Bethesda: actually, Fallout is ours

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    Apr 20, 2010
    There's still an pseudo-isometric view. The combat video shows that you can pull the camera pretty far away. Not the 'real' thing, but I never used isometric personally so I do not care much. Also, the dialog wheel is being improved so it's not as bad as ME's, and when the game is planned (and devs stated this was kinda important IIRC) for you to have a human family and a voiced protagonist, you can harldy be a dwarf now can you. And anyway, Bioware hardly listens to their fans on gameplay issues (and, as ME2 proved, that can backfire in wrong ways sometimes), with good reasons however. Self-entitlement over at their forums is second only to the RPG Codex's.

    And isometric view is not 'dead', of course. Fewer games use it, that's all, doesn't mean we entered a Dark Age of Gaming or something. D3 is the excpetion because I can harldy see myself playing a Hack-and-Slash in first person.

    ...What was the topic again? Oh yes, Beth doesn't like Interplay daydreaming about what they would do if they win this endless case. Pity.
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    Jan 18, 2011
    Bethesda only did first person view games which had much success . Other than that they're still not good enough to try out or wont . So they make a quick fix , give mod options and get the money . Considering that some companies like to try more and gain more Bethesda doesn't count like a very good company , they still go with their own viewpoint of what a game should be . So on their terms it's still first person shooter rpg , no need to risk anything else .
    Or they're just plain stupid to aspire for more . Will they ever change that is the real question . That kind of studio which wishes never to change will not last too much if one of their games hits bottom . We also have games which can be in the category of beast with their graphics and the rest they offer .

    So all in all Beth didn't and never will do a spectacular job which other game companies wont overthrow . Blizzard has long made and still is making a standard for RPG and the like . Bioware tries but they want to go for consoles in hope for more money and they still get on good terms with everybody . Beth is more or like the same but with a lot fewer games . And also more "no brainer" oriented games .
    I don't really know about Interplay now but that is lef to see .

    Any type of a game didn't die out totally . People still play tetris as i recall . Just most think that what they have served is all there is to it . And thank media coverage for that .

    In one day you can play Diablo 3 , ME 3 , Crysis 2 , COD and much other games be it on what platform you prefer . How many type of in game views are here ? Are they all bad games ? And will they keep being played after some 5 years ?
    Diablo 2 is still played , Crysis also , ME also , is there a problem there ?
    No and never will be as long as the game is good .

    Fallout 3 will die out , only mods can keep it alive . That was a quick fix . Actually it wont be bought again so much like it was back when media thought it was the best Fallout there is . Does Fallout need fps type of play is not a big deal as long as you make it a good game . Hardcore players were objectively reviewing it , casuals thought they spoke some sh** but the truth is Beth didn't do much as served and told that's all on the table . There is much more , and when Fallout Collection was out you get people screaming about bug as they can't fire not thinking about the cripple system . All there is Beth stole it and made it like it was theirs (same as vampires in priest movie) . It was noticed of course . So Obsidian made a better game .

    Beneaths so much off topic i just want to point out : PC didn't die for consoles , newspapers didn't die for Internet .
    Now why would you think isometric view died out ?

    Add Deathspank (which is on consoles originally),Sacred and more to come to that list .
    What is going to die out is crappy story , bad writing and awful conversations . It wasn't like it in F3 because many thought it's "fallout" . When they saw it wasn't the only fallout then...damn it's hard .

    It's a point of making a good game which will sell a lot and for quite some time , not giving pirates a point to crack it too much because it's too damn good and making it good on all playing platforms so that many people can see and play . That isn't so hard . Fallout is already a cult so ...
    So let them just make a damn good Fallout game . Rest , we don't really care who makes or gives the money .
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    Feb 23, 2009
    Bethesda games also lacks multiplayer which can keep a game alive. Remember first Dungeon Siege? It was nice to see people playing it online after some 7-8years it was released.
    Blizzard games, like someone said - have their own standard and make a "genre" having big fan and player base. But I believe that without multiplayer some of their titles would sooner or later die out just like most other single player games do. Sure, there are exceptions from "multiplayer" rule.
    Fact is that not every company can make "exception".
  4. warsaw

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    Dec 1, 2008
    One of the developers held a live interview with fans during E3 and I happened to ask the question, "Is this Mass Effect with swords?" He nervously laughed and went quiet a minute before finally answering no.
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    Oct 25, 2010
    I just remembered, there's a graffiti in Fallout 2 somewhere (New Reno?) that says "JDA Wus" :lol:
  6. waldo

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    Nov 21, 2007
    I really enjoyed both Mass Effect and Dragon Age but Dragon Effect.......meh.

    Part of what made DA good and set it apart from ME at bit was that it had that old-school D&D vibe with choosing races/classes etc. Seems a shame to me that they're moving even further away from that.
  7. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    yeah it offered a bit of diversity in a world of RPGs that feel all to similar ...

    though like the name "Dragon Effect" :lol: ... I guess thats what it might become in the end.
  8. Ausdoerrt

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    Oct 28, 2008
    It didn't have the vibe, no. It took that vibe and brutally murdered it in front of the player.

    "You want DnD? Oh YEAH? Well how about DnD WoW style!" /facepalm.

    Even DnDO handled things better than DA.
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    Jan 6, 2011
    Can't say I'm a fan of Bioware in general, I only played some of their newer games and they aren't all that good.
  10. TheWesDude

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    Feb 25, 2005
    well, bioware really isnt all that great.

    neutered down systems
    lootwhore/monty haul
    sometimes severe engine issues even with top end hardware
    bland campaigns, recycled stories
  11. ZeusComplex

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    Feb 12, 2010
    I actually think Mass Effect is the best Bioware game since Neverwinter Nights. After I stopped looking at it as a roleplaying game and more of an action game with choices, I found my time with the series to be immensely enjoyable. Granted the science is a bit of a hack job, and the inconsistencies in established cannon in the 2nd one is extremely dumb. Still, combat was enjoyable and the universe was fun to explore.

    I like to see that company in two ways, D&D and post-D&D. D&D years I will always treasure. I grew up with those games. From the many rage quit moments of BG I and II, to the nerdy online roleplaying moments of NWN, Bioware was at one time masters of their craft. Zoom into the present and they've overused their gimmicks way too much. KotR was decent, the linear style of gameplay suited the cinematic feel of Star Wars. I wished they would just make another game in the scope and challenge of BGII but I remember hearing they refused to take on a project of that size again.
  12. LinkPain

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    Jan 18, 2011
    Plus Bioware made savegames be used on their sequels . Many ways to finish for example ME and to use your savegame breeds more players .
    And being a douchebag or paragon is both fun , makes you play it a couple of times more . And their writing rocks !
    The only problem they have is making games simpler , like Beth is doing , again .

    They crushed Vanguard like a bug , it's almost useless now in ME2 . Wonder how Dragon Age 2 will be ...

    Back to the topic :
    I get it that you have to protect your intellectual property , but Fallout wasn't Pete's in the first place . So why does he have to urge and always announce that Fallout franchise is his like we don't know it already?
    Even the new Bethesda banner has Vault door .

    Licenses come and go these days , what's Pete's problem anyway ?
    It sounds way more personal ...
  13. Ixyroth

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    Jul 18, 2008
    I doubt it's a personal issue.

    They're just reptilians. It's part of their nature.