Bethesda on Fallout 4's E3 absence

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Brother None, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Polygon has some quotes from Pete Hines again talking about the game's production schedule.<blockquote>Hines said that even though Todd Howard's Bethesda Game Studios — the studio responsible for developing the Fallout series — revealed that it is already moving on to its next project, it's not going to "say or hint" at all at what they are doing and that "making assumptions" about the unannounced title is a "bad idea."

    "I mean [fans] have been clammering for a Fallout game for a long time now. What people need to understand — whether it is Bethesda Game Studios, Arkane or anybody — expecting information like that in any short period of time after they moved off one project to the other is really unrealistic," Hines said. "We are not into annual franchises — just trying to spin out a version of our game year, after year, after year — like, we have never done that, I don't see that it is something that we are doing anytime soon. But that doesn't mean that we are going to take our time and wait six or seven years in between a game that a studio puts out. But these are big games that take a long time and folks need to understand that we have a very certain way of going about things."


    "So whether it was working on new IP or working with developers — Fallout: New Vegas was maybe something we have never really tried before, which was to do something in a franchise that is a bit of an offshoot with a different studio and see how that works," he said, saying its ultimate goal continues to be the same, which is it wants to work on stuff that excites its developers, with people "who have been in this industry for a while and are known for doing cool innovative things."</blockquote>
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    I hope that last part means that they've recognized their limitations in certain fields and will be more willing to accept help from other studios in the future.
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    the idea that Bethesda only recently started working on their game is niave. i can promise you that the solid number of the team started moving to their next project as soon as skyrim was done. Sure they had people working on its DLC but not the bread and butter people. Not that the folks here mind, i cant imagine the typical NMA crowd is looking forward to FO4. Personally i am open minded about it and if not well there is always Wasteland 2
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    I hope this means Obsidian will be on Board for Fallout 4.
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    Don't hold your breath. They've made no attempts to get out of their Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim rut, so I certainly won't.
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    I wonder which was true offshoot.
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    Oh fuck, please no.
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    Hey, hope is the last thing that dies, isn't it?
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    and why should they? It makes tons of sweet green for them with literally no effort. No real writing needed or complex gameplay you have to create. I am not saying they don't work on their games. Albeit, I would say that creating a deep and meaningful RPG is somewhat more difficult compared to a dull shooter. What ever if you shoot with a nuclear bomb at giant super mutants or with arrows at dragons. Its pretty much the same.
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    I know everyone is quick to call fallout 3 and NV simply Oblivion / skyrim with guns but its never felt that way for me. I could barely get into skyrim and I Hated Oblivion (despite wanting to like it) and yet have dropped 350+ in New vegas and probably half that into FO:3. Not sure why that is
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    fo3 is just trash not only as a Fallout but also as a elderscroll.
    so actually fo3 is not a oblivion with gun but simplified oblivion without city but with gun. just trash.
    NV is far different from fo3. it isn't Tes with gun.
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    You're an alien :lol:

    Seriously, I'm 100% opposite to you except for New Vegas (which we both liked and played a lot)

    I enjoyed Skyrim, played it a good chunk of time until I got bored, yet I hate FO3 completely and believe me, I've tried it twice.

    Skyrim is solid in what it proposes to be (medieval realm, exploration, bla bla), but FO3 has a world that simply is unbelievable, inconsistent, etc etc.
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    Fallout 3 and NV have notable objective advantages over the ES games. They don't have the stupid level-by doing system, they're not as easily exploitable, and the quests are much more interactive. So, there's reason to prefer them other than the difference in setting.