Can you really call yourself a Fallout fan if you love Fallout 4, honestly?

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by HarkonFourth, May 30, 2018.

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    At least we agree it's unbalanced and buggy. But your faction complaints are... inane? Why in the world would the NCR be mucking around on the other side of the continent when they are occupied with their own territory. The only reason the Gunners were disappointing was because they didn't do anything with them. Bethesda finally set themselves up to have interesting and unique factions and flubbed it. Same can be said of the Institute and Enclave. The Institute is even more of a let down than the Gunners, because you can actually watch Bethesda miss their shot. They didn't even try with the Gunners. Meanwhile the Enclave has been destroyed three times in the series, two of those times in Fallout 3. Wanting a return is overkill. It was stupid enough that they included the X-01 Power Armor.

    On the subject of Power Armor, I did like the execution of Power Armor mechanics in Fallout 4. The implementation of Power Armor in general sucked, but the game mechanics for it felt good.
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    Well....I am a Fallout fan because there are PARTS of this game I absolutely loved.
    I loved the IDEA of an unked Boston
    I Loved the idea of robots wanting to use the USS Constitution (not the rockets and not wanting to fight the Chinese versus raider piracy)
    I LOVED the set up of the main story, minus the BOS Hindenburg but it needed Boston to be a city-state to work.
    I loved the idea of the Cobot House, and other than that stupid New Vegas crack it's the one really good quest the game has.
    I loved that they tried to give you actual stakes, but again they shit the bed. You spouse should have survived and one of you should have had surviving family in the city.

    Fallout 4's MQ is not the problem. It's the utterly shitty, non-sensical world-building. This world is not built organically from its premise. Everything in this game is the LAZIEST kind of fan service. Fallout 4 needed a total genre shift: New Vegas was smart enough to become a Western, Fallout 4 needed to be a city noir, with Fallout action and dismemberment and bunker raiding in the countryside far away from Boston.
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    fallout 1 & 2 are best but I still enjoy playing Fallout 4. I still call myself a fallout fan since I know virtually everything about the series