really dumb.
  20. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    With name that is voiced:
    "A good morning Shitcunt. Will you have your coffee now or will you go without your morning pick-me-up today?"

    With name that isn't voiced:
    "A good morning sir/madam. Will you have your coffee now or will you go without your morning pick-me-up today?