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    May 25, 2012
    i am new to this forum and planned on making this Character the next time i play

    Name: Maria Theresa Gonzalez
    Age: 28 (was 24 when she participated in the first battle of Hoover Dam)
    Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
    Hair: auburn Blast back
    Nationality: Hispanic
    Eye: Hazel

    final S.P.E.C.I.A.L:

    Strength: 8 (from OWB)
    Perception: 7
    Endurance: 7
    Charisma: 5-6
    Intelligence: 7
    Agility: 8

    Traits: Skilled and Logan's Loophole

    Skills: Guns, Unarmed, Sneak, Survival tagged and 100, along with Speech. Lock picking at 75. most other skills at 50

    Backstory: the daughter of an NCR retired Ranger and a former B.O.S member, Maria, or as she prefers to be called, Talon, always knew she was different. when she was 12, she discovered that she was gay, but still skilled in the art of seduction, make men melt just to break their hearts , was caught kissing her best female friend, and ended up dumping her boyfriend of four months. Her mother died when she was 16. at 18 she not only joined the NCR military, but got a tattoo of the B.O.S symbol on her left hip to remember her mother. Seven years later she suffered a leg injury during the first battle of Hoover Dam, forcing her to be discharged, and she really wanted to be a Ranger like her father. She was however made an honorary Ranger. during the battle, Maria's girlfriend of 4 years was killed by Caesar's Legion. after her discharge she took up courier work so she can keep her skills sharp.
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    May 31, 2011
    What is it with you people and the Brotherhood?
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    May 25, 2012
    yeesh, other than her mother and the tattoo, Maria has no ties to the Brotherhood. her allegiance primarily lies with her father and protecting the innocent, first.
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    May 1, 2012
    Name: Uriel Bane
    Alliance: Uriel has no apparent Alliances to any factions but will for his own reason from time to time assist either factions
    Appearance: Height:178cm
    Weight: 80 Kg
    His Eyes are dark brown as is his hair wich he grows out long to protect his scalp from the sun without depending on head coverings.
    His frame is muscular but not so much as to hinder his agility.

    Arsenal: Uriel preferes most of all to use close combat mele weapons his favourite being the spear for its easy production and yet high range of uses in combat allowing him to keep his enemies at range even in close combat, he also has a long machete he found in the ruins of a hardware store aswell as a broad hunting knife wich aids in obtaining hides and other materials of animal nature wich he uses to fashion clothing and armor for himself, he uses also a Crossbow when faced with odds that dont favor melee weapons until he evens them out a bit at a distance. His favourite enemies are Cannibals, Slavers and Raiders wich he zealously despatches whenever he comes across them.

    Residence: Uriel lives in a cave in the mountain ranges to the south of The Den and Klamath.

    Occupation: Uriel hunts geckos and scorpions for food, pelts and tails wich he trades in the towns for supplies he may need. He also trades and interacts with some of the tribal villages scattered to the far south.

    Background: Uriel Bane was born in The Den to one of Metzgers Slave girls. when he was sold to a travelling merchant he was brought up to be a caravan guard and has served most of his teenage years in that profession. He was unusualy bright for his years and naturaly that was exploited by his "father" it certainly aided in his survival as a caravan guard, altho you wouldnt expect it of him his linguistic skills are rather well developed compared to most other brutish or otherwise dull dialects.The merchant was killed during a raid wich left him free to do as he pleased so he threw away his old life and left returning to his place of birth but finding nothing for himself there he retreated to a cave in the mountain range south of The Den and made a home there for himself where he lives his life as a Trapper, Tanner and craftsman of simple weaponry.
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    May 22, 2012
    Name: Jonathan Cain
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 195 lb.
    Eyes: Amber
    Hair: Short, Shaggy, Black
    Skin: Light sun tan
    Appearance: Looks like an NCR Ranger but with a big brown cowboy hat instead of a mask(NOTE: Is not an NCR Ranger).

    ......t..+/-...b.....r m/m
    ST: 5,,,,0,,,,5,,,,,1/10
    PE: 7,,,,0,,,,7,,,,,1/10
    EN: 6,,,,0,,,,6,,,,,1/10
    CH: 3,,,,0,,,,3,,,,,1/10
    IN: 6,,,,0,,,,6,,,,,1/10
    AG: 7,,,,0,,,,7,,,,,1/10
    LK: 6,,,,0,,,,6,,,,,1/10

    Level: 1; Karma: 0; HP/Lvl: 6; XP: 0/1,000; Carry Weight: 150

    HP: 32/32; AC: 15; +/-: 0; Base AC: 7; Armor: Leather Jacket(8)


    Poison Res: 30%; Rad Res: 12%; Gas Res: 0/0; Electricity Res: 10%; Healing Rate: 2

    Small Guns:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,53%,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,33(Tag)
    Big Guns:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,14%,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,14
    Energy Weapons:,,,,,,,,14%,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,14
    Melee Weapons:,,,,,,,,,,44%,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,44
    First Aid:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,28%,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,,,28

    AP: 8; Seq: 14; Melee: 1; Crit: 6; Armor Con: [][][][][][][][][][]; Helmet Con: [][][][][][][][][][]; PE Range Mod: 15

    Main Weapon- Name: .22 Pistol; Rng: 12; Dmg: +4; APs(Single, Target, Burst): 5/6/NA; Ammo: .22; Ammo Dmg: 1d6; Rounds: 10/0; +/-: 0; Condition: [][][][][][][][][][]
    Secondary Weapon- Name: Knife; Rng: 1; Dmg: 1d10+1; APs(Single, Target, Burst): 3/4/NA; Ammo: None; Ammo Dmg: NA; Rounds: 0/0; +/-: 0; Condition: [][][][][][][][][][]
    Ammo Types: .22(10)

    One Handed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,+20% with 1-handed weapons, -40% with 2-handed weapons

    Leather Jacket,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Torso, Under Coat,,,,,,250
    .22 Ammo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Gun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,150
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    Jul 2, 2012
    my character

    Name:Bubba Sawyer
    Age:Aproximatly 300 years old
    Family:John Sawyer (StepFather),Thomas Sawyer(StepBrother),Angelica(StepMother) (Saw Dynasty)
    Occupation:Carries 'foods' and kills
    Race:modified Alien-Human Hybrid
    Height:8 feet(243 cm) hunched ,9'2 foot with normal back
    Weight:570 lbs(260 kilos)

    His name is not really 'Bubba' but in pre-war America the peoples called him BigFoot because he had hair on his body.He was born in 1970 in Nevada no one knows who is his blood-mother and family that we all know that he was adopted in 1975 by a 'wizard' or alien.Later he was abducted in an alien ship(See:Mothership Zeta)and being butched.In 1977 some peoples found him in Austin Texas.So they put him as orphan.In 1980 his hair has growing very fast in 1982 he was 12 years old and 6''6 foot tall the staff was amazed so they decided to let him go in 1983.In July 13th 1982 the orphanage was burning but bubba wasn't harmed he escaped.Later in 1983 to hide the hair he took a baboon costume on him no one tought that this giant walking is just an 13 years old child.In 1990 he was fully grown so he cant hide so much beyond the humans so he moved to forests deserts neutral zones dead zones so no one can see him he lives in the nature.In 1995 his home was a cave in mountains.In 2000 some people saw him as big foot so there is the myth started.Later in 2004 humans 'invaded' his territory the forest was burning there no place to hide.In year 2020 all the ecologists tried to find him with all their tech but no chances.In 2050 the myth ended so he was free to walk among the world.In 2065 he started to have a 'new' life he was hunched back 8 foots,a mysterious man saw him and offered him a job to kill his enemyes.Probably was Saw Dynasty the one who offered him a job.He did the all job with just with an axe about 6 foot tall about 200 pounds.In 2070 he killed and butchered almost 136 humans to serve his family(The Family was full off cannibals).Later in 2075 the humans tried to stop with their all technologies but no chance.In 2077 there was a nuclear war who destroyed the all world but bubba and his family haven't died because they were living above mountains so they can survive there like in a vault.In 2100 his family died of natural cause but the family had sons.In 2077 he destroyed the rock with his hammer and freed his family.In 2150 he tried to eat super mutant flesh but it was disgusting,the giant tried the human flesh he eated one and it was 'yummy' so he started all of his 90% of time searching humans in wasteland he was only the one who was not dying and not afected by the radiation,the aliens could give him the elixir of the life.In 2200 the 2nd Sawyers died but there was 3rd Family of Sawyers.In 2235 he made a house for his family he absorbed all the radius to make a place there he also absorb the radiation in just 10 minutes all the 20 km place so he can be the reviver of the America.The territory of 20 km where Sawyers live is the territory of deathclaws so bubba killed them.In 2270 He is now 300 years old and no one knows when he will die but all we that know is that he comes for our flesh,so watch out!

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    Jul 2, 2012
    NickName:Nick 'The Hitman' Hollywood
    Name:Nick Hollywood
    Age:33 yrs
    Body Type:Caucasian,muscles,Well-Build,almost long hair.
    Occupation:Contract Killer Hitman for caps,professional killer
    Height:6'11(210 cm)
    Weight:253 Lbs(116 kilos)
    Skills:Sneak,Gambling,Barter,Unarmed,Big Guns,Mele Weapons,Throwing,LockPick.
    He grew in mojave wasteland,by age of 9 yrs old he had been trained to fight by NCR troops.By age of 12 years old he was a good student he won the throwing,shooting contest at 100 m distance.At age of 18 he was enlisted in Elite NCR troops ,he served the NCR for 7 years and the superiors promoted him to Ranger but after making a mistake his superiors demoted him and suspended him,and he killed one of his superior and left the NCR,And NCR wanted him dead but he escaped and went to Mojave wasteland.By age of 26 he found a new job to be a htiman trained by bounty hunters.At age of 28 He was killing machine and killed high ranked NCRs.Now he is wandering the all America searching a contract

    Strength 10:He is well build tall and trained by NCR and Bounty Hunters,and throwing very good.
    Agility 8:Bounty Hunters Trained him to steal.
    Perception 8:He won the 100 meters shooting distance.
    Endurance 7:He is muscular
    Charisma 3:He doesn't talk so much but he can talk correctly.
    Inteligence 6:He learned at NCR somethings and readed some books about killing lockpick steal.
    Luck 6:Hes lucky because he don't get caught by NCR troops
    Bloody Mess
    Heavy Handed
    Fast Shot
    1000x Caps
    1x .308 Sniper Rifle
    1x Gauss Pistol
    1x Brass Knuckles
    1x Rocket Launcher
    9x Rockets
    500x NCR dollars
    1x Enclave Armor
    Weapon Handling
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    Jul 2, 2012
    My 3th Character

    Name:Dick Richard
    Nick:Rich,Richard,The People's Power
    Age:42 Years Old
    Body Type:Skinny,Caucasian,
    Height:6'2 ft(185 cm) old,6'5 ft(196 cm) young
    Weight:156 Lbs(70 kilos)
    Skills:Speech,Gambling,small guns,steal,OutDoorsman,Sciene,unarmed

    Richard's ancestors where a rich family with all the money but,before 2077 all his family died but one survived.At age 12 he was the grat one of his town because he won contests.At age of 15 he was reading all the books he can't stop.At age of 18 he was declared the most inteligent man of the town and he decided to get to leadership and overthrow the actual leader of the town and coming for the mayor.At age of 20 he was the leader of the troops.At age of 27 after seven years of dedication to leadership he decides to overthrow the mayor and becoming mayor of the town.At age 28 he suffered an injury at the legs and arm after an explosion by the enemies NCR and town is assaulted and destroyed.The day after the town was 50% destroyed and the mayor was dead the people hide underground,and he came with all his power underground an free the peoples so he became the mayor in that day.At age of 30 He Decided to give NCRs a lesson he moved 12 special troops at their base and killed all the NCRs and the base.At age of 35 He expanded the town now its population is about 128 it's like a small town and constructed walls about 12 meters to defend and gates the wall was made of junks,cars,metals in a desert.At age of 38 some of the NCR disguised as normal people and leaders to overthrow him and became the leaders of this town.At age of 40 he didn't give up so the NCRs continued this propaganda until at age of 42 they tried to kill him they failed so they killed all the population and the soldiers so he runned out of the city.Now he is wandering the all Waste-America to find a safe place.

    Strength 7-Normal skinny but knows kung fu & judo
    Perception 6-He readed books so he don't see so very good But he can see good
    Endurance 5-Skinny not so powerfully
    Charisma 10-He is mayor he speaks good.Let the Words Be your Weapon
    Inteligence 8-He Readed book
    Agility 8-He is skinny so
    Luck 6-Normal luck
    Good Natured
    1x Punch Dagger
    1xH&K CAWS
    2000x Caps
    50x 12 gauge slug shells
    1x Enclave Armor
    Confirmed Bachelor
    Covert Ops
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    Aug 26, 2012
    Name: Ariana Lahar
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Scientist, wanderer
    Hair: curly lengths of golden hair, spilling below her shoulders, with red hilights.
    Eye color: Piercing Emerald Green gaze
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Complexion: Caucasian
    Voice: Slightly high, pleasant singong voice
    Bio: Arianna Lahar grew up in Raven Rock in the Capitol Wasteland. Her mother was an Enclave officer, her father a doctor/scientist who's research in genetic engeneering was showing much promise. Ari herself had shown unnatural talent for the sciences from a very early age, and by the time she was 11 years old, she was already helping her father out with experiments and research. By 13, she was already working on her own projects for the Enclave. By 15, she was leading scientific experimentation involving FEV.

    Ari's mother was slain during an expidition to kidnap wastelanders for scientific experiments. Her company had ran into BoS outcasts, and though they killed the small outcast group that had come upon them, her mother was one of 3 casualties. Heartbroken, Ari turned to her work to keep her mind of things. Her father would later dissapear during an Enclave investigation of the nearby Deathclaw den. Her mother died when she was 12, her father 2 years later at 14. Ari did have a sister who helped ease her through these troubled times, Lianna Lahar. The two sisters were very close, though Lianna was actually an Enclave soldier who showed as much promise for battlefield tactics and combat as Ari did for the sciences.

    At the age of 17, Arianna had finally had enough of the Enclave. She always had a dangerous empathy for her test subjects. Eventually, the guilt of her FEV experimentation got the best of her. Lianna, loyal to her sister, agreed to desert the Enclave. She and Ari attempted to sneak out of Raven Rock, only to be caught in the act. They managed, however, to open the doors and flee. They were chased down, however, by a squad of Enclave soldiers headed by Colonol Autumn himself.

    Ari and Lianna managed to stay out of sight for a while, but knew there was no way that they could hide forever. Lianna, realizing there was no other choice, told Ari to run while she distracted the group. After a long argument, Ari did as told--and Lianna single-handedly fought the platoon, killing 4 Enclave soldiers and wounding Autumn before taking a plasma shot to the head. Since then, Ari wandered the wasteland, making her way to the Mohave, becoming a vagrant.

    Ari is currently working to do some good in the world, and has recently developed SyrumX, a prototype medication that could possibly cure Ghoul's of their condition: she just needs to secure a ghoul test subject. Has a makeshift lab a few miles away from Novac.

    Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol
    Clothes: Black low cut blouse, dark skirt that falls just above her knees. Boots that reach halfway up her calves, made of leather. Standard white labcoat.
    Items: Backpack, 5 packs of MFC (50 charges each) and 3 packs of SeC (20 charges each). Doctor's bag, 10 empty syringes.
    Likes: Science, Deathclaws (they fascinate her), and Molerats--she finds them cute. And dogs.
    Dislikes: Enclave, FEV, Super Mutants (though she also feels sorry for them), NCR (she views them as a 'democratic' Enclave).



    Traits: Gifted, Small Frame

    Primary Skills:
    Energy Weapons

    Secondary skills:
    First Aid
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    Jul 28, 2011
    It is very good to meet your aqquiantance. It is good to have you upon our RP. Courtesies of your friendly neighbourhood DC. ;D
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    Deathclaw Chameleon Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jul 28, 2011
    Another Character for Rping. Related t my other; Chameleon in some way. He's actually used in other RPs and my novels/comics etc though he is altered for this RP.

    Name: Deathhead
    Real Name: Angelo Damien
    Age: Unkown (Possibly same age as Chameleon)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Mercenary, bodyguard, assassin.
    Allignment: Neutral
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Eye colour: Golden (Unusual)
    Height: 6"1
    Nationality: Finnish Caucasian
    Voice: Deep mysterious voice (think of one of those really cheesy cool villains off an anime or cartoon)

    Appearance: Wears a black pointed hood and cape. A white mask in the shape of a skull covers his face, leaving only eyes visible (Like a grim reaper). Wears a black recon suit with white streaks to represent bones. Wears a black tunic around waist which reaches to ankles. Wears slver boots and pointed greaves. Wears silver gloves and gauntlets reaching to elbows. Also has a utility belt.

    Personality: Apparently devoid of conciense, he cares little for trivial matters and wishes only to get the job done. Accepts most missions, but doesn't kill unless for money. He hates having people waste his time and any who get in his way he will normally knock unconcious unless their death is necessary. He has some soft spot for animals, but feels no apparent compassion for children or women. Dislikes Chameleon. A grumpy typeof guy who will make humour when he feels it is appropriate and talks when he wants to.

    Abilities: Mastered martial artist and swordsman. Has the unique ability of mimicing physical abilities with 50/50 success. If he fails, he normally faints. This mimic ability has allowed him to mimic the world's best martial artists and swordsmen, from NCR, BOS, China and etc. He is also an excellent strategist. Precise Marksmansip.

    Weapons: Steel sword with his trademark logo; a skull. Magnum 45. Carbine rifle.

    Best traits: High intellect, physical prowess, good sneak etc. Bad at speech and charm. No good at explosives or any other type except melee and sngle-shot weapons. Doesn't like computers despite his intelligence.

    Bio: Not much is known, but he was related to Chameleon's history and memories (big time) ad therefore stands as an annoyance. Even though he can remember everything, he dares not tell Chameleon. He began as a small-time merchant before becoming a soldier. He undergoed some strange experiment similar to Chameleon (Hence his strange mimic abilities) but did not got go insane. He gives little else on the matter except that he desires to be better than his acclaimed rival. He was born Angelo Damien and has forever kept the name. He became a scientist at one point (after mimicing the lab abilities of a fellow) though it is unknown for what purpose or faction. He then decided to become a free-lance mercenary under the name Deathhead (Which was an old name given by the army and kept with him). It is not hard to see why as his precise marksmanship normally lets him pop a head off his unrivalled killing ability. The only problem as given by many clients is his lack of will to kill without money; therefore he must be paid in advance to kill any other than the target. He is highly sought after but his high price makes him tough to get. However, while he is best put as a merc leader or assassin/bodyguard; he is not put up for other tasks. His vast knowledge of life and the world itself also gets him paid for his info. Some even say he was sent by Death himself to give the world a whole new meaning, but a merc no less.
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    Nov 5, 2012
    Name: Daun
    Age: 19 Years Old
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'11''
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Hair: Brown

    General Appearance: Average height and average looking to say the least, some people like him but some hate him indefinitely. When he's working or being serious he has a stone cold look on his face, other times can be happy and rather kind.

    Personality: Has a habit of snapping when stressed. People who are morally corrupt will not have the pleasure of being in his presence, as he doesn't tolerate cheating, lying, or stealing. But people he is particularly fond of most likely grow tired of him and his pessimistic attitude. He does prefer to be alone, though.

    Clothing: Since he is an experimental scientist he often wears protective gear, like suits of armor and radiation proof gear. In his public town and home he wears comfortable clothing like black pants and t-shirts.

    Arsenal/Inventory: When he goes into the wasteland, he'll usually bring along a few throwing knives, a modified rocket launcher, and basic needed supplies. Also, brings a monocular to spot the area before entering unknown territory.

    Abilities: His abilities rely on his scientific knowledge, he studied at a once highly populated university for scientists, but the place was overrun with ghouls and he left when he had the chance.

    Bio: My name is Daun, and with each day I always try to find another reason to live. It gets harder every day, but this is my story; I grew up as simple as anyone might have thought, in a vault. Nothing special in my life had ever occurred until I got to the age of 16, which is precisely what I call "Judgement Day." On that day, I was in my apartment gathering some supplies for a research I was doing in our Vault's data center. Just as I finished packing an alarm blared. Instinctively, I grabbed one of my combat knives, turned off the lights, and locked my apartment. Shortly after the Overseer's trembling voice spoke of a Vault raid, which had occurred before. This one, however, was different. Gunshots. Panic. Screams from every corridor. I sat tight in my residence and right as a bandit sprinted up to my entry door, three ghouls chasing knocked him down and feasted on him. I had never been so terrified, so shaky in my life. I was a coward. After about 20 minutes the screams had stopped and it was time to make my move. With my knife and supplies, I had crawled to the Vault entrance unseen and then bolted out into the wasteland. I was extremely lucky for the first settlement I came across to be a university of science. I was so relieved at that, and for the next 2 years of my life I spent my time studying our great ancestors and cautiously experimenting in the wasteland. Until ANOTHER day came that my home was raided. Those bastard ghouls killed some of my greatest friends, and from then on I chose to be an individual scientist looking to rid this world of these infernal ghouls. I haven't came close to a cure or rather a riddance formula, but I digress. Another long day of traveling and I came across my new, fortified (permanent) home. The town is called "Riverrun" and I found a job at a shop called the "Blind Bargain." I make enough to live in a new apartment in this town that is actually very nice, and I can fund new experiments and such. I'm still highly involved in science, and I hope to start an organization of scientists that roam the wasteland ridding ghouls everywhere. But there are too many, and I can only dream... for now.
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    Aug 26, 2012
    Nice to meet you Scope and welcome
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    Feb 17, 2013
    ((This is my first RP character for this forum. I may put in more, who knows? Also, sorry it's so long.))

    Character Name: Nathaniel (Last Name unknown)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Ghoul
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 136 lbs.
    Age: 228 (Last time he checked)
    Affiliation:Ex-Enclave Vertibird Pilot, Scavenger/Wanderer

    Description: He's your average looking ghoul with burnt fleshy patches everywhere, with muscle, veins, and bone showing. He has two faded green eyes and is bald, having lost most of his hair after the bombs fell. He has a diagonal scar running from just above his eye to what remains of his nose. His main clothes are an old Enclave Officer uniform, with a pair of wings stitched on one shoulder and the insignia of the Enclave on the other. He also wears a pair of Aviator sunglasses, however, on such occasions he also wears a pair of goggles. He carries a survivalist's backpack with a few supplies and random bits of technology. He has an old Pre-War book, Into the Mirror (Through the Looking Glass) that he occasionally reads.

    Skills: Lockpicking, Repair, and Guns (He prefers rifles)

    Items: Old Enclave Officer Uniform, 5x Stimpacks, 2x Med-X, a Pre-War book, a diary, a 10mm pistol, a Brush Gun, 150x .44 ammo, 50x 10mm ammo.

    Bio: So...You want to hear my life story? Gotta buy me a drink first. I don't work for free. Ah, absinthe...Thanks. Now what is it you want? My story? Oh yeah...Well for that, we're going to need to go back, nearly 200 years back...

    See, when I was younger, I loved to screw around with equipment, see what they would do, that sort of thing. It was fun and all, but there was one thing that I loved more: flying. That was the one thing I always enjoyed. Ever since I saw the shows about the vertibirds on the T.V., that's what I wanted to do, be a pilot and soar through the air. So when I was old enough, I think...Keep in mind this was 200 years ago, my memory is foggy, I joined the air force. Hoo-wee, that was some fun times, well aside from the brutal shouting and extreme training, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I ended up becoming one the best pilots in there. I could do all sorts of fancy tricks with that thing that I shouldn't be able to, and wasn't allowed to do. I spent a lot of days cleaning the stalls then...So after graduating from that place, I receive a holotape, real fancy, with an edited U.S. seal on it. Turns out it was some group called the Enclave, a shadow branch of the government. They were impressed with my skills and wanted to know if I would join. I said hell yeah, packed my bags and left. Somedays I wish I never had done that...

    I was flying over California with a couple a Special Forces guys, the ones with the Power Armor, like the Brotherhood of Steel. We were heading over to Anchorage, to help with the war effort. They didn't really talk much, just stayed quiet. I tried to make conversation with a few, but they didn't even move. I was slightly annoyed at this, which is probably why I didn't see the Geiger counter tick until after the flash. The EMP from the bombs knocked out all the equipment; the shockwave after is what threw us out of the sky. I tried my best to land us safely, but at the end of it all, only two remained: Me and one of the Special Forces, who had the luck of ducking down just in time. Unfortunately, we ended up right smack in a battle between the remaining American and Chinese fores. I was appalled: Why are they still fighting? Can't they see the world is going to hell around them? The guy that was with me saw this and stepped right out in the middle to try and create a truce. Thought the Power Armor would protect him. I did too, which was why I was so surprised when he took a tank round to his face. After that I fled and tried my best to find some shelter. Eventually the bombs stopped and everything went quiet. It was over...Or so I thought.

    Little did I know, that being exposed to that much radiation would change me forever, into THIS...Well after the war, I began a life of scavenging for remains, mainly from the dead and the wreckage of the vertibird. Made a cozy little shack. Eventually I began to notice that there was more life out there and that I didn't really age, So I thought, why the hell not?, and left, to explore this wasteland. I could tel you more, like about how I saw a man single handedly took on Supermutants, or fought entire camps of raiders by himself, but that's worth another drink...
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    Feb 27, 2013
    Uuuhhhh... Just wondering.. Is there still activity around here?
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    Mar 1, 2013
    Name: John
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 1.65 meters (dont know inches and feet)
    Weight: 75 Kilogram
    Age: 28
    Hair: Brown / Blonde
    Affliation: Ex-NCR First Recon Sniper, Wanders

    1.) History

    Born in California Grew up at his Fathers Ranch With his 2 brothers (both younger of age) And 1 Sister (also younger), his mother was killed by raiders when he was 9 years old. when he was 17 he concripted in the NCR lying about his age because his Father lost himself in Whiskey when his mom died, so he needed to keep te family running. couple years later his 2 brothers also joined the force.

    at that moment John already was with first recon but his brothers were Troopers. Then they were shipped out east for the battle of Hoover Dam I, In That Battle his youngest brother got killed by Legion Troops, and at that excact moment back in California his Father and Sister got killed by some wanderer who was using to much Psyho.

    So at that Moment Only he and his one year younger Brother was Left of the Family, But he never saw him back at the camp, or on the dead list, so at the age of 21 when his contract was off he did not re-enlisted and wandered the wasteland is search of his brother,

    after 1 year he saved an Coyote pup from Giant Radscorpions after it was left alone by his mother and raised it as his helper.

    now at the age of 28 he wandered a lot helped alot of communitys
    but his his only life goal is still not accomplished.... finding his lost brother.

    2.) Personality.
    Dont make friends fast but when your on his good side he will do everything for you,
    he is Stuborn, dont quit fast and loves to help people, still not over the lost of his Family and eagered to find his younger brother, hates people who drinks allot or use chems, he is quite calm but when he is angry you dont want to cross his path. and he is not the romantic

    3.) Skills (only a few)
    Guns - 100
    Repair - 50
    Medicine - 50
    Melee - 75
    Survival -75


    S 9
    P 9
    E 6
    C 3
    I 4
    A 8
    L 5

    5.) Traits

    Four eyes - Trigger Dicipline


    Hunting Rifle (Scope and Custom Action)
    .45 Pistol (Silencer)
    Bowie Knife

    First Recon Baret
    Authority Glases
    Desert Ranger Combat armor (Made of: Desert Combat Armor and a Duster, because he was never in the Rangers)

    Thats his story for so far... hope it isn't to long
    if you have some questions about it, shoot ;)
  17. dantoon

    dantoon First time out of the vault

    Mar 4, 2013
    Name: Davie Smithie
    Nickname: Goliath
    Age:21 years
    Occupation: Wandering Vigilante
    Weight: 291lb
    Skills:Explosive, Unarmed, Melee,
    Davie was born in a small mining community to a miner and a traveling merchant. His father, who had a strange obsession with explosives, taught him at an early age how to use dynamite without blowing himself up. After a few years Davie had inherited his father's passion, often throwing dynamite at rocks to see how they exploded. He was always a large child and always wanted to be a hero, fighting off bullies that would harass the other children. On one fateful day, a raiding party of Jackals attacked the town. Though the townspeople tried to fight them off the best they could, they had to flee. Davie's parents were among the unfortunate souls that were killed during the raid, as his father had blown half the town to pieces along with him and his wife. With his parents dead and his home blown to smithereens, Davie set off into the wasteland in search of a new home. After defending several towns against raiders, Davie decided that enough was enough, and that he had to put a stop to this madness. He once again off into the wasteland to hunt down every single raider that would thought they could just take whatever they wanted

    Davie is a tall and incredibly muscular man who sports a short mohawk (think Soap MacTavish) and a rough and tumble looking beard.

    Davie wears a simple set of reinforced leather armor and a baseball cap along with a lot of harnesses and satchels to hold his explosives. He essentially looks like a walking armoury.

    Strength 10: He is incredibly strong and is an expert pugilist
    Perception 6: He has a keen eye for things that go boom
    Endurance 10: Not only can he dish it out, he can take it.
    Charisma 4: He's not a good speaker and tends to scare people by accident
    Intelligence 3: Has a hard time understanding things and is mentally slow.
    Agility 3: His large size means that he can't move as fast as others
    Luck 4: Davie is somewhat unlucky
    Heavy Handed
    Built to Destroy
    Loose Cannon
    1000x Caps
    1x Spiked Knuckles
    10x Dynamite
    1x Lighter
    1x Grenade Launcher
    20x Grenades
    5x Frag Mines
    2x C-4
    Demolition Expert
    Super Slam
  18. johanvaultboy

    johanvaultboy First time out of the vault

    Mar 5, 2013
    nickname: Garret
    age: 26
    Occupation: mercenary
    sex: male

    SKills: Guns, Explosivs and melee


    Garret is one cold son of a bitch but one of the best mercenarys out there. he dosen't care who he hurts and he always get the job done, Growning up with his mother, he knew he had to be strong. But when his mother got killed by a NCR soldier he finally snapted. He is a mercenary and dont pick any side, as long he gets his caps after the job he's happy. he dont have many friends but the friend he got he cares for. Sara is a young girl living outside New vegas, She's a robot expert and sorrounds herself with robots and machines. Garret meet her when he was doing a job as a caravan guard. She was pined down by three raiders and as the angel of death Garret is he shot the raiders in back and looted their dead bodys for caps, Sara is also a mercenary but she relay on her robots to do the job.
    if you would deskribe Garret in one word it would be
    "kind hearted devil"

    Armor: van graff combat armor (just for it's black coating) and authority glasses

    Weapons: 45 Auto pistol, Survivalist's rifle, Chance's knife, Grenade launcher

    Perks: commando, grunt and gunslinger
  19. Atomic Postman

    Atomic Postman Vault Archives Overseer

    Mar 16, 2013
    Name: John.


    Background: Raised on a Small Brahmin ranch in the great plains, up until he was Five years old, when John's parents got into some difficulties with a local tribe, from then on he lived the life of a caravaneer , moving from place to place with his folks and his Brahmin, setting up shop in towns once in a while, never for long. it was on these travels that John learnt about the wasteland, weaponry, trade and human nature, with the former three being learnt from both his Father and experience, the latter being learnt from his parents death.

    After his parents were slaughtered by the tribe that drove them from their ranch, John was left alone in the wasteland, at the age of 14 years old, despite his age, he managed to look after himself and stay alive,moving from place to place, shelter to shelter, across commonwealths and through deserts, when he was 17 years old, John finally settled in a small town named Eastwood, where he became a local deputy for the town Sheriff.

    In the following years, John left Eastwood, and headed in the direction of the Mojave Wasteland,seeking fortune and fate in the city of vice and sin.

    By the time he arrived at the wasteland, his goal of getting to Vegas was gone, and he only wished to resettle in a new land, getting the feeling that he may never settle for good.

    It was in the Mojave and surrounding areas that he became a courier, a job that he enjoyed, and thought it suited him well, his knowledge of the land, gave him an advantage as well his familiarity with guns, and his ability to make the best out of what he has available.


    John is a cowboy type character, he is knowledgeable about the land and nature(learnt from his extensive time in the wild) , he has a knack for being able to fix things up and put them back into shape, hes also quite the smooth talker, understanding people and their reasoning, as well as being able to barter competently, he knows a scam when he sees one.

    John usually prefers to talk his way out of things, but most of the time this isn't the case, whether it be that someone won't listen to reason or he believes the situation would have a more beneficial outcome if violence comes into play.

    John is proficent with lever action rifles, revolvers and shotguns, preferring medium-long range.

    Faction: House.
  20. Enclave-NCR

    Enclave-NCR First time out of the vault

    May 22, 2013
    Name:Aria Jessica
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Was Bartender(ex cop does not tell people this)
    Family: MIA (brother died in car bombing before bomb)

    Physical appearance
    Eyes: Deep cyan eyes
    Hair: long blonde hair but is useully in a pony tail
    Height: 5ft7in
    Weight: 90lbs
    Aria is not very strong, or qucik but she is very smart and lucky

    She is nice and she often fells sorry for people if she finds them dead, but she often stores her feeling and often has outburts.

    Anti-Material Rifle(she uses it as a sort of rapid fire gun and rarely uses it for sniping) Side arm:44 revolver with scope it has the words NCR painted on the barrel she got it from a MCR ranger that saved her life

    Items: Armor periceing bullets and stinpacks

    Clothing:NCR duster and a metel helmet with a visor that is painted black